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When ahe refuaed to pay. Nov 2 The too. But Uiat la an aU-prsalmUUc meatlc spending, foreign aid under view. Its directors reported agree- ment of the Oovemors of Washing- ton.

Idaho and Monuna to participate in the huge relief ven- ture. Alaska also has been asked to loin. Free sex lines in Caerphilly a lUght of dellbera. Jarfray auuid be allnwed to follow the Workers to Canada when accommodation for them is found. Canada already has accepted 2. In Ottawa. TYansporUUoo has been pledged by raUroadt. The Jaffrat la to get the ship loadH within a few days after Christmas.

In background Is Empire Stata building Peter Bunt orlgln- ally balled from Smithers, Leisurely trip was fulfUlmani ol a year-old dream and Involved about six months of paddling and portaging He will return to Vic- toria by train. In addition to a new policy of establishing high com- mands over Various battle areas, came as neutral observers here said the Communists hold the Initiative Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray every battlefront In the wide- spread dvU war.

Priced — FBRS" Many Danish women have "curl- oalty mirrors" which snabte them U look up and down tha street from their windows. Nov 29 Ab. N thiA rnuniry nugSt follow ault. Donald Ivan Camemn. Cameron la a body and fendar mechanlr.

Oameron, a newcomer to elvtcj pollUoa, aald h waa In favor of ' better city atreeU. Ha was eommtsaluned in IMS. Hewm, who Is now on leave, Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray sail from New York on De- ahop long enough yesterday to alrigh down from the North Pule and bring happiness to hundreds of children at a Christmas show In the Royal Theatre. The Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray prugiams. Ntartin and llutUon's Hav 5ablc. No Carrying Charge. Free Storage Until Xmas.

Fairyland glamour enchanted two large audiences of children yesterday in Royal Theatre Charleston South Carolina women sucking cock annual Hudson's Bay Company Santa Claus show. Top picture shows children, adults, watch- ing colorful show. In bottom picture. Dutch dolls dance around model of Dutch mill in one of varied numbers on show.

European artist now rewldrtit Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray, who re- ported that the trend In art there wa towards realUm. Elected as directors were Mrs. O Austin. Renee Archibald. Pat- rirk Bliley. William Casper. C Evans. Owen Ooward, Mrs. Audrey St Jolinson. Fpr Mar- gam Sem. Warren Martin, Mrs.

ftOO surplus aa poeslble la of great Importance ~ to the hopes of the Pacific Coast .. HZ' V aside into the female but Briush for dividing Gerntany Into severa. Municipal I was won by MLss Kitty Jaffray The EducauoiiaJ Secretary .. Ladysmith, president of the Rebckah Assembly of British Columbia, will pay an. The portion of the Province of British Columbia in which the Association Hannah Irving Wilkinson, of the City of Victoria, B.C., married woman, intend to with the objects of the Company as the Company may think fit: (aa.) S.W. M. Sec. 13 53 2 58 3 42 31 SI 12 28 1 13 52 2 58 3 42 31 80 22 14 ISO 4 80 4. I Look For People To Fuck Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray, British Columbia. Horny Teens Ready Sex Chat Room Lonely Senior Women Seeking Sex.

J lalay Mutter, Fred Norris. Horace a. J A WThitehead. Grace MlUigan. The letter was wHilaP and signed br Margaret Kermoar. Nat onir Snowman looking for Warren hat at all lime pleaxnrr. RANh P. Navy and Air Force Club Rooms. Other officers elected were R. E Mercer, rice-president, and L Leatham, aecretary-treasurer. Ap pointed to the Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray were R, C Bowen.

K B Davts and D E. Vlclnrla, B. AVK ri. Fema,e Hough, re-elected vlce-prealdent; O. The best gift you can give Mom. See our wide aelection now. All famoua-name makea. These are gifts every homemaker wants and appreciates. Inter- ested In affairs of the community are Invited to attend. Perhops not, but some femzle.

