Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pig Skins Recipe - Yum!

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 I'm always looking for new party foods to try.  And, Who doesn't love Potato Skins??  Pinterest had many ideas for potato skins.  The most interesting is noted below, a Rachel Ray recipe.  I had seen an episode of the Rachel Ray show where she included bacon to her potato skins and re-titled them "PigSkins." This is something that I could totally do, too!  I wanted to do my own spin on potato skins just for the Super Bowl. And, the guys would LOVE it!  After all, who doesn't like a touch of bacon to whatever they are eating?  Check out the yummy potato skin recipe I found on Pinterest and also my own spin on the recipe!

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Those who know me, know that I DO NOT like onions!!  I do like the flavor they give, but there's just something about the texture. I did add a bit of onion powder just so that I would get the flavor.  And, being thrifty me... I was able to be paid to take bacon out of my local grocery store!  They had Butterball Turkey bacon on sale for $1.00 each and I $0.75 coupons off of one butterball product.  My grocery store doubles coupons.  So I saved $1.50 on each package.  My grocery store does not actually pay you overage, but they do allow the overage to be applied to your other purchases.  Yay for a very thrifty Super Bowl appetizer!!  

In my version of the PIG SKIN, I wrapped bacon around the potato prior to baking the pre-cooked potato.  I know that turkey bacon is not the same as pork bacon, but to be quite honest it tastes pretty darn close.  The texture is just different.  And, the bacon just doesn't get as brown (especially in the oven!).  Want to make some PIGSKINS of your own?  Here's what you'll need:
PotatoesBaconCheddar Cheese (shredded)ButterPepper

I washed and then poked small holes in all of the potatoes I was preparing.  I put two potatoes in a ziploc bag (unzipped).  I microwaved them all for 5 minutes.  While they were in the microwave I lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.  When the potatoes were done in the microwave, I let them set for a while until I could handle them without getting burned.   I sliced each in half and scooped out a bit of the center and mixed all the centers with some butter and pepper to for a sort of lumpy mashed potato.  I buttered lightly the skins of each potato so that they will get crisp when baked.  After I buttered the bottoms, I then scooped the mixture back into each "potato skin." Sprinkle each with the shredded cheddar cheese for some yummy- ness!  Lastly, wrap each potato with a slice of turkey bacon, some even got two!  And, bake them at 350* for 25minutes.  The bacon should be done, get the pan out to check.  If  you want your bacon crispier, bake as long as you need to.  But, keep an eye on them, you don't want them to burn!  These were a hit at our Super Bowl Party and are sure to be a hit for you, too!  


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