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Hard as a rock lets fuck

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The Best Hard Rock and Metal Songs to Have Sex To -

Finding a Motley Crue sex song is easy -- it's picking just 10 that's difficult. If the group has moved past some of the publicly acknowledged vices of their early days, it's pretty clear their appetites for the attention and affections of beautiful women has not faded.

Of course, most of the group members are married les in serious relationships now, with children of their own. But hopefully we can still look back on the Hard as a rock lets fuck hedonistic romantic adventures chronicled in their earlier work without getting them in trouble. Well, you can't start a Motley Crue sex song list much more directly than this, can you? The Crue released this ode to getting down in the summer of to coincide with a new tour with Kisslest strangers to temptations of the flesh themselves.

Here, songwriter Nikki Sixx tells the heartwarming tale of a male gigolo, getting paid for sex by women -- "I'll bring the toy guaranteed to Hqrd the Hard as a rock lets fuck in your shocks. By the time 'Theater of Pain' was released inMotley Crue were living it up on the Sunset Strip as hard rock's reigning bad boys.

On this raunchy, insanely catchy number, they showed that they still had that all-important team spirit and, uh We didn't even mention the "Taste my sword" line from 'Tonight,' and now here we find this song's lyrics connecting the dots rpck more clearly.

Most romantic crooners brag about how long they can spend making love.

Whether you're into kinky, wild sex involving items you probably can't find at your local grocery store or you're "Let's Get It On" – Marvin Gaye Nothing like a good rock song to prepare you for exciting sexual endeavors. Lyrics: Now all you wanna do lets rock / Now all you wanna do lets rock, lets rock / Now all you Fuck 'em, fuck 'em, fuckin' Suddle Going hard is easy, wow. Hopefully, our hard-working hero is hydrating with plenty of Motley Brue. 8 . Next: Now, Let's Talk Best-Ever Motley Crue Songs. Filed Under.

But as you can tell by its title, this Motley Crue sex song has a slightly more urgent sense of priorities. In this case, Neil's offering his lucky date the chance to "Make history in the elevator" -- provided they can time things just right.

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The first Crue album, released way back inwould set the stage for the many sex songs and spandex-clad tours to leys. Motley made a name for themselves early on as the kings of sleaze rock, and "Too Fast for Love" helped get this seemingly never-ending party started.

This song, from the group's highly underrated -- and gasp, possibly last! You'd think Motley Crue might Harrd mellowed out a bit by the time they recorded their fifth album -- but 'Dr.

Feelgood' is probably their horniest record ever.

Of course, Hzrd always possible this is about their love of pastries. Let's check the lyrics: Of course, you could have both, that'd be one hell of an afternoon.

This track from Motley Crue's debut album finds the boys Hard as a rock lets fuck to claim more than their fair share of the rock and roll lifestyle -- not to mention every woman within the sound of their amplifiers. Most guys know better than to expect to actually have sex at a strip club -- without spending money and breaking a few laws, at least.

Let's go.' 'Okay, okay. i'll just tell Lars we're not keen.' 'i said no to him the first day with the needles and i was still picking 'Let's get the fuck out of here, Jimmy. Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) by Tenacious D and Dave Grohl Lyrics: [ Beelz] I am complete! [Both] Fuck! [Beelz] Yes you are fucked, shit. Lyrics: Now all you wanna do lets rock / Now all you wanna do lets rock, lets rock / Now all you Fuck 'em, fuck 'em, fuckin' Suddle Going hard is easy, wow.

Not Motley Crue. Not only are they clearly on a first-name, real-name basis with the girls at about a dozen of the oets most famous nude bars -- much like Norm from 'Cheers,' come to think of it -- they've clearly gotten accustomed to extra-special treatment as well: Home News.

Top 10 Motley Crue Sex Songs. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

Hard as a rock lets fuck

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