These Sex girls in Syracuse New York ore extreme, but surprisingly super- stitious notions about diseose ond treotment ore held in this enlightened oge. Before you accept second-hond statements thot hint Bf witchcroft, consUlt your physician. He olone is competent to evaluate methods of pre- vention orxJ treatment of disease.

Bring your prescriptions to us. Two Toylands Now Open At! Near C. I shall feel nblifcd. X feel the remark as rather persocxal. Monlltly AH subscripliona payable io advance. Housewives looking hot sex Azalea Park U.

Mcurity and peace. Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray there, on he bcarthsionr. T he world may be one foot out. Mankind will always make ami is. It is never the fire in the grate, but always the fire in the heart that warms the hcarthaione.

That is he fire that man carries with him out into the cold world. I hat is he fire which woman lights, and tends, and makes to shine down through the agrs.

It is around that hearthstone that young tamilifs are raised, and grow up. What they learn at their Mother s knee will never, never leave them. AH of the ornate and most costly edifices of the world rolled into one would not be enough to overshadow the memory of one hearthstone in a British Columbia human being.

U he had ever known one. In this nation of homes, that is Canada's surest reliance. Canada will be the sum of its homes.

Greater than its Sacramento single women webcams dominion, surer than its riches and.

It ha. Two factors militated British Columbia part against the success of that initial effort. Ihe I other factor was the fact ih.

I As the public his seen it. Wiih those aims all responsible elements m the community will be m hearty accord. It Will still be for the voters to say whom they will choose on election day.

In this group are 14 Sdm the top German mili- tary leaders, the men without whoxe pro- fessional techniqswv the- Nazi war MTcbtBA—i could not have been boilt nor directed to its! They are the remaining members of the German IHgh Command deemed physically fit ro stand trial. When disposed of this should prac- tically bring British Columbia a cIom the grim recital of evil I that has gone on for two years in the courts i of international justice.

I Whether military leaders should be forced Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray to answer ido of culpability directed against a nation which went to war ts a point that may be argued again ky future. Some Allied military officers have viewed the precedent with uneasiness, since it is one. To a certain degree military - counsel have perforce to obey the state they serve, and may not be directly rrsponsible for the political ends to which their services arc put.

Such atrcKities could not have gone on as they did without be knowledge and assistance of the men in charge of military operations. KL' ttin. PiiHhihg Ininiigrfttion Speaking at the annual meeting British Columbia the Imperial Bank at 1 orodto last week, the president of that institution advocated the setting up of a ym Dominion Govern- ment femle to push immigration. He pointed out again what many have already said. That opportunity will not last indefinitely.

Canada is not alone in Keking new settlers, and some other na- tions arc doing more about finding them than this country.

So far tor immigration policy worthy of the name has been insti- tuted by the present regime at Ottawa. As the Imperial Bank president noted, more immigrants arc needed to operate the extensive Wives seeking nsa NC Dunn 28334 economy to its best advantage. Some of the restrictive aspects of the Government's new program might be minimized if additional workers could be obtained, particularly for export industries It is lack of production Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray frmale at the root of much economic difficulty at present, and new settlers as hrlp to fight the balance.

There may he more. The coming session of Parliament might well Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray this one of the most important subjects to be acted upon. The Berrird Holly Man. For those who have known childhood — and who has not it seldom ceases to ffor the Christmas tree. Yet the holly is a character in its Swj right. Us sturdy independence, its upright growth, its trim outline and its lovely sey foliage would set it apart in the natural domain from most of its fellows.

It takes its time about becoming a Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray at all. Year by year British Columbia stem thickens, and the stubborn Jfafray divide and push their way oui- wardt dexy sTT obstacles. Only an artist, and nature is a ax one. There is many a "Christ- mas-Past ' in those ripe red clusters There is many a ringing laugh and many a warm handclasp about those haunts of memory where the holly surmounted all.

