Saturday, October 31, 2015

Glamorous & Easy Nightstand Makeover for Maya's Nursery

One of the funnest parts of having a new baby on the way is planning a theme for the nursery. It's something you put lots of thought into as you want it to be absolutely perfect for your new little one. From the organizing to selecting your crib and colors, it can be a bit overwhelming. We have many wonderful ideas to share with you in making the process easier. We hope that you will enjoy some of the homemade projects we made to make Maya's nursery special including her glamorous new nightstand.

After many moves, this is the only heirloom piece I have left from a bedroom collection my wonderful MawMaw passed down to me. I decided that it would make a special addition to sweet Maya's nursery, but that it definitely needed a makeover. The nightstand was structurally sound, it just needed cosmetic repair. If you don't have a nightstand to pass down, check your local Goodwill, Thrift Stores and Yard Sales for one. Ignore the existing knob and paint, as you will be making this piece your very own.

Items You Will Need:
Windex & Paper Towels to prep
Chalk Paint: I found mine locally, but this seems to be the closest to the product I used: Chalk Paint
Paint Brush: Chalk Paint Brushes
Plastic Drop Cloth: Plastic Drop Cloths
Replacement Knob: Hobby Lobby is where I purchased mine. I am on their email list and receive 40% off one item coupons regularly, so I was able to get this item at a discount. Although, usually I grab everything using my Amazon Prime because it's so easy and quick. So, you may want to check on Amazon as well: Drawer Knobs.

Easy Peasy Steps:
#1) Clean and wipe down the night stand with Windex and Paper Towels a few hours prior to painting (or overnight).
#2) Pick the perfect ventilated area and lay your drop cloths out.
#3) Take any drawer knobs out.
#4) This is my FAVORITE part about Chalk Paint. There is no need for primer. Simply pull your drawers out and get to painting. Each type of chalk paint has it's own timing recommendations. Mine only needed 20-30 minutes to dry. Then I did a second coat in a few areas that needed it and I was done.
#5) You can add some distressing by sanding and also add a wax finish -- but, I haven't tried using it yet. I'm looking forward to using it on a future project.
#6) After all your pieces are dried and placed back together, simply screw your new knob into place.

Here is Maya AriElle's glamorous "new" heirloom nightstand all set up in her nursery. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I feel like I was able to add a little piece of myself to the history of this multi-generational item. It brings me joy everytime I see it in her nursery.

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