Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tell Your Story with Cutey Charm Bracelets

Cutey is your source for quality bracelets that can be customized, added to and changed to tell the story of your life or simply to match that adorable outfit for the day. These affordable bracelets come in a variety of styles that already include charms and beautiful beads. Each bracelet comes with the authentic "cutey" bead and includes a "stopper" that keeps your charms in position. You can simply turn the bead several times to move it over the stopper should you wish to add more beads. The clasp is easy to open, yet works perfectly to keep your bracelet secure on your wrist.

I received two beautiful charm bracelets from Cutey, the Aether and Typhon. Both of these bracelets include star charms and the authentic cutey bead. Aether is perfect for those of us girls who can't get enough pink. In addition to stars and pink beads, there is an adorable little duck. It would be so sweet to give to any new Mother or Mother to be. Typhon is brightly colored and fun as it features turquoise, yellow and pink beads along with a purse and star beads. I really love these affordable bracelets. At only around $20 each, they are truly an excellent value.

I always thought charm bracelets were so neat. I love that I can remove and add beads to make them my own and share my story. These bracelets are compatible with many of the charms on the market such as the ones shown below that I found on Amazon. (You may click on any of these to see their source). These are just a few that would tell my story... My love for my family, my favorite verse from the bible "Faith, Hope and Love," Chiari Malformation Awareness and an adorable kitty! What charms would tell your story?

Cutey features over 20 gorgeous charm bracelets just perfect for starting your charm collection and telling your story. I am madly in love with my charm bracelets and I especially love that I can customize it and change the beads to match my outfit. I can't wait to add to my charm collection and I just know you or your loved one would love to do the same. You can find these and all the other adorable bracelets available at Cutey Bracelets.

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