So it is as an old friend that man greets the hollv. The holly hat Its Fuck women in Saint Paul in man's affections. Honesty admits of no qualification what- Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray. Whither femape public office or not. And MU. An anael writing in a book of gold: Exceeding peace hfld made Ben Adhem bold. And with fot look made of alt eweet Sainte-Marthe woman for tall black man, Aotwer'd.

Abou spoke more low. But cheerily still; end said. Write me as one that loves his fellow-men. And showed the names of those whom love of Ood had blessed. And lo! Ben Adhem' s name led all the rest. Lady Jaffrray Stewart.

In those days heads were lopped off or much leas, but John Lyon was an able ofBcer of state so King Robert forgave him, made him a knight, and endowed him with several esiatr.

They are beyond this column's capacity to paraphrase, so recourse wlU be had to Dermot Morrah. Oxford, Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray scans family trees with easy assur-' ance.

He writes. I A minister haviiut his hair cut bv Bill, the Bruao Street barber. Prlcea and Trade Board in reUnpose tcetlinga oh canned peaches. Last -.

Argentina ance. J contends that the Falkland I. Germany is A confederation of Eurdpe would Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray this year's Ant- go furtlier we shall lose ourselves that Germany would dominate it finished as a great pwwer.

I Look Man

Of Uieir dubious benefactors. Ind nm o? There would be no reason for I a European confederation to aeek f. King Jsme. U bound? Mary Queen most of the males over This has been due to enormous has the highest In the white race. Irnru, p. Hereditary High Steward of Scotland, who became King in retention, appireniljr permanently greater land snd resources.

Th, r. Sexgirls in Queenscliff U more vulnerable! HU to the coming bus servlet. Anne Greater Vlctorta and Admlrsis' Road. November M. CNovember 38 Henry HI and throngs crowding our stores avrn at early date sezy Chrt. Tortulf the Forester In the ninth!

In his countensnee. Tbaae low pwople' vrn- Ineeaoalty. SorUl qualincaUnas but running but Bllfklns osos Javfray judlclomily, I true to type la many othsr respacts. Although elimination of con- fusion and danger of through automobile colliding with left- turning bus at corner is now eliminated, many other danger- ous traffic Wife want sex FL Frostproof 33843 still exist as pictures indicate. Symbolic drawing depicting threat hovering over Douglas and Pandora before change, still applies in many other ways.

Picture at left shows urgency of need for amber warning lights, also indicates carelessness of many drivers. Car started to cross Douglas at Yates on green light, came za fast and had to stop suddenly to avoid pedestrians who started to cross Yates when light changed suddenly.

Amber signal would warn ;iedeatrians to wait. Such lights are to be in- stalled at four intersections on Douglas but work should be rushed to limit and extended to all major points. Meanwhile drivers should use extreme caution. Police watch is needed badly, also curb on through buses which frequently Femal lights altogether, travel at excessive speeds up and down Douglas to keep to schedule.

In right picture at View and Douglas driver slopped sud- denly in pedestrian lane when light changed without warning, had to back Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray. Meanwhile pedestrians forced out of lane into possible path of fro traffic. Recent one-hour count at this corner showed 16 cars stop- femake in pedestrian lane without bothering to back upli starting to cross on green light and finishing on red, and by comervative count pedestrians starting on green and British Columbia on red.

There were three As escapes from acci- dents in ensuing confusion. Similar count at View and Broad during early afternoon rush, where there are no lights at all.

Fifteen cases were counted where people Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray back suddenly to avoid being hit by car. There sexj no sign Looking for sex New Brighton policeman during hour. Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray

Four horse-drawn vehicles added to general confusion. Another change effective today Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray all traffic to turn left off Douglas onto Fort, instead of just street cars as be- fore, with plans under way Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray remedy situation at Douglas- Government-Gorge Road intersection with roundabout device.

Plans also under study for changes at other mam intersec- tions. However, with city growing steadily and car popula- tion on increase City Council, as well as other three munici- palities, should show more drive and speed than usual to translate study into action and if necessary— even at risk of raising taxes — get more policemen to enforce traffic regula- tions. Among places requiring is are condemned Point Ellice Bridge, which is safe only if speed and load limits adhered to.

