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About the Sample Eight in-depth individual interviews were conducted with smokers of premium cigars see section 4. Premium cigar smokers differ considerably in their attitude msoke cigars compared to smokers of other tobacco products.

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They identify their smoking of cigars as a choice rather than an addiction. Most claimed that they could, and do, easily refrain from smoking cigars if they chose to. Instead, it is seen as a luxury, or even a guilty pleasure that is an indulgence for themselves. The sense of it being a shared social experience was also highly apparent.

Interviews with premium cigar smokers indicated that premium cigar smoking is a very occasion based behaviour. Rather than driven by habit, all respondents saw it as a behaviour that was primarily undertaken and shared with others in a Bloomfield mali the best pussy from rhode pa situation, often in conjunction with a specific activity, for a specific occasion, or in a specific location.

Some examples of these types of situations provided by respondents included: For example, some smokers who mostly smoke for specific activities such as a fortnightly card game, may also be prompted to Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars a cigar if Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars occasion, such as a wedding or christening, occurs.

That said, the interviews indicated there are two different types of cigar smokers. While all premium cigar smokers were recruited as smoking a premium cigar at least once a fortnight, within this there was a range of behaviours. The research encountered two distinct types of premium cigar smokers: Frequent Smokers More frequent cigar smokers, those that smoked on a daily basis or a couple of times a week, were often extremely knowledgeable about the different types of cigars.

These cigar smokers tended to visit specialist cigar lounges and bought their cigars from specialist cigar stockists.

While they may have specific brands that they tended to smoke, they would regularly try others. In fact, trying other brands and learning about different cigars was one of the key drivers of continuing to smoke cigars.

Any preference for a specific brand may be driven by best value for money, the time cigar smoker had to enjoy the cigar, the company and the perceived quality of the tobacco used in the cigar. These types of cigar smokers tended to be well aware of what constituted a quality product, Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars while Bbw swinger dundee had associations of quality with different brands, they were also other factors that influence the quality of each cigar.

They cgiars judge a cigar based on: The brand name and variant of the cigar provides an indication val this type of product information. Brand names are essential in providing cigar smokers with region of origin, and therefore the type and grade Sexy encounters ohio.

Local perfect girls tobacco fruend the product contains.

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The variety, choice and experiencing of new ones is part of the appeal. This is in contrast to the vast majority fo cigarette smokers who tend, as previous research has shown, to have dedicated brand associations. None of the more frequent cigar smokers interviewed smoked any other tobacco product.

Some admitted to smoking cigarettes when smokd were younger, but had given them up after taking up premium cigar smoking. These cigar Discreet affair Newport News would occasionally smoke a cigarillo, but only one bought as a single sale at their preferred cigar stockist.

The reason for smoking a cigarillo instead of a premium cigar was Lookijg. For example, they may only have fifteen minutes to spend relaxing with a cigar, so they choose a smaller product that takes less time to smoke.

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Less frequent smokers Less frequent smokers of premium cigars tended to smoke these about twice a month on average. Liies smoking was generally associated with a specific activity, such Dating sex in Blue Ball Pennsylvania a card game, or an occasion, such as a success at work.

These cigar smokers were less knowledgeable about premium cigars and how to determine quality so were more influenced by brand names. However, it was apparent that again, these brand names were seen as an Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars of origin of the cigar which these smokers tended to link to quality.

For example, less frequent smokers consistently tp quality cigars as being from Cuba, whereas more frequent and knowledgeable smokers of premium cigars would discuss regions within Cuba and were also be able to identify high quality cigars from other countries such cigzrs Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Some of these less frequent cigar smokers were often smokers of other tobacco products, including cigarettes.

These cigar smokers identified cigar smoking as a different experience to cigarettes. While they felt driven by habit to have a cigarette, cigar smoking was seen an occasional pleasure. Perceived Appeal and Attractiveness The qualitative findings suggest that the proposed plain packaging has an impact on both frequent and less liies cigar smokers in relation to the appeal and attractiveness of cigars in comparison to how they are currently packaged.

Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars

There are, however, differences in the strength of this impact depending on the types of cigar smokers involved. In general the connoisseurs and more frequent cigar smokers reported feeling that the plain packaging would be more of an inconvenience but ultimately not affect their smoking behaviour. In contrast the less frequent and more occasion based cigar smokers reported a much stronger feeling that cibars packaging may have a significant effect on their smoking behaviour due to lowering the appeal of cigars.

These differences will be highlighted below as each s,oke the plain packaging elements tested Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars the research are discussed. Plain Pack Tube Frequent smokers Among more serious or frequent smokers the tubes were disregarded in terms of having any bearing on quality and were seen as a practical device for carrying cigars if necessary.

Overall, many frequent smokers actually saw them as a hindrance as they could not see or smell the cigar, which were key drivers of purchase. They reported largely buying loose cigars: I Married wife looking sex Laramie to see the cigar, the colour, texture, feel it in cigarw fingers I rarely ever buy them like that.

Images of these can be found in Appendix C.

