Friday, December 21, 2012

La Bella Box for Boutique Goodies

I am a huge fan of monthly subscription boxes that are a great value and provide you with a fun surprise assortment of goodies. I recently received the December La Bella Box. I really loved the Holiday theme and the adorable packaging. It arrived in the cute kraft box above decorated with a white emblem. Lifting the silver tissue paper revealed 4 fun boutique goodies from entrepreneurs across the U.S.

    I thought the assortment was terrific as it includes:
  • Handmade Gourmet Marshmallows from Kitty Lee Thomas Sweets
  • Dark Chocolate Cake in a Jar from My Momma's Kitchen
  • Candy Cane Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Bella Rose Chocolates
  • Reversible, eco-chic beverage wrap from Joe Jacket

This month's sampler is a chocolate lovers dream, plus I just love the Joe Jacket. It's not only adorable and helps to add your personal style to your favorite beverage, it makes the perfect insulator keeping your hot beverage warm. Plus, it keeps that hot beverage comfortable to hold. It's stylish, eco-chic and well made. I love that it's adjustable and reversible.

The Handmade Gourmet Marshmallows from Kitty Lee Thomas Sweets are almost too pretty to eat. I wish I had some graham crackers as I can only imagine the delightful s'mores this treat would make. My kids loved the fluffy texture and the delicious pairing of chocolate.

I love cake and as a Pinterest Fanatic I have seen several recipes for cake in a jar that I've been dying to make. So I was thrilled to see the Dark Chocolate Cake in a Jar courtesy of My Momma's Kitchen. This decadent dessert is rich and moist bringing pure delight and the chocolate fudge frosting adds the perfect touch to this unique cake. I love that there is no slicing required and that you simply grab a spoon and dig in!

My son went crazy for the Candy Cane Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Bella Rose Chocolates. This unique treat is meant to be dissolved in warm milk making the perfect Hot Cocoa. However, my son couldn't wait and began nibbling on the stick. Before he had devoured it all, I warmed the milk and melted the chocolate into it. He really enjoyed it both by itself and as the perfect hot cocoa.

I would highly recommend La Bella Box for yourself or gifting a subscription to a friend or loved one. I feel it is a great value and I love that it gives you the opportunity to try goods from small businesses that you otherwise might not know about. It's so much fun to see what arrives and I believe you will be just as happy as I was to discover La Bella Box. You can find out more details or subscribe on the La Bella Box website.

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