Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adorable Girl's Pacifier Clips | #savvybaby


We are so excited for our little girl's arrival this October/November. But, so much has changed since my youngest was born over 15 years ago. We have been exploring, researching and stocking the nursery with all the greatest new baby products out there and having so much fun! Back when my son was born, there were barely any choices for pacifier clips. The few we had to choose from were basically made of a super thin ribbon that snapped to the pacifier by a button and had a bulky piece of plastic that covered a clip that left a hole in every outfit. They were really terrible! So, I was thrilled when I found out about Savvybaby's Pacifier Clips.

I immediately fell in love with the adorable fabrics used in the pacifier clips. Not only are they in my favorite colors, but they are reversible! I'm completely obsessed with everything pink and gray, so much so, that it's the colors of the nursery scheme. I just adore these trendy patterns! The fabric is made of high quality cotton and is washable. They add style and flair to every outfit.

The loop is very sturdy and can be used with any style pacifier, teether or toy. In this instance, I used it with our blinged out pacifier. It was incredibly easy to pull the loop through and attach the pacifier. I love mixing patterns and colors, so it was perfect with her cream and leopard print outfit.

My biggest concern was attaching the clasp to the outfit. It was simple enough to do, but would it leave a hole like the clips of the past? Nope, it was very gentle. The clasp is made of nickel-free metal and I'm relieved to know that it does not contain any BPA, Pthalate, Lead or Latex.

Most importantly, I LOVE the fact that these clips keep the babies pacifiers securely attached to her outfits. No more dropping the pacifier or teether on the ground requiring numerous trips to clean it up. If you're ready to keep your little girl's pacifiers, teething rings and toys clipped gently, but securely in place, you can view these adorable pacifier clips on Amazon by clicking here. Shipping is incredibly quick with Amazon Prime arriving in just 1-2 days.

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