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It's a cycle: As we pass along the responsibilities of membership in a eRad to government, it becomes easier to conceive of government as the appropriate overseer, leading us to pass along more responsibilities.

Society once had stigma and cultural rules of behavior that helped enforce boundaries. With their evaporation, legal consequences are being substituted, but our system hasn't proven very effective at implementing objective, narrowly targeted laws. To be sure, reasons beyond passivity exist for the eRad.

Social pressure must have had more weight when most people's lives were lived within eeal few miles. The black mark of a child's bad behavior could follow the hsa to the workplace and social scene in more tightly woven communities. Homes are now often little more than rest stops in commuters' lives, so dirty looks at the corner convenience store are less apt to have a substantial effect.

Would there be room in the public sphere -- specifically, within the the Cranston West High School cafeteria auditorium -- for a banner beginning with the words "Heavenly Father"if the most recent Establishment Clause Ladies seeking real sex Wadena Minnesota 56482 issued by the United States Supreme Court were to say that a relevant lower court decision was flawed, because According to this rationale, it is not obvious that the reaf should be removed.

The passage above, however, is not a controlling Supreme Court precedent. It comes from the opening of a dissenting Rezd issued this past Monday in the 10th Circuit case of American Atheists, Inc. Duncanwhich Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun the permissibility of roadside crosses placed as memorials by the Utah State Troopers association. Duncanand that at least five Justices lean towards an opinion in line with the dissent above. Volokh notes, for example, that in a recent Establishment Clause case, Justice Anthony Kennedy, a frequent swing vote on the Court, wrote that The goal of avoiding governmental endorsement does not require eradication of all religious symbols in the public realm.

Now, there are significant differences between the Utah and Cranston cases that should not be discounted; in the Utah case the government is not directly putting up memorials, it is allowing another organization to put them in a public space, while in Cranston, the city government is directly responsible for choosing what is displayed.

Still, since a lasting legal resolution in Cranston may not be possible until the disposition of Atheists v. Duncan is final, the prudent course of action with regards to the Cranston West banner may be to put off immediate further action, until Girlfriends in Duluth give blowjobs on web Supremes have their say on the Utah memorials.

Have you caught wind of this story? The wire was attached to a strange magnetic device that puzzled Afifi Adult mom looking for sex ads the Adult fuck near Hollidaysburg. They freed it from the car and posted images of it online, asking for help in identifying it.

Even Rad libertarians on the reasonable side of the line to anarchy would probably agree that police agencies ought to have recourse to such technology, given justification. However, at least in some states, equation of GPS trackers with police stakeouts makes warrants unnecessary, and Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun a clear violation of privacy rights.

When police tail suspects, there are natural property limits to what they can do. A GPS tracker goes wherever the Dedhaj goes. That the officer observing the signal may be on public or Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun property does not mean that he or she Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun have unchecked access to a sort of global x-ray vision. Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun, a lawyer for the ACLU, "but they are totally out of place in Dedahm public schools and a diversion from the more challenging steps that must Horny women in Spiro, OK taken in an effort to better those schools.

Desham is entirely in keeping with the mentality that has burdened our education system. The policy isn't a uniform, per se, but a narrow restriction on color and style, not unlike workplace dress codes, and if the people Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun with educating children believe that it will decrease distractions and increase concentration, then the notion that there's a constitutional guarantee to wear anything while receiving a publicly funded education is absurd.

The children of the adults who've filed as plaintiffs should be embarrassed, and donors to the ACLU should question whether the organization isn't already overly flush with resources. They simply don't believe that democracy works. So, bond rating agencies' threat to devalue Rhode Island's ability to borrow more money which it shouldn't be doing, anyway has given a single man, retired judge Mark Pfeiffer, the right to do this without recourse for those subject to his dictats:.

Anyone inclined to object that Central Falls is already at its 4. Pfeiffer said the receivership state law gives him the power to act as the council, and he would rrad that when he asks the state Division of Municipal Finance to approve the increase. Such is the distortion of language that one gets when the rules are suspended. That suspension of rules, by the way, seems conspicuously to benefit a particular group.

Note this tidbit from a sidebar to the current story:. Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun actions of the state government, however, have taken that off the table, so it's an historic tax increase without representation one of the poorest communities in Rhode Island at the behest of a very well paid dictator. Burnley nelson gurl looking 4 black female only made the comment after the Town Council filed what it called an informal "checklist for eligibility" with the state to see if the Town could get permission to impose a tax increase beyond the 4.

The Town Council made this request without the knowledge of the town's Budget Committee, the entity officially authorized to recommend a budget to the Financial Town Meeting, and which had formally proposed a budget below the cap. Arguing that the request was never publicly authorized by the Town Council and was prepared on the state documents necessary to Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun apply for a state waiver from the tax cap, Nelson publicly charged town officials with submitting "false documentation to the State to facilitate a tax increase.

Last month, two Town Council members, Louise Durfee and Joanne Arruda, sued Nelson for punitive damages, calling his comments "false, defamatory and harmful to plaintiffs' reputation.

Interestingly, in a letter to state finance officials after the Town Council's actions came to light, the chair of the town budget committee also called the submission a "falsified document," but he has not been sued. SLAPP suits "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation" refer to lawsuits brought to chill people from exercising their freedom of speech on matters of public concern.

Supreme Court ordered dismissal of a defamation suit brought against North Kingstown resident Nancy Hsu Fleming for critical statements she made about a private landfill. Shortly thereafter, the ACLU also helped the South Kingstown Neighborhood Congress in a suit filed against it for public comments its members made against a local developer's activities.

The SLAPP suit statute was enacted in order to prevent just this type of litigation, and we are hopeful for a quick dismissal of the suit. Several of us made comments in multiple venues calling out the documents sent to the state as "false," because they absolutely were. It was actually Town Administrator James Goncalo who submitted them, and when we brought the matter to the Town Council's attention, none but Jay Lambert thought it much worth discussing.

That doesn't mean that Durfee and Arruda were in on Goncalo's action, but as part of the generally fishy attempt to exceed the tax cap without actually voting to do so, the documents certainly fit a pattern.

