Sunday, December 16, 2012

Huggable Teddy Bears bring Holiday Smiles

I still remember the very first teddy bear I was given as a gift. It all started with my last day of preschool. A five year old Belinda decided she could fly across the monkey bars just like some of the other kids. I climbed the ladder, grabbed the first bar, the second bar and then *kaboom* - *snap* - I landed on my left side and fractured my elbow. It was a lot of pain to deal with, but I was more saddened that I had to go to the hospital and didn't get to finish the pre-k graduation party. Then the next day I received a sweet teddy bear from my pre-k teacher. It had a little tear sewn beneath it's eye, a band-aid on it's head and a cast on it's arm along with a "Get Well Soon" t-shirt. I remember how hard I smiled when I saw it. It was the first time I had smiled since before I took my fall. My boo-boo bear brightened my day and even stuck with me as a wonderful memory so many years down the road. It is these types of memories the creators behind Huggable Teddy Bears aim to achieve.

At Huggable Teddy Bears, you will find an enormous variety of bears and plush animals to give for any occasion, holiday or simply just because. You can select from such well known brands as Vermont Teddy Bears, Gund, Ganz, Bearington Bears and many more. Once you've selected your special bear, you can choose to send a personalized greeting or even create a custom message on a t-shirt designed specifically to fit your bear! You can also find a variety of outfits to put on your bear such as army camos, a baseball uniform or a poodle skirt. In addition to teddy bears, you can also find a variety of gift items including gift baskets, diaper cakes and balloons. Once you have decided on your gift items, Huggable Teddy Bears sends these out to your loved one and completely brightens their day!

I'm very excited to share my experience with Huggable Teddy Bears with each of you. I was so impressed with the range of brands to choose from. I read each of the descriptions they provided and I decided to go with a Vermont Teddy Bear in Light Blue. Their service was prompt and I received my gorgeous bear very quickly. I thought he was cute on the website, but he is even more adorable in person! I chose not to add any special t-shirts because he is so pretty on his own that I simply wanted to add a large metallic silver ribbon with glitter and turn him into a Winter Wonderland Bear as shown in the photo above. I am SO in love with how adorable he turned out! He is so fluffy and so soft - just perfect for lots of bear hugs! He is made extremely well, in fact each Vermont Teddy Bear is handmade in Vermont and comes with a lifetime guarantee! I am so impressed to know that if he's ever injured, I can send him to the Vermont Teddy Bear's Bear Hospital and the company will repair or replace him for free. Now that's a nice, high end teddy bear!

I've told you how much I love our Huggable Teddy Bear, but I should also mention what my daughter thinks about him being that he is officially her bear. Her face lit up as she pulled him from the box. I watched as the first thing she did was pull him close, hug on him as she swayed back and forth and say, "He is SO SOFT, awwww... I just love him! He is so pretty!!!"

You too can bring joy and delight to someone you care about this Holiday Season or throughout the year thanks to Huggable Teddy Bears.

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