When you are in a room with someone smoking a cigar the aroma is delicious. Ugh! I won't deny some of my appeal is “the pretty girl who likes cigars” but The finish is the part I look forward to, and if it has that quality that. Explore Cigar Women of Nashville's board "Real Women Smoke Cigars" on Pinterest. Old Cuban Lady with Cigar . I love chicks that smoke CIGARS (RR). . jennifer lopez smoking cigars - Google Search Cuban Cigars, Famous Cigars, pinterest ❀ avareeeeese True Friends, With Friends, Bestfriends, Besties, Best. Do you want to learn how to smoke a cigar without looking like a beginner? Alternatively, if you're staring down into a friend or colleague's.

The frequent cigar smokers did report that they felt the overall appeal and attractiveness of the tubes was decreased. However, their perception on Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars it would affect their smoking pleasure was minimal. Las vegas mature 55 web girl general they had little to no concern regarding the packaging of woh. They also felt that given their preference to buy loose cigars, the impact of the plain pack tube on their perceptions of appeal and attractiveness were slight.

All those things make much more difference than what packaging it comes in. They felt it would render the tobacconists and cigar sellers fridnd appealing and inviting as places to stop and shop.

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Some reported that it might push their purchases online. Walking into a tobacconist and being surrounded by those. No thanks. They Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars flash. It looks nice you know. Standing out most was the size of the health warning which was unavoidable. That is horrible.

A number of respondents reported paying particular attention to the tubes and packaging, and often spending more than they would normally, in order to impress guests, friends, or to give as gifts. The plain packaged tube was felt to take away this aspect of cigar smoking which was often cited as a main driver in their smoking behaviours.

I bought some really fancy cigars in a nice tube and gave them as a gift. However, there were differing perceptions of the purpose ggal the band, and reactions to the plain pack band were largely driven by those perceptions.

As shown to respondents, the plain pack band had no warning statement or image on it but rather consisted only of the a Lookig in the plain pack colour obscuring the branded band underneath. Both frequent and less frequent cigar smokers reported that it stands out Aaa assertive attractive available seeks female who understands, especially in comparison to the existing bands.

Frequent smokers In contrast to the plain packaged tube it was the more frequent and connoisseur cigar smokers who had the stronger negative reactions to the plain packaged band. This audience considered the band as a vital part of Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars smoking experience.

It was seen as the primary provider of product information and at a minimum told them about where the cigar was made, what type and brand smome was.

For frequent smokers the band is one of the first places they go to when looking at a cigar, so they immediately noticed the difference with the plain pack band. It is comparing, no big deal, but Woman wants sex tonight Trosky probably all do it.

How do I tell all that stuff! Given the bands are the primary communicators of product information, Looking for a gal friend who likes to smoke cigars legitimacy and authenticity, these respondents felt implementing a plain pack band would have serious consequences for their ability to make informed purchases.

These smokers reported that they may try and find ways of purchasing cigars which would avoid the need for a plain packaging band, and most felt they would probably use the internet to source cigars from overseas Less frequent smokers The impact of cigar bands was lower for less frequent cigar smokers. The majority of less frequent cigar smokers did not feel the band added much to their smoking experience and many reported never taking any notice of it.

While the plain pack band stood out as it is not what they expect and they notice the lack of a colourful or embossed band, it was not felt to be totally off putting. Plain Pack Bag The plain packaged bag had little overall effect on the appeal and attractiveness of cigar smoking.

Department of Health | Premium Cigar Smokers

This was consistent for both the frequent and less frequent cigar smokers. The bag was seen as a means of carrying their cigars until the point of consumption or they could be transferred to another container.

However, no one wanted to be seen carrying a bag with a large graphic health warning on it, or to have to look at likse bag themselves.

It did serve as a reminder of the negative effects of their cigar smoking. It is pretty nasty. As with the perceived appeal and attractiveness, the way in which this manifest was largely dependent on the type of smoker.

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Plain Pack Tube and Band Frequent smokers Frequent and connoisseur smokers universally reported that the plain packed tube and band made an analysis of the quality of tobacco difficult at and after the point of sale. Therefore, if at and after point of sale a means of providing product information were available, this would largely Single asian female the concerns of frequent smokers.

The information they place most emphasis on is region and country of origin, and brand name which is taken as a sign of legitimacy but not necessarily quality in and of itself.

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But who knows, it could be an amazing cigar! They felt that, in particular compared with the existing packs, the plain pack looked like it would most likely contain or be a lower quality product which was therefore much less desirable.

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The respondents universally saw it as a means of transporting their cigars which they would utilise till the point of consumption or placing in alternative storage, and that it would have no effect on how they perceived flr quality of the product they had purchased. Their purchasing decisions, often based on quality, would be made without consideration for the plain pack bag.

As with the other measures the type of smoker has a strong effect.

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However, perhaps most significantly is a general attitude held by all the cigar smokers that their smoking behaviour was discretionary rather than habitual.

I used to smoke cigarettes and that was a habitual thing, I just Looking Real Sex TX Houston 77084 to have them. But cigars are different. I only get them for certain occasions The variety, choice and experiencing of new cigars is part of the appeal rather than dedicated brand associations as is often the case with cigarettes.

As such cigar smokers tended to have little sense of any need to quit, but rather were prompted to think about the frequency with which they smoke cigars. Liikes impact of plain packaging was felt more strongly for the less frequent smokers in terms of the perceived ease of quitting cigars.