Monday, December 3, 2012

R & R Games for Family Fun this Holiday!

R & R Games is home to the best family and party games around. They produce high-quality, new and innovative games providing a fun time for kids and adults of all ages. With a multitude of award-winning titles they have established themselves as a recognized leader in the gaming industry. As a family who loves to spend quality time together having fun, we were thrilled to play three of R & R Games titles including Pluckin' Pairs, Pig Pile and Ticked Off and share our experience with you.

Pluckin' Pairs tests your power of prediction as points are gained by matching the most other players with the same pairs. This game is designed for those ages 12 and up and accommodates 3 - 8 players. It includes a score pad with a ton of pages that are printed on both sides, 150 full color picture cards, an hourglass timer, a draw/discard card and pencils. All of the contents are designed with quality in mind and are sure to provide years of fun.

We had the best time playing Pluckin' Pairs!!! The instructions are simple and easy. You lay out 11 photo cards and match them up on your score sheet. For instance, I matched up a stop sign and red light. When I announced my pairs, both my son and daughter chose this combination too, so we each scored a point. Then we continued announcing each of our pairs going clockwise and then scored our "bad apple" card - the unmatched 11th card. This is the perfect game to play as a family or a party game. We can't wait to pull it out on Christmas Eve when all of our family comes over. It's really easy to play, but takes some skill because you do have to predict what everyone else will do. We find it to be a ton of fun and would definitely recommend it.

Ticked OFF! is the game that gives you the opportunity to impress your friends with your vast knowledge. It is designed for those over the age of 13 and accommodates 3-10 players. It includes 20 pawns, a pad of paper, 10 pencils, a game board, 168 category cards, an electronic Ticked Off timer and a delightful set of rules. Something that I love about this game and Pluckin' Pairs is that it provides a Discard/Draw Card which marks where you started in the box of playing cards. It's a really great bonus! All of the items included in this game are durable and high quality. I am very impressed with the contents.

Ticked OFF! is a lot of fun especially for the brainiacs out there as it takes trivia to a whole new level. You start by pulling a category such as "Books of the Old Testament in the Bible." Then everyone determines how many books they believe they can guess by taking turns placing their pawn on the bidding wheel. Next a Mystery Category comes into play, the electronic timer (which comes ready to use) begins and everyone writes down as many answers as they can. Unique answers are worth the most and each answer above the bid is worth extra points. Rather than becoming ticked off, are family had a terrific time playing this game. In fact, we found ourselves laughing and smiling at some of the hilarious answers that came out. We think your family will love this one just as much as we do!

Pig Pile is a hog wild card game. This game provides an opportunity for the younger kids to join in on the fun as it is designed for ages 7 and up. It accommodates 3 - 6 players and has an adorable piggy theme. The contents are well made and include 80 playing cards and 40 tiny cute pigs. The player with the largest of pile of pigs at the end is declared the winner.

My daughter and I swooned over all the little piggies and my son thought the pig artwork on each card was a hoot! We really loved how this game can continue round after round until all the little piggies had a home. Once you complete the card playing version of the game, the first player with no cards takes three little piggies, the next player with no cards receives two and everyone else except for the person left with the most cards receives one pig. This continues round after round until all the little piggies have been claimed and the ultimate winner is the player with the most little piggies! This game is really easy to learn and we genuinely enjoyed racing to see who would end up with the most pigs.

There is simply nothing better than spending quality time as a family. R & R Games is your source for games that provide countless hours of family fun and entertainment. Parents, this Christmas turn to R & R Games and create memories your children will cherish of the time spent together having a great time with you!

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