Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guitar Pick Punch for the Musician on Your Christmas List

Pick Punch is your one stop shop for all your guitar pick needs. They carry any and every product you could possibly think of to assist in creating your very own custom guitar picks like a pro. In addition to being your ultimate guitar pick headquarters, they offer tutorials explaining how to use each of their fine products.

My sweet son Easton has dreamed of playing the guitar for years. He is so talented and although he's had no formal training, he can play a melody on just about any instrument he touches. He doesn't know it yet... but I had a talk with Santa and his dream of receiving his first acoustic guitar is coming true this Christmas. So, he hasn't had the chance to make his own guitar picks yet, but when he does... I will make a second post about Pick Punch and let him show them off.

In the meantime, my little sister and her room mates came over and we had a Pick Punch Party which included the standard Pick Punch Kit. This awesome kit includes everything you need to begin creating your very own custom guitar picks. It sells for around $69 and includes all of the following...
  • 1 Pick Punch
  • 1 small sanding block which fits inside the handle of the punch
  • 1 large sanding block for bigger jobs
  • 1 regular color stazon ink pad
  • 1 fantastix combo brush set
  • 1 StazOn ink cleaner
  • 1 GlazOn ink sealer
  • 1/2 sheet 1.00mm blue
  • 1/2 sheet .65mm green delrin
  • 1/2 sheet .50mm yellow delrin
  • 1/2 sheet .50mm clear poly
  • 1/2 sheet .80mm white delrin
  • 1/2 sheet .80mm black delrin
  • 1/2 sheet .80mm poly
  • 1/2 sheet .80mm red delrin
  • 1/4 sheet of .50mm Ultem/Ultex
There are a few different options available for this kit. We used the "Standard 351" for punch, "Black" for the ink and "Dauber style" for the cleaner.

We all had a blast creating our very own guitar picks. Morgan is the cute gal in the glasses above. She kept saying, "This is so awesome" - "I can't believe how easy it is." It really is easy, but just to make certain we were doing everything correctly - we did watch some of the tutorials. We chose a sheet and placed it in the punch, pushed down on the handle and our new pick was born. You can also use credit cards, hotel keys, anything of this consistency can now be turned into a guitar pick. You never have to worry about losing your picks again... you simply make another one.

After we punched our shapes out, we then sanded them and buffed them until they were perfect and smooth. Our buddy Jason used the black ink, the cleaner and a fantastix brush to create the really cool black designs on the clear pick below. Then he sealed it using the GlazOn ink sealer. Here's some of the picks from our first round of creations...

It's actually quite addictive and we could have continued making picks all day! But, we were excited to see our picks in action. We knew they all looked great, but we had to test them out and make sure they played as awesome as they looked.

Morgan's brother Dylan has been playing the guitar for years. He was so happy to see us as he had lost all his picks and hadn't made it out to purchase any more. He said that when he makes his own picks, he traces an outline and uses an exacto knife. He said you have no idea how time consuming and frustrating that can be! So, he put our Pick Punch picks to the test and thought they turned out great and played well. We know they played well, because we had the pleasure of hearing him play with them. Dylan really loved our custom picks and is eager to purchase a Pick Punch of his very own.

We all thoroughly enjoyed creating, playing with and listening to our custom picks made using Pick Punch and would definitely recommend the kit or accessories as the perfect gift for the musician on your Christmas List. To see this and all the products available, please visit Pick Punch.

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  1. I was just reading an issue of Good Housekeeping that featured the pick punch. I thought it was such a cool idea! I don't really know anyone who would get a whole lot of use out of it though. I am sure even crafters would like it though, since they could make rock inspired jewelry with it!