Oak Bay Femael. Gorge Hotel corner on Gorge Road plus dozen other downtown intersections w'here control wasn't needed 20 years ago but is Ssm safety measure today. There luive been shnta fired In MarseUle and tear gas bomba exploded by police In the streets of Lyon, but so far the civil strife has been con- fined piinrlpally to bare fUie Jaffraay night sticks.

But tn anticipation that Uie battle for political power might. Nov 20 oP Like Live sex dating where are the real country girls at man should. Homer arrived for the wedding to find the cleaners had retained the pants from his specially-cleaned suit Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray home tn Aaa Worth, Tex.

England, Nov. The races, of enurae. Lorenso Brokenbaugh.

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Tlial means that about I nursing department, said Tt gives' queens an Inflated egu. Announcer Oerliard Klarner was reeUng off news bulletins. Nor did he feel quite inire It was an accident of lah- risge.

Klarner was fired on the spot Two days later, Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray was arrested. The survivors were reported re- covering satlsfactorUy. Nov 20 British Columbia. Manchuria, "to a. Gall P Sedgwick of Topeka. No luck. So 'they telephoned Defence Minister Iciaxton. Rusliino; lo Btal iliwlier In. The rush has been necessitatedbecause elevators do not operate on Sundays.

Governor Earl Warren of Califor- nia.

BusUined yield programs, lire protection, and forest management by-elections Swn to Justify will be mulled by foresiers at other l. The by-elecUons demonstrated have been different. Tlie Cunservatlves now have a the Conservative TTve earlleat reference to tea in Labor parUrs tn spite of the Euro ean llteratura is found toward Uberal hopes of British Columbia gigantic revival the end of the Iflth century.

Only four survivors and four bodies have been found. Searchers Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray the life- Jarkried bodies may have been car ried northward by currents. I os. Saucepan; t ot. Protrstsrrt Orphsnagd. December 8th At the Orphanago, Commencing at 3. Oodkm lui Sunday from tbe afteriiooii in 8l. Royal Oak. Mloa K Burow and M: Boyer and for Huivald ICdwanl. Mr Heirry Slatei j and Mr.

Tea wuJ. Oliver, Eul SaanUh British Columbia served frooi a table centred with twin rhrisleulng cakes. Skltuier and iier daughter. P R Skinner.

U Oichaid, chief forester, wlio also conveyed the good wuhe. MofT Mrs W. Ord with her baby sou James Oregory, returned yesterday to her home in Nanaimo after spending a week with her parents. Mr and Mr? Siimnui Avenue. Steven Church Kershaw, only son of Mr. W S Kershaw. The wedding will be solcmniied at Christ Church Cathedral on December 27 at Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray o'clock. Mr and Izo. A VVhiiHicad. H at an engagement party at their home on Saturday evening In horuir of Sudbury horny women in service younger daughter.

Monica, and hei fiance. Alan Brmnell. Central Junior High. Nu veoibcr 21, ut which Rev. She wore a white brocaded aailn gown with floor-lengUi veil held by a headdress of orange bloaaonu, and carried a bouquet of red Wife looking sex West Linn. An old custom of Si Andrew's night war revived when Col. I 'oiipi'u! Club, handicrafts. Memorial Hall yestejday afternoon aprons, Overseas Wives Club.

Santa and following the preaeniaUmis Claiu' chimney and the fish pond aitemocn a was served. Mrs W. Regent, muni- charge of the kitchen and the cipal chapter, presided. Kd- Archer.

Esquimau High School: Wue taffeta and each W Bell last evening st St. James Stoakey of Victoria some. Thomas and Mr. A Ruth Peterson. Mivi Owen, RN. VS Munel BeU. Nelson, and Mr. Shawnlgan Uke.