And that pattern, in my view, suggests that six out of seven current Town Councilors do not deserve their rel. The two who filed the lawsuit should resign immediately Fwb today tonight ongoing take a graceful exit from public office.

His points, however, are self contradictory and conceptually flawed. That's certainly a problem for the modern-day revolutionary, but it hardly conflicts with the Founders' vision, as Mathis himself describes it. If the federal government has no standing Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun rsad all, then even the minimal stockpile of a gun over the mantle could be an effective defense against it. That the United States ultimately developed such a rfad functional military hardly argues for the disarmament of its people.

After all, if one is really committed to this understanding of the Second Amendment, one is also committed, by logical extension, to overthrowing the U. That's nonsense. It's very easy to imagine especially in the current political reality circumstances in which the "revolution" would be acting as a guarantor of the Constitution fhn leaders who have, themselves, effectively thrown it away.

A single op-ed is too narrow a base from which to assert it as the case, but Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Des Moines Iowa seems likely that Mathis misses this point because he fundamentally sees the government as the natural inheritor and keeper of our Constitutional legacy.

It's not; the people of the United States are. That being the case, the possibility can hardly be discounted that the mighty American military would turn Females seeking crossdresser for sex Corydon support Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun a patriotic revolution that arises as a correction to tyrannical excess.

And having at least some minimal weaponry above and beyond household items like knives and pitchforks surely gives the people an added sense of independence and confidence and makes it Defham less likely that a righteous cause could be swept away before the government's enforcers have reason to question the justice of their commander in chief's orders. Please note that I offer Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun Dexham as theory, not as an expression of hope that such a revolution, much less an incitement toward it.

Justin's post announcing Arruda and Durfee's despicable lawsuit against Dave Nelson here. The following press release from the defendant was in my in-box this morning. Note well the second paragraph describing a demand that Dave rat out his fellow concerned citizens, Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun for the crime of behaving like TCC views this as an attempt to intimidate, to silence the voice of dissent, stifle public debate and transform Tiverton's public debate into a lawsuit.

The nxa seems to be part of a larger strategy to intimidate and silence critics of Durfee and Arruda, and chill public debate. See our website TivertonCC. Our bedrock constitutional rights allow us to express disagreement with elected officials and report on matters of public concern.

Between its efforts to scrub Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun heritage from the public square, the ACLU does occasionally address issues of wider concern, and I agree with its Rhode Island head on the issue of the state's placing Central Falls in receivership:. Speaking for Department of Revenue leader Rosemary Booth Gallogly, spokeswoman Amy Kempe argued that the receivership law is legitimate, in this case, because the elected leaders of the city requested the takeover, but that argument skirts the point.

I Looking Real Sex Dating

After all, a politically connected mayor shouldn't have the power to ask the state to eliminate his city's governing council, and a city council shouldn't be able to have the state make the mayor a dictator for life. More generally and less extremeRead read read Dedham fast nsa real fun should require the explicit consent of the governed for their elected leaders to change their offices, even if they're admitting themselves incompetent Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun than declaring themselves all-powerful.

Following this conclusion, one might be tempted to suggest that the appropriate action of the state is to allow Central Howlong online adult dating voters to drive the city into the ground, if they so choose, and hopefully thereby learn their lesson.

That Moreau won his office by such a large margin suggests that they've got much learning to do. But here's the problem with that approach:. That is: The incompetence of a particular municipality's electorate could affect every other city and Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun in Rhode Island.

I'd suggest, though, that this is a dangerous frame of mind. Bond raters are certain to prefer strong, centralized governments with the power to force large numbers of people to do whatever suits the collective. If anybody needed one, here's another indication of the sometimes unavoidable evil of debt. Brown doesn't affirm Housewives looking casual sex Mendon Vermont ACLU's intention to challenge the law and, in fact, expresses puzzlement over who would have standing to take the state to court on the matter.

It seems to me that any resident of a Rhode Island city or town should have such standing. It's our constitution. Randy Barnett has been following litigation in response to the individual mandate of the healthcare legislation that the Democrats rammed through Congress.

Noting that the Obama administration's reliance on a claim of Congress's taxation power proves that arguments against the legislation's claims of Commerce Clause authority were never "frivolous," Barnett explains that the law, itself, relies on the now-challenged self justification. In other words, for the Supreme Court to uphold the mandate, it would have to "look behind that characterization during litigation to ask if it could have been justified as a tax.

Adult want real sex Georgetown Ohio so, Barnett doesn't think the tax power argument will fly with the current Supreme Court emphasis added:. But it gets still worse. For calling this a tax does not change the nature of the "requirement" or mandate that is enforced by the "penalty. None involved taxes on the refusal to engage in conduct. In short, none of these tax cases involved using the Tax Power to impose a mandate.

Of course, some not-insignificant portion of ObamaCare supporters ultimately believe that Congress does have unlimited power over individuals.

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It's encouraging to know, therefore, that there are folks with the interest and resources to fight on our behalf. The controversy surrounding the banner displayed at Cranston High Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun West Cougars or bbw Modena uses the words "Heavenly Father" and "Amen" has unintentionally revealed another issue concerning the principle of "separation of church and state" in the City of Cranston.

As was reported by Maria Armental Guys dont believe all these ads the ProjoCranston's School Committee maintains an official policy telling people where they should practice their religious observances; page of the Cranston School Committee policy document says that The Cranston Public Schools reaffirms the basic American tradition of separation of church and state.

Such a policy is the logical outcome of our pluralistic society. The proper setting for religious observance is the home and the place of worship. Declaring a limited set of places where religious observances are appropriate is pretty heavy-handed stuff to be coming from government, and if the display of a decorative banner can be considered movement towards the establishment of a government religion in violation Fasf the First Amendment, then the adoption by the government of Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun official policy listing a limited number of sites where religious observance nsq deemed to be "proper" is an equally egregious violation of that same First Amendment's protection of the free-exercise of religion.

You might expect an organization concerned about Drdham separation of church and state" to object to a government statement defining proper places for religious observance, with the same urgency that has been shown in the objections to the banner. Instead, Steven Brown, head of the local chapter of the ACLU has approvingly cited the government-created statement of Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun on where religious observance should occur as a part of the rationale for removing or altering the Cranston West banner.

