Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Nail Polish

I have the sweetest friends and they have provided guests posts just for you while I am away. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. Please keep them coming sweet friends!!! Please show some love to my wonderful guests and have a beautiful blessed day. God is so good!!! xo

~*~ Pinterest Fanatic is excited to welcome the lovely Dawn, from With a Side of Thriftiness for a special Pinterest series ~*~

I'm starting to get excited for Valentine's Day! Are you? I love my holidays and I feel that they are worth going all out for, without breaking the bank of course! I recently found a STEAL of a DEAL at my local CVS (I found Revlon Nail Polish marked at a 75% off Clearance!! And, I had several $0.50 coupons for any Revlon nail products, making each bottle about $0.75!) and now have a variety of nail polish colors! There are many variety of reds and pinks, even white too, in my new stash of Nail Polish shades. When it comes to Valentine's Day, I try to "doll" myself up a bit for my hubby. And, wanted to decorate my fingertips for the up and coming holiday... Pinterest, here I come! There is a PIN for everything isn't there? There has to be a pin for nail decor, right?

Right! There are tons of pins regarding nail art. Here is the one that I'll be tackling:

Board: Valentine's Day
Pin: 73890849733755752

I decided up on a sparkly red nail polish with a light pink heart painted to my left fourth finger... as they say, it's connected right to the heart (hence why wedding rings are worn on this finger)! Please do not mind the low quality of picture. Yes, Santa did not bring me a new camera *sigh* But, I do hope you can at least see my attempt in completing this PIN:

I am not a "nail artist" by any means. But, you can see that it turned out pretty good! And, my Husband took note! Do you "doll-up" for Valentine's Day? I would love to hear any thrifty tips you have!

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