Wednesday, December 5, 2012

POOF - Slinky | Hottest Toys this Holiday Season!

POOF - Slinky brand of families include Ideal, Scientific Explorer, POOF and of course Slinky! These are brands that I remember looking forward to receiving as a child each Christmas growing up and now I enjoy giving these same brands to my own children at Christmas. A lot has changed since I was a child receiving my very first slinky and POOF ball. The lines have grown and expanded so much and I am so excited to share our experience with some of their newest and hottest toys for this Holiday Season.

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Special Effects Make Up Kit provides everything you need to create and learn the science behind how movie makeup artists make special effects. I thought that my son would be the first to make scabby cuts and oozing blisters, but my daughter was the first to dive in. She started with creating fake blood as she wanted to scare her brother. The instructions are very easy to understand and within minutes my daughter had her very own fake blood. As the worrisome one in the family, I was concerned about this bright red mixture staining everything. Turns out, it rinses easily away with water. My daughter had a blast and unfortunately, her brother didn't fall for it - but they both had a great laugh. We still have several more experiments to make as the kit comes with plenty of supplies. I really love how involved the kids become in measuring, making observations and truly learning real science. It's a fabulous kit for hanging out as a family and just having fun together experimenting and creating.

We became wizards for the day and enjoyed Scientific Explorer's Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit together as a family. This kit teaches you the science behind magic as you create 10 magical activities. My kids thought it was so cool that this terrific kit included test tubes and really made them feel like little scientists. My daughter loved making the crystal balls in a test tube and my son's favorite activity is making the glowing bubbling potions. The instructions were very easy to follow and we were creating magic in no time. I love toys that are also educational and provide my kids with a fun way to learn. This kit is great for hands on science and we would definitely recommend it.

The kids are having the best time playing head to head with Ideal's Electronic Super Slam Basketball Game. This exciting table top game is set up just like the ones you find in an arcade. You can play by yourself against the clock or you can play against one other person. It is timed using an electronic timer and keeps track of your score on a digital scoreboard. We found the assembly to be quick and really simple. Just a few items to snap into place, 3 batteries to install and you are ready to play! Each fast paced game involves using the springboard to send your basketballs towards the hoop. The first 45 seconds of game play are worth 2 points then 3 pointers only for the last 15 seconds. The whole family has gotten in on the action and each of us has won a few matches. I love seeing the kids and my hubby enjoying a fun game together, cheering one another on and just having a terrific time. I truly feel it's a quality game certain to bring many smiles and enjoyment to those who play.

Then there's the original, classic Slinky! Just like the one I received so many years ago. I only had one step in my house back then and that didn't stop me from creating stairs for my Slinky. I'd start with taking all the cushions off the sofa and let the Slinky crawl down the stairs I created. Then I'd go to the kitchen table and stack phone books to create stairs... I LOVED my Slinky!!! Slinky is still the same fun toy today as it was yesterday. My children have a full flight of stairs to play with and boy do they feel accomplished when that Slinky walks right down every one. Whether you have one step, 12 steps or make your own steps, Slinky makes the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer this Holiday Season.

You can find these and all the other fabulous toys by Ideal, Slinky, POOF and Scientific Explorer at POOF-Slinky.

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