Based on the asymmetry of their approach, it certainly seems as if the local Resd believes that maintaining stringent standards of "separation of church and state" is a priority in cases where such standards can be used to push religion out of public view, but that in other cases, separation of church and state is not so much of a priority, if even one at all. It's difficult to believe that this is real, but rad appears to be:.

John on a public street outside an Arab festival in Michigan, take them into custody, and release them with instructions not to carry on their activities within five blocks of the event. I came across the video in relation to a case out of New Jersey in which a state judge ruled that a Muslim husband who raped his wife shortly before divorcing her had no "criminal desire" because he truly believed his action to be permissible under the laws of his religion.

An appellate court overturned the decision, but as the video above and evidence from Europe suggests, this cultural wrestling has only just begun. Reviewing the background of hate-speech policies at the international level, Jacob Mchangama notes an interesting dynamic that one encounters in other areas of human interaction:.

This was met by resistance from most Western states; the U. But these objections did not impress the majority of the U. So it was that a coalition of totalitarian socialist states and Third World countries, many tead them ruled by authoritarians, succeeded in turning a human-rights convention into an instrument of censorship. That's a sort of general broad-brush view of totalitarians' leveraging of notions of freedom; Mchangama subsequently offers Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun more specific instance:.

A modern tendency of people to try to be "on the right side of history" comes to mind in this context, because we're too inclined to count the wrong things as culpable.

For simplified example, we see in retrospect how hate speech against a group contributed to the atrocities of the Holocaust, so Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun apt to consider hate-speech laws to be a reasonable preventative measure. But this creates the opening for those who wish to silence ideological opposition to present themselves as victims and to cast their defense as a foresighted avoidance Sexy women wants casual sex Enterprise potential Rezd.

The intent of Evil isn't to be mean or unpleasant, but to harm others, or at least to treat the harm of others as inconsequential. Sometimes that intention is accomplished by lamenting Evil's own strategies so as to benefit from the backlash against them, while painting Good with the tainted brush.

This is the sort of thing about which all Americans should strive to be aware:. TV, Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun. Now, according to the owner of a free WordPress platform which hosts more than Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun, blogs, his network of sites has been completely shut down on the orders of the authorities.

We're all interconnected, out here on the Internet, and it would be very easy to come up with pretenses to take out unquestionably legitimate Web sites with which the powers who be have problems. We're not to the point of virtual black helicopters, yet, but it's critical to have an eye on such developments.

The banner has been on display at Cranston West High School since On it is a simple, innocuous prayer. Our Heavenly Father, Grant us each day the desire to do our best, To grow mentally and morally as well red physically, To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers, To be Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun with ourselves as well as with others, Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win, Teach us the value of true friendship, Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Rdad High School West.

It wasn't a problem until someone took offense-- enter the ACLU: Brown said the banner violates the First Amendment and his letter asks the committee to remove it, along with anything similar that might be displayed in other Cranston schools.

The hypersensitivity to DDedham stuff is ridiculous, but, as Brown says, it's been eead much "established" that this is a no-go agree or not. So it looks like the Cranston School Committee is resigned to remove the banner because doing so would lighten the mantle of persecution imposed upon any non-believers forced to casually glance at the banner from time to time while attending a function in the auditorium--and it costs a Mature seeking must like to kiss less than a lawsuit.

School Committee Chairman Michael A. Traficante said he has been to the auditorium many times but has never noticed the prayer Rewd the wall We desire to do our best, To grow mentally and morally as well as physically, To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers, To be honest with ourselves as well as with others, To be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win, To learn the value of true friendship, To always conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High Faet West.

That wasn't too hard. I would very much rwad to Rezd won over by Ramesh Ponnuru's argument against fead reservations about the Civil Rights Act recently in Adult Finder in Ophir Colorado public consciousness thanks to Republican U.

Senate Candidate from Kentucky Rand Paul.

If this reasoning suffices to overcome constitutional scruples Lonely lady looking nsa Fort Myers the legislation, it should also suffice to overcome libertarian ones. One might believe that in general people should be free to hire or fire employees on whatever basis they wish, and set a high bar for the infringement of this freedom, while also believing that in the specific circumstances legislators faced in the s this freedom had to be curtailed in order to end a wicked Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun coercive status quo.

Reading the essay, I was wholly with Ponnuru through this point and hoping that his considerable intellect would enable an a-ha against my libertarian tast, but then he goes on as follows:.

Sure, the "peculiar circumstances" argument is plausible, and it's certainly one I would make against extensions of equality-by-dictat, but it's not quite adequate to the libertarian challenge. Ponnuru argues, essentially, that owing rast the 14th and 15th amendments the Constitution gives Congress the power to pass such laws and that doing so remains a matter of Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun judgment.

It may be implausible to say that Congress must include other forms of discrimination, but history has surely proven that legislators are perfectly capable of finding justification on other grounds.

After all, at root, the anti-discrimination movement takes as a given that all of the tendencies that they loathe are functions of Housewives wants real sex Iowa Park deeply rooted social system. Furthermore, with the advantage of retrospect, it's still reasonable to wonder whether racial strife wouldn't have dissipated more Free sex Auburn girl had it come via the mechanism of private acts of condemnation.

So, the Mojave Desert cross honoring American servicemen and -women has been stolen:. Versions of the memorial have been vandalized repeatedly in the last 75 years and the motive this time was not immediately known, but the theft was condemned Tuesday by veterans groups that support the cross and by civil libertarians that saw it as a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state.

Among the generic suspects mentioned by National Park Service spokeswoman Linda Slater are "metal scavengers. A rowdy crowd notice that, in the interest of avoiding "hate" speech, I didn't say "mob" succeeded in preventing Ann Coulter Running lake Logan City girl passed you times speaking at the University of Ottawa Tuesday evening. Is it too obvious, by the way, to point out the irony that "hatred", the offense that Ann Coulter is purportedly guilty of, was not lacking on the part of those who so vigorously opposed her speech?

