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You cant local sex classified if you dont play I Ready Sex Meeting

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You cant local sex classified if you dont play

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I tried this site after Craigslist personals closed. At first it seemed like a good alternative but I soon found most of the ads were fake or duplicated dozens of times.

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After posting off and on for a couple of months my posts kept getting deleted. I was baffled.

You cant local sex classified if you dont play I Am Seeking Real Swingers

Then post I had used previous all got rejected, This site had great potential but it's squandered. Don't waste your time. No customer service at all. I used to use cl all the time especially when I was traveling. DL is pretty much the same but seem playy to be higher quality. I just like that I can write what Im looking for and then find it that Sam day.

You cant local sex classified if you dont play

Was an active member on CL before it went down. Was so glad when I found doublelist a few months ago. Hooked up with 2 guys already ylu the last week. I'm a 38 gay male and g always enjoyed the simplicity of the ad based model. Makes meeting people so much more effective.

12 Craigslist alternatives to sell stuff, find a job, or get laid

They're supposed to be coming out with some updates and new sections soon so definitely looking forward to that. Keep up the good work DL! We're a couple in our early 30's. Been on and off Doublelist since its launch.

So far its been a good experience for me yyou my wife.

17 Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives In for Casual Encounters

We've met 3 other couples and cannt we still see once awhile. We were curious about getting into the lifestyle and glad we did. Thx Doublelist. I'm in Irvine, CA and it works here.

Wish they had more city segments though, would be nice to break it down to smaller areas. Not a bad website. I like the straight csnt gay section.

You cant local sex classified if you dont play

I get to post what I want and within an hr I find a guy to have fun with. I will agree with some of the reviewers that the site classiified some issues. The vulgarity filtering is a bit much but I might understand why they're doing it. They probably saw what happened to CL and they don't want to be shutdown either.

Personally I like it because it seems cleaner and the people I talk to seem to be higher quality than those cang were on CL. Maybe all the hard filtering is filtering out idiots lol So far I've met a few people and had some fun so all in all not too shabby.

I have tried using doublelist and he has two major problems One they filter out just about any ad one could write You can't even mention the world 'sex' in the hook up area. Having said that, it doesn't seem Women looking sex Burlington Illinois it to mention the second problem but If you want t contact someone in Utica, there isn't a You cant local sex classified if you dont play section, so you have to post in the Albany section and home.

I would guess the crappy first parent makes the second classifier They must know it is bad because they make it impossible to contact them. I feel like it's monitored by my parents.

Backpage gone, but not sex trafficking

You can't say "dirty" words even though that's the point of the site. You can't post more than 3 in 24 hours, even if you delete old ones. And, if you're caught in multiple cities, you're in trouble. I travel for work all the time and can be in a new city every day!

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Too many lame rules. I can only review the sign up process. You need pla phonenumber to join, but if that does not work - it says to contact them.

Which stupid coder would even consider this right? A monkey could do better. It had nothing explicit or even tou about it. I had 1 photo and I was fully clothed in it, yet my post was removed and my account put on hold cause I had the word "Sugar Daddy" in it. Jesus Christ this site sucks and are so random.

People can post nudes and to into great detail about their sexual fantasies, but the word sugar daddy is what crosses the line. If I could give the site a zero I would. Total waste of time. The same five people respond to my posts continuously. They either liver too far away, too young, too old or want to play endless games.

They refuse to provide simple information like where are they located or what they look like in Hillsboro Oregon adult nudes email.

I block or delete almost every reply I receive. Those replying to my ads seem to be more interested in annoying me than hooking up. And the censorship is unbelievable. The site is percent loczl where as craigslist was about 80 percent useless.

This site is the worst ever! I am brand new here and every post is rejected! I read many review here and everybody is saying the same thing. Clqssified posts have all been conservative and every posting is rejected, hopefully they will close down!

You cant get messages, the literally stop after a few then people are just sending to the cloud you'll never get them. Trying running a post.

This is a verified adult site. You cannot say these words or you risk the site algorithm's or monitors removing you but they beg you to post. Speak out to DoubleLIst by emailing them or lets just shut them down.

Welcome to Lucky — The best alternative to Craigslist Personals and Tinder hookups. Unlike other Once you're in, your first hookup is only a few hours away. Where do you think people will go to place personal ads now that Craigslist will rid of its “adult” section, sex workers (and also people looking for free sex) simply by escorts to find work/clients, just like many local people used it to find gigs, . But its true you can't expect more from others classified site. Some kinds of adult-oriented ads and destinations are allowed if they comply with the policies below and don't target minors, but they will only show in based on user search queries, user age, and local laws where the ad is being served. Examples: Hardcore pornography; sex acts such as genital, anal, and oral sex;.

They Granny sex Biloxi Mississippi not, Craigs List. My first review gave Doublelist two star rating. Today I rate that site ONE star. If I could down-vote it further I'd break the Internet. In its first year, Doublelist's new features are still "coming soon", oh but last week plqy site had just added a "Hot Stories" forum filled with fake "successful hookup" stories submitted by site users or staff members?

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Doublelist has achieved its all-time lowlife hypocrisy about keeping the site "clean" Some ads with nude genitalia photos get blocked while many other similar ads manage to slip through the censor filters and stay published for WEEKS. Meanwhile, the usual suspects continue to violate the site rules and their multiple raunchy ads remain published live on the site.

Thank you Yoy.

Classified Ads Of Singles For Lancaster

I recommend that the Feds raid Doublelist and shut that site down. Nuke yoou. As in, "Craigslistageddon" straight up nuke it.

If you want to try a better adult anonymous hookup site, try Locanto. At least Locanto is rock-solid about their site rules and yiu, and they actually enforce their site rules and policies. I had just signed up at Locanto, You cant local sex classified if you dont play their free Basic Horny wives in Bridgeview Illinois features and I will review that site in another thread, later on towards the end of May after I've upgraded my membership account there and score some successful hookups In its first month, Doublelist looked promising.

I though for sure the new site would be miles ahead of what the former Craigslist Personals would be.

Perhaps it is, or it could be? Welcome to "Craigslist Personals 2. I can't speak for all orientations I'm gay, upstate NY Capital region but from my own experience At first, it took me almost three months of emails to convince the site staff to add my region Albany NY and Puerto Rico to the site's City index. No one else in my region did anything to make that request.

Got it Done. I was more than happy to see Fresh Meat in Doublelist's early days You folks are probably seeing the same thing in your region. There should be a limit to how many ads a single user can post per day; that way no one gets bumped off this "flat earth" pun intended.

Three ads per day per single user is more than plenty. I still get Hits for an ad I posted two months ago, I haven't had to renew it. Trust me, your ad posted Yesterday won't get overlooked as long as it stays published

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