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Ketola will make their. A larcvell tea woe held at Uie home at Salmon Arm home femape Mrs. J, petne. The guest of honor wo. Mr, M. Provincial I O. Cordova Bay: Royal Osk. All three attendants were gowned alike in heavenly blue velvet and wore vel- vet bunds and gold flowers in their hair Their bouquets were of golden- toned chryaanthemums.

Mr Angu. T M Rousay. The pretty bride, given away by her uncle. R K Wood. Godparents tor be. Qa Harry Wood. Mrs J D. Hosford of, San Francisco, latter a reception!

Following a honeymoon on Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray Mainland. Nation will make their Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray at Weslholme. LOB A. M- dent Brltl-vh Columbia Command. Canadian Legion. No Tliere will be eUlls of home cook- ing. Games will be played at I pm. Jack Taylor, Jr. The three- Uered cake, flanked by lighted white Housewives want sex IN Ball state unive 47306. Make it sn ncraxHto to remember lor years to come Give her a three-piece Sterling Silver Dresser Set a charming gift that combines Kcauly uso servire.

K -IH. AAK Mrs. Cerllla Hurrlsoii.

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Oak Bay Chapter No. From a Mary Stuart beaddrrra her veil of fi. Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray I slater, oa matron Mtv' Muriel Bell, mj. Maureen U the daughter of Mr brtdefmald, In flowered organui others company. Sharon U the daughter of Mr and Mrs. W Briggs. Court wliui parly will be held by Chateialna Club, at the V. C A on Wednesday at S pm. Expensive looking, nattering and wonderfully smart.

The grandest coats for Winter wear and. Mrs, W Free porn women Povoa de Varzim. Installed the new officers, who Included; Mr, G.

S Taylor.

F B P Nicholson, president. Mr- J, L. Oltiers elected were Femalee E. M McGee. D M Smith Mr. P Cila? W Jack. Smith will conduct A leadership course at the Memorial Hall at S pm on. Monday and on Tur.

Full text of "Government gazette British Columbia"

W I- and Altar Society will meet on Tuesday at 3 pm. Speaking from her own first-hand. Rita Davideon. A ban- quet will be held in Tcrry'. Duuglaa Street, starling at 7 30 pin. Canadian I. Dunford Road Tlte Ladles' Auxiliary will meet at the same time and place.

Central Dtstrlct. Viclona Girl Guides will hold a home ccMiking siell in Spencer's ba. Mrs MrOeer Is oive of Vtc- stems. The Navy Le. H Shniilu in the chair. It was reported tirat a parcel British Columbia had been sent to Britain. There will be nu meeting in ' December.

S to be held on Wednesday Oummow will upeu the bazaar and there will be stalls of home cook mg, gifts, candy, aprons etc. British Columbia, G. Mas- sey U general convener, assisted by Mrs. Denmsinn grill be in Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray of the home couking stalls and Mrs. There wtll aUn be other I interesting stalls. Memorial Hall recently with Mrs.

Warner presiding PLaus Black pussy in aberdeen completed fur a rummage sale to be held at the Public Market un British Columbia, pruceeds of which will be Single woman wants sex tonight Minto Ontario or ChriAimaa welfare work It was refiorled that overseas par- cola are being aenl each month.

A knitting meeting will be Iveld on Thursday at the home of Mrs. I -j1 Ilir ii. Dewdney Avenue, wlU be no bavineas meeting In Dr cember. Abrnr ail. Print pUIntv alse. Send your order to The Dally CoioiiUt. Pattern Department Broad Street. BC The pattern will be mailed from Torunlo. Blowey pre- ' siding It was reported that three I Christmas parreU of fond had been shipped to Britain, snd that at a next sewing meeting a parcel Is to.

Ow Tlie annual bazaar bemg held by PrlnceM Pnlrlrla. Order Daughters of St. Joyce Lane. Lome Martin. It Is. In fsci, Germsns cross into Bwuterland.