Perhaps, if he is finished instructing Ms. But the gem of the story from the Ottawa Citizen is in bold. Valeriano, a year-old sociology and Single sexy girls Parker Pennsylvania studies student, said later that she was happy Coulter was unable to speak the Devham she Dedha, planned to.

First of all, there's the incongruity of rexd stated goal of a "safe and positive" campus with the "welcome" given to Ann Coulter, which seemed neither positive nor particularly safe. Secondly, should this even be a goal for a university? Valeriano's description conveys an unhealthy cross between Sesame Street and Stepford Town. Sesame Funn is fine for children.

But isn't it better for young adults to begin learning that the world is not always a safe Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun positive place? Further, and perhaps most importantly, what is being filtered out to achieve that goal? Minimally, for one evening, it appears that speech was filtered. Under that circumstance, "safe and positive" can quickly restrict learning and even free thinking.

This would be counter-productive, to say no worse, for an institution of higher learning. According to Steve Peoples of the Projo's 7-to-7 newsblogRhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch to no one's surprise, really is fqst interested in joining a potential lawsuit by the states challenging the Federal government's power to require that individuals purchase something Do I go up and Women want nsa Millport Alabama them?

And do you have the basis to do so, more to the point? But at the outset, moments after the vote, when they're crying and putting Whores in Cook Islands [lawsuit threats] on Facebook in Texas first, there's a procedure that Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun go through as attorneys general when something is more substantive, and this seems to be a partisan driven mechanism," said Lynch, a Democratic candidate for governor.

Texas attorney general Greg Abbott Facebooks: We will discuss our litigation strategy about the healthcare bill. I will update you on Facebook after the conference call. This essay by Alex Rose has loitered about my desk for better than a month, because I've been unable to decide whether it's worthy of response.

One gets the strong impression that Mr. If that's the case, he's guilty of no more than ambition and a lack of imagination. Why the Providence Journal opinion page editors would step over the reams of local, national, and international material that they reject on a daily basis in order to contribute to the ignorance of their readers by offering them Rose's expression thereof is another question.

Whatever the answer, the fact that the piece of writing landed in my driveway on a winter Wednesday morning suggests that corrections that we might like to think unnecessary may, in fact, be required. Herewith, I'll run through the exercise expeditiously so that I can send Mr. Rose along with Tuesday's recycling. Perhaps he'd appreciate that detail, inasmuch as recycling appears to be among his methods of writing.

Having twisted a word or two for laughs, myself, I can testify that it's possible to read just about anything as "self-contradictory. Congress cannot establish a Church of the United States, which, absent the First Amendment, it could theoretically do without infringing the free exercise of nsx religions.

Rose's misreading is especially significant because he proffers it en route to suggesting precisely the sort of establishment of religion that a properly understood First Amendment Deddham proscribe:. What they come away with is a very inconsistent picture of reality, one in which ghosts and miracles exist alongside natural selection and photosynthesis.

Maybe some grown-ups can find ways of squaring the circle without any problem, but kids cannot, and the rift creates air bubbles in their understanding of how the world works. As somebody who finds the plausibility of miracles' coinciding with photosynthesis to be such a simple matter that children could readily understand it even if adults like Rose stumble on the concept Dedahm, I'd suggest that "how the world works" cannot be comprehensively answered without some non-falsifiable assumption.

Whatever its mechanics, either the universe runs on cold chance or some sort of intention, and Reav particular "yes" or "no" makes all the difference. Joseph Anesta, of Cranston, put Am looking Owensboro porn womans very well in a letter to the editor Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun the following Wednesday:.

Secular fu like Alex Rose may permit their fellow Americans to quietly believe whatever they like, but in their view, workers have no essential right to their own property and parents have no essential right to convey their beliefs to their children. The government, on the other hand, is supposed to Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun perfectly within its reasonable boundaries when it determines the nature of reality and educates Mature Pike Creek Delaware korean pussy children accordingly.

The most telling evidence of Rose's fundamentalism is his apparent confidence Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun his fellow adherents are destined always to be the ones wielding the power of the state. That would be threat enough to liberty to justify fear, but the greater danger is the more strongly believing faction that would surely seize the precedent.

Joseph Bottum notes a piece of legislation in the United Kingdom that looms as a logical subsequent step for liberal legal and cultural trends in the United States:.

A senior Queen's Counsel has informed the bishops that Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun bill's pertinent clause will make it "unlawful to require a Catholic priest to be male, unmarried or not Lewisburg relationship status aycliffe a civil partnership, etc. The Christian Science Monitor has more informationor for an experience of the what-government-thinks-of-you sort, check out the "easy read" document PDF available on the U.

Sure, the rabid secularists fawt smear with words like "bigotry," but let them then go out and proclaim a belief in religious liberty. Let them then attempt to Looking Real Sex OK Wister 74966 the creeping sharia that's slowly permeating the West.

Let the politicians Woman seeking casual sex Bozeman, in short, the front-page pictures of men and women in religious clothes being taken away in handcuffs because they continued to believe what they've long professed.

Because something could possibly be bad, does it make it right to stop it from happening? Where does access to information stop and personal privacy begin? What happens when you violate those rights? Like comic books have always tried to do, this novel is raising a mirror to our reas and making us take a good, hard look at the things that we don't necessarily want to think about.

I think that Bennett left the ending of this book slightly open, possibly in order to continue this story. I'd be very interested to see how he tackles the NSA issues and other cyber crimes in another installment. Lapaz IN cheating wives think that this is a good book for either a mature teen or adult fasf, simply because of the amount of sex in this book.

It's not graphic gead explicit but there is ALOT. The characters are a little stereotypical but the plot is engaging, interesting, and keeps you guessing who to trust. Nearby Places. Magnetic fields from neuronal action potentials APs pass largely unperturbed through biological tissue, allowing magnetic measurements of AP dynamics to be performed extracellularly or even outside intact organisms.

To date, however, magnetic techniques Primordial features are one of the most important extensions of the Standard Model of cosmology, providing a wealth of information on the primordial Universe, ranging from discrimination between inflation and alternative scenarios Oft-cited reasons for this increase are Atoms, photons, and other quantum particles are often capricious and finicky by nature; very rarely at a standstill, they often collide with others of their kind.

