Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Orb Factory for Fun Activities and Crafts!

The Orb Factory is your source for activities and crafts that allow your children to show off their creative talents as they make beautiful and useful toys, stickers, pillows and so much more! These easy to use products promote hand-and-eye coordination as well as number and pattern recognition providing your child with a valuable learning experience as they have fun! Their large selection of kits are mess free, high quality and are designed to stimulate a child’s mind, promote creativity and provide a rewarding experience.

SparkleUps® Owls provide children over 5 years of age with 8 adorable reusable stickers including flowers and owls that you decorate with over 550 jewels. Each sticker provides a guide to applying your jewels so you know exactly where to apply each color to create your sparkling owls. You can then stick your creations on binders, water bottles, mirrors, lockers anywhere you want to add some owl bling.

Sticky Mosaics® Curse of the Treasure Chest will have your child over 4 years of age creating their very own pirate room decor. This fun kit includes a chest, jewels, a flipmotion surprise inside and a short story book. The chest is numbered so your child will know exactly where to apply the grey, black, green and yellow jewels. Your child will feel so accomplished after creating their very own functional treasure chest.

I love activities that we can enjoy as a family and The Orb Factory offers a ton of projects just perfect for spending time together creating something your child will love. My kids and I cleared off the table and sat down together to create the Owls and Treasure Chest. My son and I were thrilled with the size of the chest. It not only stores a ton of items, it has two different storage levels with a removable tray plus the large flipmotion surprise at the bottom. The chest is a thick durable material finished with a really nice gloss. It even has a metal bracket to keep your treasure chest securely closed. My daughter fell in love with her sparkling owls and had a fabulous time creating them. I was happy she shared and let me create one with them. Both items provided very clear and easy guides for applying the jewels. My son loved the added touch of the pirate jewels on his treasure chest. Once completed my daughter placed her owls on one of her notebooks for school. She loves that they are removable so she can place them elsewhere once she has used up the notebook. They both enjoyed their kits from The Orb Factory and would definitely recommend them to other children. I had a great time watching them make their creations and was so glad that they loved them. You can find these and all the other fabulous activities and crafts available at The Orb Factory.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I love toys that are fun and also teach them. I would enjoy doing this with the kids. Might have to get one of these for the girls for Christmas

  2. michelle gilliland mcafee12/16/2012 1:07 AM

    These look very educational. My nephew would love the treasure chest. Thanks for the great review. I love to find out about new products.

  3. both kits look like they would be a lot of fun. I have not met a kid yet that doesn't like crafts!

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  4. Love the owl bling. How cute!!

  5. These look like a lot of fun. As the awesome aunt of four even more awesome girls, I am always looking for fun new crafty ideas!

  6. I like this site, great games that make you think

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  7. I love stuff from the Orb Factory! I recently got my daughter a little purse that she was able to decorate with jewels. It was so cute. The owl seems like something she would enjoy too!

  8. What a great review! My son would love these!

  9. i love that these are educational!

  10. These kits look very fun. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!