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Paper Punch Heart Garland

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Christmas is my favorite holiday.  My house is filled with seasonal decor.  Not only does Christmas decorations add to the festiveness of the holiday, but they are just simply beautiful. To be honest, I was sad to see all my Christmas decorations taken down and put away until next year.  I got to thinking... Creative Valentine's decor was needed to boost my spirits. And, Pinterest is sure to have some sort of Valentines Day decorations.  There just has to be a PIN or two awaiting me.  And, there was!   I found this adorable Paper Punch Heart Garland to create for our mantle.

Board:  Valentine's Day
Pin:  7839084973364959

Me being the Thrifty HouseWife that I am, I wanted to create this for little to no money. I already had thread and a needle at the house!  I picked up some paint swatches at a local store (red and pink varieties)... FREE of course!  It would be quicker to have bought the Heart shaped paper punch for scrapbooking, but I was not willing to spend money.  So, I made a template and cut them out individually. It was quicker than I had thought to make the garland, the trickiest part was to keep it from tangling as I hung it on the mantle.

The Supplies.  I took all the paint swatches and cut them up so that I had material for individual hearts for the garland.  Each swatch was cut into threes as there were thee colors on each.  I also had a heart shaped chocolate to use for the shape (I had to find something heart shaped that would fit each strip of color from the paint swatches);  I also had a marker to trace the chocolate.  And, a needle and some thread!  OH, and I cant forget the scissors that was used to not only cut the paint swatches but also cut out all the individual hearts!

After the template was made, I traced it onto all the color strips.

Next, They had to be cut out.  Luckily, I could stack three strips to cut.  This decreased the time needed for cutting!!

Before I began to "sew"my garland, I really had my doubts.  How would a needle penetrate the thickness of paper used for the paint swatches.  I had thought that I could possible have to make a slit with the scissors prior to sewing.  But, to my surprise, it was easier than i thought.  As long as I had pressure from my fingers on both the front and back of each heart the needle went through with ease!  Just be careful, there is risk of sticking your fingers! But once you get going, you will get the hang of it and it will be a cinch!   Be sure to "knot" the ends before hanging.  You don't want hearts to fall off!

The trickiest of this entire project was keeping the garland of hearts from tangling prior to and during the process of hanging it on the mantle!  Just take your time and don't get stressed!  My garland tangled a few times.  But, with patience, the end result was so worth it.  Check it out:

Simply, darling...

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