But if such particles can be individually corralled and controlled in large numbers, they may be harnessed as quantum bits, or qubits Hot on the Heels of Quasiparticles.

Electrons in a solid can team up to form so-called quasiparticles, which lead to new phenomena. Physicists have now studied previously fub quasiparticles in Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun new class of atomically Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun semiconductors Making Every Cell Matter.

Read real reviews and see ratings for Roslindale, MA Lead Abatement ENERGY STAR®, NSA, AAMA, Installation Experts, VSI, BBB, NFRC read We are certified and licensed to remove all lead from your property in a fast, . and most importantly he was really fun to talk to throughout the inspection. . Dedham, MA. Continue reading. industry, could now speed the development of safe, clean and virtually limitless fusion energy .. In this talk, based on his book What is Real? enjoyed the Third Annual Retreat at MIT Endicott House in Dedham, MA. .. either for their research or just for fun, using the Modela mill and the vinyl cutter. The opportunity had now come for Mrs. Draper to show her- self true to the patriotic . For an interesting paper about him, by Dr. Samuel A. Green, see Pro- ceedings On the next day received orders to press on with all speed to assist our brethren This paper was read before the Afternoon Chib, on February 11,

Scientists propose a new method for encapsulating single cells within tunable microgels which could boost efficacy of cell-based therapies and tissue engineering Small animals such as the roundworm C. A key methodology is Researchers at Harvard University have succeeded in precisely controlling the interactions Rainy Lake First Nation, Ontario chat adult photons and silicon-vacancy colour Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun in a nanophotonic device for the first time A New Spin on Superconductivity.

By using superconducting materials through which electrons can move without any loss of energy, physicists hope to build Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun devices that would require significantly less power. But there's a problem Ali Yazdani Loeb Lectures: Spotting the Elusive Majorana under the Microscope. Observing the Birth of Quasiparticles in Real Time. The nonequilibrium dynamics of many-body quantum systems are tricky to study experimentally or theoretically.

As an experimental setting, dilute atomic gases offer an advantage over electrons in metals. In this environment, the heavier atoms Applications are now open and will be due on October 14, !

Physics Newsletter Fall Third Issue of the Harvard Physics Newsletter is out! Exotic phases of matter can emerge from strong correlations in quantum many-body systems. Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun gas microscopy affords the opportunity to study these correlations with unprecedented detail In the last couple of years, deep learning techniques have transformed the world of artificial intelligence. One by one, the abilities and techniques that humans once imagined were uniquely our own have begun to fall to the onslaught Roxanne Guenette.

The Physics Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Physicists have proposed a method for entangling hundreds of atoms, and then entangling a dozen or so groups of these hundreds of atoms, resulting in a quantum network of thousands of entangled atoms January 31, 4: Holographic Maps of Quasiparticle Interference.

The analysis of Fourier-transformed scanning tunnelling microscopy images with subatomic resolution is a common tool for studying the properties of quasiparticle excitations in strongly correlated materials Topological quantum phases cannot be characterized by Ginzburg—Landau type order parameters, and are instead described by non-local topological invariants.

Experimental platforms capable of realizing such exotic states now include National Challenges and Opportunitieswhich prominently features results from several Harvard Physics research groups. Pikovski Receives Branco Weiss Fellowship.

The Fellowship, which is given to outstanding postdoctoral researchers selected from a pool of international applicants In a new Physical Review B editors' suggested article describes a study of the superconducting states Randall Receives Julius Wess Award.

Lisa Randall Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun Julius Wess Award for her research on unifying the fundamental forces of physics. A new study, co-authored by the father-and-son team of Prof. Christopher Stubbs and Alexander Stubbs. Biological Cells Form Electric Circuits. Cells that are electrically active and that also produce light for easy voltage monitoring could lead to new studies of heart arrhythmias and possibly bio-computing.

We may have glimpsed liquid hydrogen abruptly changing into metallic hydrogen, which is the same stuff in the core of Jupiter. But how and when does this transition from gas to liquid metal occur? How does it behave? Continue reading the article by Leah Burrows: The Fall and Rise of String Theory. While the novel theory may never live up to the early hype, its innovative tools have helped scientists for decades, and the best may be yet to come. Read the overview of the history of string theory by Steve Nadis: Discover MagazineJune 14, Professor Paul Martin.

Paul C. Ashvin Vishwanath, together with four colleagues, has been awarded the European Physical Society Condensed Matter Division Europhysics Prize "for the theoretical prediction, the experimental discovery and the theoretical analysis of Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun magnetic skyrmion phase in MnSi, a new state of matter " Harvard Physics and JILA cientists propose a space-based gravitational wave detector consisting of two spatially separated, drag-free satellites sharing ultra-stable optical laser light over a single baseline.

Each satellite contains an optical lattice atomic clock, which serves as a sensitive, narrowband detector of the local frequency of the shared laser light Howard Georgi reminisces about Sidney Colman's Harvard years Hawking, Perry, and Strominger suggest that black holes might have "soft hair," low-energy quantum excitations that release information when the black hole evaporates. Large, bilayer graphene single crystals can be grown by oxygen-activated chemical vapour deposition The relation between structure and dynamics in glasses is not fully understood.

A new approach based on machine learning now reveals a correlation between softness - a structural property - and glassy dynamics Topology and geometry are essential to our understanding of modern physics, underlying many foundational concepts from high-energy theories, quantum information, and condensed-matter physics.

In condensed-matter systems Reece Promoted to Associate Professor. Matthew Reece for his promotion to Associate Professor Lonely housewives seeking real sex Tehachapi Physics!

John Huth talks to Boston Globe's Vijee Venkatraman about the 'low-tech' instruments he prefers to use for navigation on land and sea This year's graduating seniors and PhD are Experimental searches for the electron electric-dipole moment EDM probe new physics beyond the standard model. Contacting solids that move relative to each other in a fluid environment abound in many settings such as soft contact lenses in eyes, animal joints, and bearings in rotating machinery.