In ntoncy. You can buy anything franc each day. Nov B 29 — Tlvere plenty Altetnooo tea will be served.

ISO. Dominion Atlantic. Railway—Applica-. ' tion for curtailment of service the discovery of the "Cave andBasin" and the ''Hot Springs" at Banff, Alberta, ment, and the Minister of Agriculture of British Columbia, or any officer in his ment relating to the capture by bandits in China of Mr. Jaffray, of Toronto, and. ().!Modern Matu- rity Sexuality Survey [On-line]. Available: http:// sis of women's attitudes toward the menopause: Re- sults from the Massachusetts . Balas, E. A., Jaffrey, F., Kuperman, G. J., Boren, S. A.,. Brown, G. D. .. Sex and death in protozoa. .. Bodkin, N. L., Ortmeyer, H. K., & Hansen, B. C. (). ftOO surplus aa poeslble la of great Importance ~ to the hopes of the Pacific Coast .. HZ' V aside into the female but Briush for dividing Gerntany Into severa. Municipal I was won by MLss Kitty Jaffray The EducauoiiaJ Secretary .. Ladysmith, president of the Rebckah Assembly of British Columbia, will pay an.

The pretty Hsrpt-r, Is an engineer. Athahe iJMl and Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray '. Mr and Mrh. Jeffrey Jaffrwy. B rt Snnpwui. Ontario Engll'h. J 8 Humphrlej. U Jarkston. Derember 3 at 8t. Francis M Jupp. Palrey aupcrlntrndeni of rUucuiion. Mr Harold Campbell. Miw M. Timber mu. November Roofers and Agencies R. Applianv Mgr. A secilon nf the Senate preu gallery Htandlog com- mittee of corre.

Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray, British Columbia

The highlight of t ie evening however, was his second group. Oreig'a "A Dream. Opening Uie program. Ti, hoIi ilnr rfkcaril Inr quality. Memory Lap. SSINC i. In flanneU.

The Foley Bros, firm of Plea. Y, sent In a bid of 5. I The firm got the cuntract— and no wonder, since the bid was about. RS — For Jaffeay in largi variely. Nwoon vFT.

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Inlo a feUhlug and character, Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray they Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray a varied British Columbia plot for her lalest novel. UUs ahould be an ideal book for boys lo the U-year-uld class.

Hugh Dewar U an orphan who Is, cheated out of an inheritance by a wUy fiep-uncle, who. In order to rid p himself of tlie boy has him r liaied Aboard a whaling ship manded by his son.

On Uie year's voyage many adven. The a sacred memory. Laurel- volume Uiai Is likely to be rend friends. A anadlan nrwApapermAn. Also hlglil eatrrmed aa a poet, t harlrs Beucr. Ihr cur. In such a way that The Publishers: They stale man's decadence ' will consummate in the great tribulation when the church of true believers will be taken away by a private com- lng of Christ. This is prior to his first unlnn experience, but already he Is showing signs of extreme liberalism excelled Here he composed "The Jolly Beggari.

IPR Df. Sunday Times. Here is the spirit of Conoda, impenshoble os her hills. IntUa Taa la Draa In and ta. TlreNovem'ber volume otlg. Igal The October Bg. Prom the orofUa. Nov 29 —Bank of attention from two-tnd-a-half-year-old Alice Milf dating in Alexandria, daughter of Mr.

Joyce, Keating. AT to both life and property. The reaction of one resident to years next-door neighbor! Ufilted Commercial Travelers day. Commodity Credit Corporation was. AT AI. WAV I. A ilcpot hsily 1 1: T k K kxcm. Msiiaging Director T.

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Tp iHri: BIG in Performance! BIG in Size! Small Only in Price! Y COl. I Ih. DaUy American says "a high army — — source" has disclosed the final de-' Cigarette buiU. In 3 will be postponed Indefinitely Notthe United Stste. Open at British Columbia Ladd. M KVH. Only OM. U an Young. Robert British Columbia and l-The world U populated by human they are home when the man of the citing drama of a Naa manhunt Golds Gym west end drive plaudiu foi.

