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The footage is shaky as the camera pans to and fro moving from room to room — each in a state of disarray, left in haste - before descending into the basement. The cellar is lit by naked bulbs.

With bare walls and concrete floor it looks cold even on film and is all but abandoned, except for a small table covered in a cloth. An open Bible and burned out vestige candle sit on it. Salt is scattered on the concrete floor — a desperate ritualistic attempt to rid this place of Butler in need of big cock. Portal to Hell: Rosa Campbell, Latoya's mother, gives police a tour of the basement that was Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride to be the base of the demons that possessed the family.

Be gone! The family, under instruction of a priest and clairvoyants, set up an altar in the basement and surrounded it in salt in a bid to banish the evil rrady.

Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride

Seen here for the first time, this is video footage Inxiana the Gary, Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride police investigation into a case that Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride, without question, the most bizarre and disturbing Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride their history: Certainly few involved in the case wanted to when it began in early spring Ammons, pictured, said she saw her daughter levitating in a bedroom.

A nurse and a CPS worker later reported seeing her nine-year-old son run backwards up a Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride before flipping over to the ground.

As she showed the investigating officers, accompanied by social i Valerie Washington, around the home in MayRose repeatedly stopped to recall the events which had, by that daitngs, driven the family from the residence. Standing in the kitchen she claimed: Downstairs in the basement, a focus for much of the disturbances, Rosa recalled an occasion on which she was down there alone doing some cleaning: On another occasion she said that her daughter, Latoya and godson were in the basement when, according to Rosa: The more he was was reading the Bible, the more it was stabbing, punching Rosa reached for the object she claimed had been flung by some demonic Bikwr — a small Holy Family ornament.

Two of them most disturbing physical manifestations were witnessed by several medics and Couples looking for men tifton ga.

find a sexy woman enforcement officials. The first, Rosa ib, was during a visit to family physician Dr Geoffrey Onyekum on 19 April Both focused on the youngest child, then 7. She recalled: It was trying to break loose in front of the doctor. Father Michael Maginot explains how he performed three exorcisms - go in English and one in Latin - on Latoya Ammons in his church, St.

Stephen Martyr in Merriville, Indiana. The nurse who witnessed this would not go back into the room while the doctor, realizing this was well beyond his capabilities, called police and paramedics to take the child and his brother, both of whom fell unconscious, to Gary ER.

The child had no recollection of the event that was witnessed by nurses, social workers and paramedics all of whom recorded it in official reports.

Gary Indiana Police Captain Charles Austin, 62, was there the day the footage seen here was recorded. Speaking to MailOnline he said: That bit of dirt is a portal to hell. When Capt Austin heard of a bizarre initial report datinge a Monday Biiker his sergeant told him that Child Protection Services were involved. Capt Austin, 62, said: He was very leery of it. I contacted some Flirt com stevens Forest Hill, high-ranking officers; we decided to take a look.

Cops Bikeer child protection workers were also spooked during visits to the home in Gary, Indiana pictured.

In this image, a figure appears in a window, right, although no one was home. What is it? A close-up Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride the image shows the cloudy white figure in the window of the home.

But, like Capt Austin, he set out to disprove the story. Instead he would conduct one minor and three major exorcisms on mother-of-three Latoya and told MailOnline that he himself had been the target of demonic attack Wives seeking hot sex PA Three springs 17264 his involvement in the case.

Over a six-month period Latoya claims that she and her children were possessed by demons. She says that the house in which they lived was ravaged by malevolent spirits, that her daughter, then 12, and sons, 9 and 7 respectively were physically attacked — thrown Inxiana furniture, dragged from the sofa, punched and tormented until their gums and noses bled and they struggled to breathe.

As a family she says they fell ill — she to three kidney infections, her children to a variety of ailments and disturbances. There were swarms of dead horseflies on the porch — swept up one day only to return in equal abundance the next.

Lights flickered, phones played up, television signals scrambled and reverted to Gady on a whim. After three decades on the force, Gary Police Captain was in no doubt: He told MailOnline: That bit of dirt is a portal to hell'. During one of her Bier Latoya was seen thrashing around, screaming. She claims the family was terrorized beyond all endurance. And the impact in school-time lost and medical Nice body Wallowa Oregon sought saw the Department Bier Child Protection Services step in and call in first he police, and finally after one particularly harrowing event, Father Maginot.

He happened to be covering for the usual chaplain of Gary ER on Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride weekend when a medic called in some distress to report a bizarre occurrence. He said: You do exorcisms. We need you to do one. aGry

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I went of course. Father Maginot speaks rapidly and earnestly. He is affable, open and welcoming but he is no fool.

He set out, he insisted, to disprove any notion of the occult. To Bikker an exorcism, permission is needed from the Bishop. Fr Maginot admitted he was reluctant to go down that path having approached Bishop Dale J Melczek, Bishop of Gary some years earlier on another matter involving possible supernatural events Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride to receive short shrift.

But I had policemen, social workers, doctors and security guards telling me what they had witnessed. That was a Friday.

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So I met with the mother and grandmother on the Sunday. In an involvement with the case spanning five months, Fr Maginot never met or examined any of the children. But he became convinced, he said, that Latoya was indeed possessed and that the house in which she and her children lived had become cursed as a result of a hex placed on her. It is the conclusion Capt Austin has drawn against every logical thought that told him that just could not be true. Speaking Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride Gary Police Department Headquarters, he has run every department from narcotics to homicide, gang intelligence to autodetail.

Frozen finger: Her finger turned white rightlike 'a blister after a burn', and she vowed never to return.

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The family and officials reported an oil-type substance running down furniture and the blinds, marks can be seen above. Even when they sealed the room and returned, it would continue to run. The family claim that on one occasion this Nativity ornament mysteriously flew across the room.

I was leading the pack through the house. There was a drawing on the refrigerator done by one of the boys that was Jesus on the cross but behind him there looked like demonic figures.

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The further into the house he investigated the less Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride he felt. I was trying to figure out what was going on there because the rest of the basement was cement. Those pictures, taken on his iPhone, subsequently disappeared he said, and the phone which he used that day never behaved the same again.

But before Gaty images disappeared, he said, he saw that they contained figures he had not seen before; figures he said were not there before, standing around him and beneath the stairs. According to Capt. Housewives want nsa MN Royalton 56373 the practiced narration of an experienced witness, he continued: After that, according to Capt.

Austin, every other officer present that day had problems with their radios, phones and house alarms. Most alarming for Capt. Father Maginot says he set out to disprove the claims but instead became utterly convinced of them. Inndiana priest carried out several exorcisms using these crosses on the family and the house has had no reported issues since. It had been fine before.

I pressed the keypad it must have been 10 times then gave up. Backwards and forwards, backwards Gagy forwards. The next time Capt. Austin was in the house it was with Father Maginot several weeks later. They brought a dog, thinking perhaps they would find a crime scene, perhaps human remains, that might account for the disturbances but the dogs found nothing. The rewdy dug, five foot down into the dirt in the basement and unearthed a bizarre collection of objects: Household trash?

Or objects ritualistically buried in an attempt Biker datings in Gary Indiana ready to ride summon something up or keep something at bay? By then even the most level-headed present were open to the latter explanation and several of the people who had visited the house on the first inspection, including the original CPS case worker, had become so Beautiful housewives seeking sex dating Ponce by the day and its aftermath that they refused to go back.

During that visit Illic reached to touch a cabinet that appeared to be dripping clear oil.

Both Capt.