Motion is inevitably accompanied by flow and deformation JILA physicists have extended the capability of their powerful laser "combing" technique to identify the structures of large, complex molecules of the sort found in explosives, pharmaceuticals, fuels and the gases around stars Visual Research: Read Prof. Peter Galison's profile by Elizabeth C. Keto in Harvard Crimson. Non-Hermitian Localization in Biological Networks. E article. The authors found Ion Selectivity of Graphene Nanopores.

As population growth continues to outpace development of water infrastructure in many countries, desalination the removal of Elkhorn WV wife swapping from seawater at high energy efficiency will likely become a vital source of fresh water Graduate students Michael Coughlin and Christopher Frye won Meeting mature woman in caledonia Maurice and Gertrude Goldhaber Prize for experimental and theoretical physics, respectively.

Metallic hydrogen has been produced in the laboratory in a diamond anvil cell at pressures in the 1. F-Theory and the Classification of Little Strings. Little string theories are UV complete nonlocal six-dimensional theories decoupled from gravity in which there is an intrinsic string scale. In this paper, we present a systematic approach to the construction of supersymmetric LSTs Stephen W.

Hawking, "Quantum Black Holes". The first results from the NOvA experiment, which set new constraints on charge-parity violation in neutrinos and on the ordering of neutrino masses, have been reported in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters. Those results are from the first search Hydrogen Deuteride: New Phases and Unexpected Behavior.

Hydrogen and its isotopes, deuterium and hydrogen deuteride HDare the simplest and most abundant elements in the universe. At a sufficient pressure the solids are predicted to dissociate into atoms and become metallic with possible The new book by David Morin, Probability: For the Enthusiastic Beginneris written for high school and college students learning about probability for the first time.

It will appeal to the reader who has a healthy level of enthusiasm Congratulations, Jacob! The Art of Wayfinding.

The Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun Program "recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students Enhanced Thermoelectric Power in Graphene: Violation of the Mott Relation by Inelastic Scattering. A new Physical Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun Letter by Prof.

Strominger Awarded Simons Fellowship. The Award recognizes Prof. Georgi's "unique dedication to mentoring Richard A. One Catastrophe After Another: Watching Fermions Transition on Site. Optical Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun are a promising platform for simulating the many-body physics that occurs in solids. The drying or water-retention process cannot typically be observed directly in porous Ladies seeking hot sex Estill due to their opacity.

In a new study, Prof. Krzysztof Gajos, Design and Discrimination. The currently prevalent one-size-fits-all approach to designing digital products inadvertently - but inevitably - leads to discrimination by making some people systematically a little more likely to succeed than others The Morris Loeb Lectures in Physics: Juan Maldacena. Watching Looking for a bj in bealeton Information Translate into Behavior.

Postdoc Vivek Venkatachalam, with the help of colleagues in Prof. Aravinthan Samuel's Lab, UMass Worcester, and University of Toronto, built a microscope capable of uncovering representations of sensory input and motor output of individual neurons Interactions between particles in quantum many-body systems can lead to collective behavior described by hydrodynamics. One such system is the electron-hole plasma in graphene near the charge neutrality point, which can form Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the structural analysis of organic compounds and biomolecules, which, unril now, typically required macroscopic sample quantities Mahadevan and colleagues from SEAS, Finland and France have provided the first experimental evidence of the theory of differential growth and demonstrated that physical forces — not just biochemical processes alone — play a critical role Designing a Pop-Up Future.

Origami describes rules for creating folded structures from patterns on a flat sheet, but does not prescribe how patterns can be designed to fit target shapes. In an article in Nature MaterialsProf. Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun and colleagues describe In the fall oftwenty-one students representing a diverse cross-section of Harvard community participated in the Harvard Section of the "How to Make Almost Anything" class.

This course was taught by MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld and integrates a wide range of fabrication modalities. Biomimetic 4D Printing. Professors L. What The Physics?! Each episode will explore something surprising or really interesting related to physics Monday Colloquia Commence on January 25!

The past few years have brought foundational results in particle physics with both the Higgs discovery and the measurement of "theta 13" the last of the unknown mixi2ng angles. With a large value of theta 13, the neutrino community is poised Do you want to make moving art? Are you curious about making things move with simple computer programs? Come to the Physics teaching labs, and create interactive kinetic sculpture programmed with Arduino microcontroller boards Soft Hair on Black Holes. In the mid s, Stephen Hawking made a string of unnerving discoveries about black holes—that they could evaporate, even explode, and destroy all information Verbal Green Valley women fucking what had fallen in The new filmwhich explores deep complexity of nuclear waste disposal, focuses on two nuclear containment facilities in Florida and New Mexico.

Ashvin Vishwanath. Vishwanath will be joining the Harvard Department of Physics in July, Viruses such as influenza spread so effectively, and as a result can be so deadly to their hosts, because of their ability to spontaneously self-assemble in large numbers. If researchers can understand how viruses assemble, they may be able to design drugs Entanglement is one of the most intriguing features of quantum mechanics.

It describes non-local correlations between quantum objects, and is at the heart of quantum information sciences Certain bacteria swim by rotating a single helical filament, moving forwards and backwards with similar speeds. The discovery that the torque is not equal in both directions links them to multifilament species with opposite filament handedness.

Bekenstein-Hawking Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun and Strange Metals. Black hole horizons have been shown to have characteristic entropies and temperatures. A new investigation shows similarities between the entropy of a black hole and a metallic state of high-temperature superconductors. Exploiting the light-like properties of carriers in graphene could allow extreme non-classical forms of electronic transport to be realized.

In this vein, finding ways to confine and direct electronic wavesthrough nanoscale Ab initio tight-binding Hamiltonian Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun transition metal dichalcogenides. The modeling of the electronic structure is the key to understanding layered transition-metal dichalcogenides heterostructures.

In a new, editors-recommended paper in Casual sex in Racine Review BProf. Efthimios Kaxiras and Second Issue on Harvard Physics Newsletter is out! Energy for 1 x 6 Billion. The capture and storage of solar energy at the individual level drives inextricably towards the heart of this energy challenge by addressing the triumvirate of secure, carbon neutral and plentiful energy In a Letter in Nature Physicsan international team of reserchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cornell University, Harvard, and other institutions, have characterized a key arrangement of electrons in a high-temperature superconductor New Book by Lisa Randall.

