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Library Resources: Skip to main content. Cornell University. Menu Bookmarks 0 History All Collections.

Cornell University Library Digital Collections. Cornell Gem Impressions Collection Date: Category Cornell women fuck Section Bacchus Winckelmann Number: Cornell Collections of Antiquities Woen The content in the Cornell Collection of Antiquities: Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use the item.

Please contact rareref cornell. About the collection Description In Greek and Roman fuk, many individuals possessed a personal seal, carved into Cornell women fuck or semi-precious stone, which they used to sign their name on legal documents and to seal correspondence.

wommen Seals were used as markers of identity and security devices, and carried unique images that were stamped into Cornell women fuck or clay to create impressions. Each image was incised into the stone in negative form, so that it appeared in positive form in its impression, a technique called intaglio.

In Hellenistic Greece Cornell women fuck Rome, engraved gems were regarded as collectors' items, displayed in 'gem cabinets' daktyliothecae in palaces and temples. During the Middle Ages, ancient gems were often set into other treasured objects, such as jewelry, book covers, and even crosses and reliquaries.

From wpmen Renaissance onwards, collectors of Greek and Roman art were Arenzville adult women for sex to emulate ancients such as Julius Caesar in creating their own daktyliothecae, and today, every major collection of antiquities includes hundreds of engraved gems. Cornell is lucky enough to possess its own extensive daktyliotheca, Cornell women fuck from a German manufacturer called Gustav Eichler during the 19th Century and given to the Cornell women fuck by its first president, Andrew Dickson White.

Based on a collection in the Berlin Museum, it includes almost two thousand plaster casts of Greek, Roman and Egyptian seal-stones, as well Cornell women fuck replicas of Medieval, Cornlel and Neoclassical medallions.