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Gorgeous $5 Paparazzi Jewelry at Posh Diva's Boutique

Paparazzi Jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories, Wholesale

This girl LOVES me some glitz. The minute I was introduced to the Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories at Posh Diva's was LOVE at first site. I knew instantly that my wallet was in for a workout. Take a moment and just look at all the beautiful intricate detail work that has gone into these stunning pieces below.

Paparazzi Jewelry, Jewelry Party, Consultant

I HAD to have this gorgeous bling, but I was not looking forward to the huge price tag. Jewelry this beautiful, trendy and on point does not go for cheap. How much would you pay for this set... $300, $220, maybe $160 with a coupon? Are you sitting down? Be prepared for that jaw to drop. That gorgeous set of pink and silver jewelry is only $20! That's $5 per piece!!! Shocked?

Paparazzi Jewelry, Hostess Party, Affordable

Where to Buy

Posh Diva's Boutique offers several ways to shop. My favorite way is through their Online Parties where YOU earn FREE jewelry just for being a Hostess. It's SO EASY. Posh Diva's Boutique creates the event online and sends you an invite. Then all you have to do is rally up your girlfriends for an hour of live shopping and giveaways! Here you will find lots of exclusive jewelry not available on the websites and hand picked pieces sure to please everyone's sense of style. (Tip: The key to earning tons of free jewelry is to invite as many friends as possible - then ask them to invite their friends and so on. Then post reminders often on your social media to remind them of your awesome upcoming event).

If you would like to book a FREE party and earn FREE gorgeous bling, simply send a message to Posh Diva's Boutique. Tell them Pinterest Fanatic sent you and receive a free piece of jewelry just for booking your party! Interested in seeing those exclusive items for sale? Simply click on "Photos," then "Albums" at the same link I provided to send a message and you will find all their available jewelry and accessories listed by category. See something you love? Simply type sold as a comment and once you're done looking through all their beautiful bling - shoot them a quick message with your email address and they'll send you an invoice. (You can also email them anytime at: bellafundraisers at gmail dot com).

You can also shop 24/7 365 days a year at: Posh Diva's Boutique on Paparazzi Accessories. Here you will find trendy accessories that are all affordable as EVERYTHING here is still only $5! Choose from earrings, bracelets, headbands, hippie headbands, lanyards, rings and necklaces! Plus, almost every necklace includes a matching pair of earrings all for that same incredible price of $5! They make perfect gifts for everyone you know and for every Holiday. Finally brides can purchase gorgeous jewelry that actually fits their budget. Just imagine how inexpensive all the jewelry for the bridal party would be! Plus, those hair clips and headbands are simply perfect for the flower girl.

Work from Home, Paparazzi Consultant

The Posh Divas Team has openings for motivated individuals who have always dreamed of selling gorgeous jewelry from the comfort of their own home while working their own hours and being their own boss. Consultant Kits start at $99 and come with $175 worth of jewelry and everything you need to get started. They literally pay for themselves and provide you with the inventory to start making that dream come true. Contact The Posh Divas Team with any questions you may have first or jump on in and join the team by signing up here: Posh Diva's Boutique on Paparazzi Accessories. Then click "join the team" (Make certain you sign up under Consultant #31910).

Here are the steps for enrolling as a Consultant

Step One: Go to It should look similar to this and you simply click "join the team":

Step Two: Click on "Learn how to begin as a consultant"

Step Three: Click on "Become a consultant now"

Step Four: VERY IMPORTANT... Please make certain the top of this form lists your sponsor as: Harrington, LR (31910). If it does, move forward with completing the enrollment.

Step Five: Continue scrolling down to complete your enrollment application. You will need to choose your Starter Kit at this point: $99, $299 or $499. You will continue answering the questions until your enrollment application is complete and submitted. Once enrolled, please contact Posh Divas to be added to their Facebook group and team up to help one another. I know that they will be absolutely thrilled to have you as a Posh Diva because I have THE most wonderful readers!!!

To sum up my Paparazzi Jewelry experience... I am in LOVE. The images are great, but the pieces look even more amazing in person. I have received SO many compliments on them and have even signed up to be a Consultant on the Posh Diva's Team. It's crazy how this jewelry basically sells itself. You can't beat the price and the quality is amazing! It's exciting being a Paparazzi Diva and truly so much fun. I am meeting tons of new people and absolutely loving the parties. I hope that you will prayerfully consider all of these fabulous opportunities available through Paparazzi Accessories. Whether it be buying a piece or two from Posh Diva's Boutique, Hosting your own glitz party online or Joining the Posh Diva's Team... I have a feeling that you will fall in love with it as much as I have! If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. Blessings dear friends! xo

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  1. My daughter would love to have a pink ring like that. She loves the posh extravagant jewelry. The big pink stone in the middle is definitely in her style.