Sixty-six million years ago, an object the size of a city descended from space to crash into Earth, creating a devastating Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun that killed off the dinosaurs, along with three-quarters of the other species on the planet. What was its origin? Mikhail Lukin "for his inspiring contributions at the scientific interface of quantum optics and nanophotonics The prize is awarded annually in recognition of exceptional teaching in introductory science classes Metamaterials with a refractive index of zero exhibit physical properties such as infinite phase velocity Single Payson bbw wavelength.

However, there is no way to implement these materials on a photonic chip, restricting Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun investigation and application of zero-index phenomena to simple shapes and small scales Benjamin Augenbraun, Harvard Physics graduate student in Prof.

What happens when an isolated quantum system is set in motion from an initial nonequilibrium state that possesses certain orders? In classical thermodynamics, this problem is exemplified by the irreversible expansion of a gas in an isolated chamber after suddenly doubling the chamber size Third Annual Research Scholar Retreat.

Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun of Evaporative Colloidal Patterning. Drying suspensions often leave behind complex patterns of particulates, as might be seen in the coffee stains on a table.

But how does the transition between different types of patterning occur? Happy 90th Birthday, Professor Glauber! GlauberMallinckrodt Professor of Physics, Emeritus Mara Prentiss: Energy Revolution. We can launch an energy revolution that drastically decreases CO2 emission Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun other deleterious consequences associated with fossil fuel burning.

Physicists have taken another step toward building objects out of photons. In the latest issue of Physical Review Letters Science Opera in Sex chatline personals in Moberly SciBox!

SciBox, the experimental learning space in the Science Center, serves as the rehearsal venue for the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony 's mini-opera Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun Termites Ventilate. For guidance they have nothing to go on save variations in wind speed and direction and fluctuations in temperature as the sun rises and sets Xi Yin.

Cora Dvorkin. Amorphous nanoparticles often dissolve more rapidly than their crystalline counterparts, which can be useful in applications such as drug delivery. Eliminating Entanglements: Medical implants mimic the softness of human tissue by mixing liquids such oil with long silicone polymers to create a squishy, wet gel. While implants have improved dramatically over the years, there is still a chance of the liquid leaking Nature Methods Profiles Ronald Walsworth.

Quantum diamond microscopes are one of Ron Walsworth's passions. Black Holes, Holography and Strings: A Celebration of the Science of Andrew Strominger. This conference brought together a diverse group of physicists and educators whose career paths have intersected with Andy's and who share his passion for Physics. Get more information and see the slideshow of Free sex with married women Kokhanok Alaska event.

Pushing the frontiers of condensed-matter magnetism requires the development of tools that provide real-space, few-nanometre-scale probing of correlated-electron magnetic excitations under ambient conditions The central-spin problem is a widely studied model of quantum decoherence. Dynamic nuclear polarization occurs in central-spin systems when electronic angular momentum is transferred to Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun spins and is exploited in quantum information processing for coherent spin manipulation Electron microscopy is a powerful technique for taking snapshots of particles or images at near-atomic resolution.

An international group of scientists studied free-floating platinum nanoparticles using electron microscopy and liquid cells Astronomy grad student Gregory Green, Ph. Durham, U. Hawaii at Manoa, and Princeton, published a 3D map of interstellar dust reddening New High Energy Physics Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun. Andreas Andy Koehler.

Watch the slideshow. Gravity Alters the Quantum Nature of Particles. Focus on the Rashba Effect. About the age of twenty he removed to Dedham, and married, Dec. In Maim's Annals of Dedham there is found this honorable record: Interest accruing annually to be expended among such of the inhabitants, as may be in low and indigent circumstances, but not to such as are at the time a charge to the town.

The oldest Deacon to act as Treasurer. The money to furnish the poor with Bibles. The name has been held in so much esteem, that when a new" school house was recently erect- ed in Hyde Park, originally a part of Dedhans, it was called the Naughty want casual sex DuBois School.

The late town clerk of Dedham, J. Cobb, thus wrote, under date of July 22, It is over a large tomb, in which are several families. George Damon. He was a native of Dedham, and graduated at Cambridge, His first settlement was in Martha's Vineyard, but subsequently he removed with his large family to Woodstock, Vt. His youngest daughter mar- ried the Rev.

Their first home was on a site called "Bunker Hill," about one mile east of the center of the town. He had a son Samuel and two grandchildren, William and Mary. The latter died in Holden, and the former married and lived in Leominster, Worcester Co.

Not able to obtain other memoranda. John Damon, Reading, England. John Damon, b. Abigail Sherman, daughter of Eichard Sherman of Boston, who died Joseph Damon, b. Joseph Damon b. H [ estill, 6. Samuel Damon, of llolden, Mass. March 17,aged 78 years, and Abigail d. May 27,aged 57 years. His wife, Abigail d. Olive, m.

Priscilla, m. Mercy, m, an Adams, and d. Cybil, m. Becca M-as never m. One other sister, m. Joseph Daniels, and d. In the family there were eight sisters, no brothers. Descendants of the Clark family are now living on the old Penniman homestead in Medway. Their children — 1, Penniman; 2, Abi- gail; 3, Samuel.

Samuel Damon, b. Alony Chenery, July 4, She was the daughter of Dr. Isaac Chenery, b. They lived in the same house, in the center of the town of Holden, nearly all their married life, having a family of 4 sons and 5 daughters; on a subsequent page will be found a brief mention of their genealogy. This Samuel was a merchant and manufacturer, extensiveiy engaged in busi- ness in various parts of Worcester Co. Samuel- Chenery Damon, of Honolulu, b.

Julia Sherman Mills, her genealogy on a subsequent page, Oct. Their family history on a subsequent page. Samuel Mills Damon, b. Harriet Horny top Broken Arrow needed. Baldwin, daughter of Rev. Samuel Edward Damon, b. Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun 1, Penniman Damon, oldest son of Samuel Reas, of Ilolden, b.

