Thursday, December 13, 2012

Toddler Fun with WOW Toys

WOW is obsessed with creating super cute, super tough toys that your little ones will love! Plus, there's no batteries required. Their toy designers are passionate about making tots play time magical. WOW uses high grade materials that are very strong to create toys that are durable and do not break. There are also no small parts to worry about making WOW toys perfect for toddlers.

WOW's Jurassic Jimmy is a friction-powered stone-age car and trailer designed for children ages 18 months - 5 years. Join Stig the Caveman, Tricksy the Blue Dino and and Bronty the Purple Dino for some prehistoric fun.

This toy provides many wonderful developmental benefits. For those 18 months and older it provides sensory stimulation and motor skill development as it assists in developing fine & gross motor skills along with hand-eye co-ordination. 2 year olds will discover, learn and master all the challenging features. For those 2 1/2+ this becomes the perfect interactive play toy for social interaction with caregivers, friends and siblings. By age 3, this toy will help in role-play and exploration as it ignites the imagination. I just love how this toy grows with the child engaging all their senses and stimulating creativity.

I so delight in seeing my little 3 year old nephew happy and he was all smiles when Jurassic Jimmy arrived. I loved that once all 7 pieces were removed from the box, there were no batteries needed or assembly - this set was ready for play time. My nephew figured out how to send Jimmy flying in no time. He loves this friction-powered car! The pop-open dinosaur egg was a big hit. We played peek-a-boo with Tricksy the blue dino, then did the same with Bronty the purple dino. He loved that all the figurines could ride together as he pulled the trailer with Jimmy. They zoomed all around the living room and kitchen as he made "vroom" noises.

I am so impressed with Jurassic Jimmy. I love that all 7 pieces are constructed of durable, high quality materials with safety in mind. I asked my sweet nephew what he thinks of Jimmy and he said, "vroom fun!" You are certain to find quality and fun toys for the little one in your life at WOW Toys and I highly recommend them.

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