Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kandle II Makes a Wonderful Gift for e-Readers!

There is something very relaxing and peaceful about reading. It's a great way to escape the world and find yourself enthralled in a story. My daughter loves to read more than anyone I know. My husband bought her a Kindle e-reader which she has enjoyed reading all of her books from. She prefers to read in very dim light which I feel is not good for her eyes and it does make it hard for her to see the text on her Kindle. Being a huge fan of Ozeri products from their frying pans to their pepper grinders, the minute I heard they had a reading light designed for the Kindle (and other popular e-readers), I knew it would be perfect for my daughter.

My daughter was thrilled with her new helpful device to enhance her e-reader experience. It is very compact and comes with a protective pouch and an extra set of batteries. The Kandle II is very simple to use and clips easily to the top of your Kindle securely. The power button provides two levels of brightness. My daughter prefers the brightest light setting and feels it provides an excellent amount of light. It becomes less intense towards the bottom of the page, but still provides enough light for seeing all her text easily. The Kandle II also has an auto shut off so when you are done reading, you can simply close it to turn the light off. My daughter would definitely recommend the Kandle II for use with the Kindle. As a Mother, I also recommend it as I feel it helps with straining of the eyes and providing the light necessary for proper vision while reading. This would make the perfect gift this Christmas for anyone with an e-reader.

Ozeri is known for their award winning and innovative products and has a long standing reputation for product satisfaction. They can be found in ultra-luxurious resorts, the finest vacation residences around the globe and yet are affordable enough to be found in my own home. This is because instead of investing in costly marketing campaigns, Ozeri relies on word of mouth advertising and passes the savings right along to you! To find out more information on their products, you may visit the Ozeri Website.

The Kandle II by Ozeri is available for purchase on Amazon. You may click on the image below for more information or to proceed with purchasing it for yourself.

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