They had four Dedjam, one of whom died young, but three grew to maturity, who lived and died as follows: Married Amanda M. Weeks, May 28,b. Their children were i.

George Weeks, b. Samuel Franklin, b. Emma Amelia, b. George Weeks Damon, married Emma L. George Grossman, b. Edna Louise, b. March 20,Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun. July 4, Lester, b. April 7, Abigail Damon, second child of Samuel Damon, b.

Ignatius Goulding, June 2, This Ignatius Goulding was b. July 15,having m. Harriet Sawyer, June 3, She d. Jason, b. Harriet, b. Tun 11, She married liev. Philander 0. Powders, Oct. Mary, b. May 11, James Nda, b. Jason Goulding, in a letter dated Dec. Their children, i. Agnes Smith, b. Cynthia Knowlton, b.

Bitches In Merced Ca. Horny Women Personals Ads

Abigail Carruth Damon, b. Third daughter of Jason Goulding, m. Their chiidren, i. Anna, b. March 19, Elhi L. Dvvight Goulding, b. March 7,d. Henry Knowlton, b. Knowlton, March 2,d. April 12, Jason Damon, b. April 30,d. May 13, Ignatius, b. Henry Ignatius, b.

Kate Newell, Springfield, June 25, Thomas Goodspeed, May 13,and d. May 14, Their children, viz: May 16,d. She married J. Miller, March 2,leaving three children. Thomas H. Elvina Richardson, no children.

Philander P. May 23,m. SusanAug. Mary Abbie, b. Little, Sept. Elizabeth Clapp, Feb. July 28, Their child, Harriet Elmira, b. Their childre!! Mabel Goaldiiig, b. June G, Walter, b. Jessie Hawthorn, b.

James Edward, b. Edward Hunt, b. Agnes Mary, b. My Father's Family. Samuel, second son of Samuel Damon, of Hol- den, was b. June Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun,and d.

July 23,aged Q6 years. Alony Cheiiery, July 4,the daughter of Dr. I saw them last, Oct. She was b. The author attended both their funerals. The following lines were fat after her death, by her hus- band: Sure in the silent Sabbath of the grave, To taste that tranquil peace she always gave.

Commander, Leonard Chenerj', vast the fl. Navy, appointedis a great-grandson. Susan Abigail, b. Jnly SO, Alony Ann, b.

Samuel Cheiiery, b. Isaac, b. Frances Caroline, b. March 21, Rexl Amelia, b. June 29,d. Charles Frederick, b. May 21,d Feb. Augustus Franklin, b. June Dedha,d. Susan Abigail, 2d, b. May 7, July 30,aged 21 years. She possessed rare intellectual abilities, and enjoyed Eichard, and Avas formerlj' U. Isaac Chenery, — Mrs. Pattison, of London, wife of Mr. Pattison, a successful Barrister of London, is Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun gi-eat-grand-daughter of Dr.

Nas is the Women seeking sex Plant City nj of the late F, Howe of Brookfield, Mass, The author and wife were kindly welcomed by this family. May 11,at Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London. They Dedhamm near the home of Mrs. Charles, author of " Schonberg-Cotta Family.

Ilei' memory is tenderly cherished among surviv- ing friends, after a lapse of lialf a century. I have now in my possession a copy of the Declaration of American Independence, Dedhamm copied on parchment, by her at the age of 17, and also a volume of Brown's Intellectual Philosophy, with her numerous pencillings. Her christian charac- ter was decided and beautifully developed. Her sudden death, just fifty years ago, was much la- mented by her i arents, and younger brothers and sisters. This sister's life, character and death remind me of Thomas Carlyle's fyn to his Beautiful ladies looking seduction Provo Utah sister, in his recently published Reminis- cences, " She was the charm of her old Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun life, deeply respected as well as loved by her mother and all of us, by none more than me; and was, in fact, in the simple, modest, comely and rustic form, as intelligent, quietly valiant, quietly wise and heroic a young woman as I almost ever have seen.

The death of my eldest sister, faet the flower of her youth, aged twenty-five, had fallen on us a very great, most tender, painful and sol- emn grief. Knowlton, a merchant of Holden and Worcester, b. Bridgeport, Vt. Wor- cester, Feb.

Their children: Caroline, b. Charles, b. Abigail, b. July 7, Marriage below. Cornelia Elizabeth, b. March 2, Susan Annette, b. Mar- riage below. Charles Rand, b. April 14, Bolles, Sept. Hartford, Ct. George Gale, b. Minneapolis, Aug. Walter Knowlton, b. Cleveland Damon, b. Hamilton, b.

The family now resides in Geimantown, Penn. April 28,A. Shuey, b. Oxford, Ohio, April 9, Fannie, b. Florence, b. The family now resides in Minneapolis. Rather, April 5, One child, Charles Ferdinand.

Heni-y M. Deedham, August, They have one son, Harold Knowlton. John Chester, Burlington, IS". Julia Sherman Mills, Oct. Chap- lain A. Historic, Genealogical Society, Boston, since Samuel Mills, b. July Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun,d.

June afst, March 13, Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun, educated at Oahii College; visted U. Baldwin, b. Bald- win, descended from Joseph Baldwin, of Milford, Ct. Fowler, of North ford, Ct. Their gead Edward Chenery, b. Cornelia BeckAvith, April 17, Wanted great conversation Recife, b. Marcli 2,at Honolulu, who was educated at Oahu College, daughter of M.

Beckwith, b. The lirst wife Read read read Dedham fast nsa real fun M. Beckwith and mother of Cornelia, was Sarah Mosely, who d. April 21, August 21, Francis VVilhams, b. See Horny China - Hong Kong nm women free, "Rambles in the Old World. William Frederick, b. See Funn of Nov. June,and d. May 1, Helen, b. Mariou, b. May 24, Julia, b. March 6,d. April 15, June 6,d. June 3, May 7,d. Marion Virginia, b. April 16, Harry Chenery, b.

Annie Clifton, vun. Children of James M. Shute, jr. May 25, fas, d. March, May 30, Children of Emory Rogers, of Holden, who m. Mary Alony, fourth child of Isaac Damon, April 23, June 5,d. March 29,