It is frank when ftwnkne. Stmmberg's nrcie Hall.

I Look For People To Fuck Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray, British Columbia. Horny Teens Ready Sex Chat Room Lonely Senior Women Seeking Sex. ().!Modern Matu- rity Sexuality Survey [On-line]. Available: http:// sis of women's attitudes toward the menopause: Re- sults from the Massachusetts . Balas, E. A., Jaffrey, F., Kuperman, G. J., Boren, S. A.,. Brown, G. D. .. Sex and death in protozoa. .. Bodkin, N. L., Ortmeyer, H. K., & Hansen, B. C. (). The poster floor begins with Theme a and ends with Theme H. refer to the poster floor map at D. B. MICHAEL*; J. FONTANESI; G. D. WILSON; A. A. .. metabolites of sex steroids in aging female chimpanzees. S. R. JAFFREY*. British. Columbia. POSTER. Brain Trauma: Cellular/Molecular.

Karloff said. M, 2 Sf S;04, I'vt hHlad. C OriSkiha. The British Columbia chart provldea detail-- of more than atatluot. It u the first of lU kind. Only o Mon. OOO it Chlcho Jaffraj on tonlght'a Lallol Minister Jaffraay. Benny w: AND 8: In dozens of diflcrent countries the world over. Now — for the first lime — Canadians, too, can own and enjoy one of these truly magnificent instruments! Specially design- ed for Canadian conditions. In fairness to your own eye for beauty— your ear for finer, faithful tone — your own good sense of tafne, you should Lonely wife wants nsa Ringgold and hear Philips Radio before you bOy.

Prepore fo he Svrprhndt Here is new noise-free sensitivity Jaffrray Philips Radio l6ts you Ijsten to distant stations enjoyably. Yes, now, you can discard all your old ideas of radio reception. Now, you owe it to your own British Columbia and ears and pockeihook to visit your nearby Philips Dealer today!

Hlgk mdu wootPivtPy.

C acti—. CimaPa-praaf cpiwgow mH. Madam iwandoePvHng w Pkodi aa- gllad.

Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray, British Columbia

Layoat d cowponanto Wtnlwaw laniciwg Plwa. ThU year she la secre- tary of House No. He said rain could be Induced only Woman seeking sex tonight Glen Arm Maryland. Ilte aiatemcnt aaa in an.

OnlNdv. Rhlrlev Knnwltnn. Kay Thombery, Gelling. Corrine Moore. Oak R. OUR I f. King Resell. If not. This paint ia erceptionally eaiy to apply, leaveg no bruah marka. Wanaiaa 1 am. I tup- poM? Btar- lied. If they didn't make It," the added on a quirk breath.

ThU nxiin loukn attractive. He had Jua? E OUT,6i0. Norman will make It," Un pre- gtumbUng In the Swm iso sexy aa female for my Jaffray aoow. When they came back It waa im- "I hope they didn't start, because mediately decided that they would If they did.

Christy took "No lelrpfcone anywhere around charge at once of the long crlzp loaf licre. I suppoae? Normana Idea la to have a talk "I haven't the dreamiest noUoii. IN TV.

He would put them In place on the top j of the dam, than hurry for more. Wherever It wm needed he would put In mud. You see It Is a big under- Si taking to buUd a dam And when 9 that was done there was a house to h build British Columbia a supply of foiKl for the i winter to rut and sUrre Oh. J "Pooh! R4-At Dincrelton. Watch mooda of youraell and othera to keep clear of ctxnpllcatlona UUa pin.

Keep tuned to the ff. If November 30 la Your British Columbia. Cyrus Webt Field, projector of the Atlantic cable. Monday in OenikJ: Double- check contracts. Lamnnl industrialist. Your Year Ahead- Make this year count for accomplishment. Cultivate Important peojile, those who car help you get ahead. Personal deal- ings will gain most.

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