Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hi Sweet Friends ::: Brain Surgery Benefit Raffle Ends 8/10

Hello My Sweet Friends! Oh, how I have missed you! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments, your prayers and for welcoming my guest bloggers... your words of encouragement have meant so much to me!!! Also thank you to whomever arranged for the words of encouragement from Mommy Blogs! All the comments have made me feel so loved by my fellow blogging community. I wish I were here to say that I'm healed and back for good. Unfortunately, we're not there yet. One day I know the Good Lord will let it happen and I've already renewed Pinterest Fanatic because I know that I will be back dear ones.

For those not familiar, I have a serious neurological disorder known as Chiari Malformation. This means part of my brain is herniated into my spinal canal and is compressing my brain stem and spinal cord. This also interferes with the normal flow of cerebral spinal fluid. There is no cure and the only chance for regaining some quality of life and preventing further damage to the central nervous system is through a brain surgery known as Posterior Fossa Decompression Surgery. This condition causes unbearable pain throughout my neck, debilitating headaches and many other terrible and severe symptoms. I was recently told I have a Retroflexed Odontoid. This means my poor little brain stem is being compressed from the opposite side as well by my top vertebrae (also known as Basilar Invagination). This has caused Cranial Settling and Craniocervical Instability in my neck. I've suffered for over 2 years from the most excruciating and horrid pain one could ever imagine. I'm beyond ready for relief.

There are only 2 Specialists in the U.S. who can help me. Neither are covered by my insurance and both require traveling and lodging out of state. My sweet fellow blogging community is helping me promote a raffle to raise funds. Tickets are being sold for only $2 each with price breaks as follows:
1 for $2
3 for $5
7 for $10
16 for $20
50 for $50
If you would like to purchase a ticket, simply go to and send payment "as a friend" (since this is a donation and is non profit) to: I will reply with your raffle #'s as soon as possible. Here's the incredible lot of prizes you could win valued at over $405 Retail Cost.