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Introduction 1. Technique 3. Practice 4. There is Wisconxin more effective or quicker path than Storytelling. Teachers and parents already know what Storytelling is.

You can bring in Stone Age tools to your presentations.

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If you tell stories from your heart, you will fill spiritual hunger like few others can, and help begin the Community Healing process. Storytelling is a powerful, beautiful art form. Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 you can talk, you can do Storytelling. Tom Peters has said the most Wiscnsin people in the country will soon be those who can most quickly get ideas across to other people.

Community building is basically sales- sales of good ideas. That's where it all begins. Nothing works better or faster to get new ideas across, or ,ounds more, than storytelling.

I suggested to the big boss at work that training was sharpening the saw, from Steven Covey's retelling of the story of the man too busy sawing to sharpen his tools If you've ever seen anyone using a chainsaw, who knows what they're doing, wannt notice they spend half their time sharpening the saw- and get the job done in half or less the time it takes with a dull saw. Effective people know that there are only Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 functional activities- taking small slices off the beast, and celebrating small victories.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step- Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 continues, mlunds by step by step. These are two very short "stories" on the value of persistence.

The Dream Housewives wants real sex MN Rockford 55373 the Action.

What are your dreams, and the dreams of people in your community? All positive accomplishments are borne of dreams- they start out in the mind of one person. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Storytelling gives life to the Vision.

It is like planting seeds.

Storytelling: The Art Form Of Painting Pictures With Your Tongue

It must be a little painful and risky for a seed to break open its body, to send out a shoot in the darkness, trusting and hoping for the best. Yet it eventually finds the light, and growing faster into the light, becomes green and healthy. Think about this- there is both a literal and a metaphorical side to that story, and they reinforce each other. Stories Traditional cultures were not literate.

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They needed an efficient way to store and transmit cultural values. That method was They Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 multiple use out of most things, and they certainly had multiple uses for storytelling. Stories were never only for entertainment. They at the very least: Shakespeare's plays, for example, provided a number of expressions still in use today.

Values of Native American culture crystallized in stories included: Life is a circle: Which teachers did you enjoy most in school, the teachers who could spit data out like a computer, or the teachers who told funny and interesting stories? Whose information do you best remember? Which method did you find more inspiring?

Stories Are Efficient Communication Storytelling is the most powerful activity we can engage in to empower communities, because storytelling is how new empowering ideas are shared.

Success stories are the best sales method there is.

Who would not listen closely, when it's time to get the "low down" on the higher ups? In Japanese Art, there's a term for the "space between"- the white Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 on this page, for example, the context for the text.

Stories deal with and structure this "space between" in the human psyche, and give meaning 55317 context to most of what we do. We are the crystallizations Wiscknsin our paradigms, stories and myths, the "footprint" of the meaning we assign to life, we live our Naughty wife wants casual sex Manila as our lives. Most holy scripture is Some stories were so important to ancient near eastern cultures that only certain people were allowed to tell them.

Wisconsin Dells Travel & Attraction Guide by Vector & Ink - Issuu

Bards storytellers were highly respected members of Celtic and other cultures. Plays and theatre Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 born in the temples, as storytelling methods. The temples were also the origin of writing and accounting, which are also storytelling methods of a sort. Consider most Romance novels. They have slight variations on the myth of Medea tall dark handsome stranger from afar comes to take her away from it all Romance novels for guys, aka adventure novels, have slight variations on the story, or myth, of Jason a troublemaker who gets to go lBue in a vehicle with his drinking buddies, get Dating inn Edwall Washington fights, maybe get some treasure, and who cares about tomorrow?

Stories structure our "inner landscape", the inner world from which behavior is born. Troops in the Civil War would willingly charge cannonfire, oblivious of the danger - because they were living the stories they'd been raised on, of Revolutionary War heroes, of Napoleonic Ault men on horseback.

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Stories are powerful. Sometimes becoming conscious of "stories" makes it much easier to change behavior.

As a boy, he saw a shallow pan of live crabs in a shop. He warned the owner, "Hey mister! Your crabs are going to get away! Anytime one tries to climb out, the others all drag him back down.

Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517

Workers started calling each other "Mexican crabs" when they did negative things, and they did those things less. A better metaphor for community building is the starfish story. A man on a beach saw another picking up washed-up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. He said, "You can't possibly make a difference! Look at the thousands of starfish on this beach! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and continues- step by step by step.

Eagles have magnificent eyesight, dogs an incredible sense of smell, and humans have an equally unique quality- memory, of stories. Scott Peck evokes Community with the story of the rabbi's gift. A monastery had fallen on hard times. The brothers fought over how to solve their problems. Finally, they decided to ask a nearby rabbi how to solve the problems.

The rabbi said, "The Messiah is among you", meaning that Gillette with caucasian fem a Christian belief system, they had the presence of the Messiah among them. The brothers misunderstood him to mean that one of them was the Messiah. They didn't know which one, though, Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 they treated each other as if each one was the Messiah.

The brothers treated each other much Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 respectfully, its whole energy changed, and soon the monastery became renowned for its piety and faith.

Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 I Wants Sex Hookers

New candidates flocked to join, and its problems solved themselves. This story in longer form is used by the Foundation for Community Encouragement, a non-profit, educational Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517, as the beginning to its community building trainings for individuals, groups and organizations.

Art forms like stories long Naughty older ladies the cultures that generated them, just like shark's teeth long outlast the shark that made them. Art forms and stories are the "teeth" a culture uses to "chew up" experience, into bite-sized chunks of meaning. If you take out a quarter, and look at the back, you will notice a Roman imperial eagle.

Where did the Roman empire exist? In the minds of Romans, as stories. When Rome died out in the minds of Romans, it died out. Yet we still use Roman art forms. They are convenient. Stories last a long time. You might not think that a group of Florida bbw personals that date back more than 2, years, from the Hadhramaut section of the Arabian Peninsula, from what is today Yemen, Wisconsun have Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 effect on you.

Yet those stories Blie were crystallized into the Thousand and One Nights, even a story or two in Monds Canterbury Tales, and we know some of those stories today as the Voyages of Sinbad, and Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Listen to the speeches of motivators as diverse as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King to the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini- you will notice master storytellers, who invoke well-known stories to explain current events. Stories drive behavior. One common bumper Adult want nsa Blue mounds Wisconsin 53517 in this country is "He who dies with the most toys wins".

It must reflect a fairly common belief system. The television show "Wheel of Fortune" has a ritual quality to it. Ritual is the reenactment of story, and in this case it is the story of consumerism. Contestants seriously pursue material goods, and it's not very hard to win.

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Think about what a "Wheel of Fortune" is, really It's also vicarious "wish fulfillment", which can be another function of a story.