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A Day in the Life of Sweet Silly Sara

I have the sweetest friends and they have provided guests posts just for you while I am away. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. Please keep them coming sweet friends!!! Please show some love to my wonderful guests and have a beautiful blessed day. God is so good!!! xo

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Hi! My name is Sara and I write the Sweet Silly Sara blog. Belinda is a dear friend of mine and I offered to share a guest post with her readers during this difficult time in her life and Belinda flattered me by telling me that her favorite posts on my blog are the personal stories about my son she asked me to share a post with  you about a day in my life with my little boy, who is turning 3 in a few months.

My son is a true blessing. Every day with this little blond babe is a gift to be cherished. The sun rises and sets upon the handsome face of my son. His laughter is pure bliss. To see his smile is like hitting the lottery. Now that we have established my undying devotion and admiration of my son, lets get serious and talk about a day in the life of a 2 year old.

My son wakes up early. He must, as it is his duty to wake up the sun. At 4 something in the morning I do not feel cheerful. In the morning, I am in denial... There is no way he is awake this early... That is short lived and I realize, yes in fact he is up this early and he is doing a Dancey-Dance in the kitchen and is ready for breakfast.

By the time my husband wakes up for work at 6:30 I am ready to drop. We have already been playing cars, jumping up and down, we have had our morning fix of Mickey Mouse Crackhouse... I mean Clubhouse. Mickey Mouse is an addiction, much like crack I guess. My son needs Mickey Mouse. From toys, to clothing, to watch the show and reading the books we must get that Mickey Mouse fix periodically through out the day.
By 8, we have annoyed the pets with too much attention, we have observed the school bus picking up the children in the neighborhood. We have read a few stories.
By 10 am, Mama is drinking a red-bull, waiting on those wings to kick in. My son, has transformed from the early riser into the tornado. Toys, books, and  random household items hover in the air around him. He enters a room and things just fly off of shelves in his presence. 
By noon, you can barely make it safely through the path of destruction that results when this little angel is around. Of course, it never fails that as there are toys, books, dried banana chips and clothing strewn about, giving the illusion that I must never clean my house, a neighbor or a random sales or delivery person will stop by and give me that look. You know the look, the smug look that says What a mess lady.
By 2 the tornado is now the dare devil. He wants to climb up to the dining room table, which is a pub style table that is maybe 4 feet high and leap off into Mama's arms. Mama takes deep breaths to calm her nerves and reminds the Dare Devil that we do not jump off of the table, we do not sit on the table, we do not run in place on the table.
By 2:30 the dining room chairs are moved into another room. What else can you do?
By 3 the dogs and cat have hidden in a bedroom with the door closed and locked. You can hear them sigh in relief after a good 20 minutes of constant kissing from the kid. By this time, I give in and allow the Mickey Mouse fix. I enjoy 23 minutes to clean, start prep for dinner and just breathe for a minute.
By 5:30 we begin our bed time rituals. We hear a story and plan the next day, my son drifts away to a blissful sleep, while I reflect the day and I say a prayer of gratitude. Not only did we make it through the day with minimal catastrophe, but we have the chance to do it again tomorrow.
Being a stay at home Mom is a challenge. Toddlers are a lot of work, they keep you busy. They try your patience, they can chip away at your sanity. The job of being a full time Mama is often times thankless, it is lonely, days are longer and busier than you ever thought possible. There is no monetary payment in exchange for your services. Despite the challenges and obstacles that I face everyday, I find my job rewarding. To see my son, with a goofy grin or to hear his laughter, or to have him crawl in my lap and say "Happy! Happy! Mama, happy!" is like being paid one hundred times what I am worth. To spend my days loving, playing, and watching my son grow make all of these moments worthwhile.
Thanks for reading about a day in the life of Sweet Silly Sara and her Sweet Silly Son.

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  1. I have you and your family in my prayers Dear Belinda always. I am delighted to have posts from Sara while you are away. Hi Sara. You are an angel. Thank you for your kindness and love for such a wonderful person as Belinda. May God touch you all with His warmth and love =D