Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goodhew - Sockwell Socks

There is one thing everyone in my family can count on getting for Christmas from our Grandma each year and that's a new pair of socks. Gifting a pair of socks at Christmas time has become a tradition in so many families and they make the perfect gift. But, then comes the question of where to purchase those socks and I have the answer for you! Goodhew/Sockwell offers socks produced on the most modern equipment in the world providing you with some of the finest socks available.

Goodhew/Sockwell supports the revival of the American Textile Industry and crafts all their socks in the USA using homegrown wool and supporting American sheep farmers. They produce therapeutic and performance socks in modern timeless designs using custom yarn architecture. Goodhew offers exceptional quality, performance and design at a fair price in both their single and two pair collections. Their lifestyle socks are packed with technical features typically only found in high-end outdoor and athletic socks. These quality features include welt tops, y-heels, arch supports, cushioning, mesh breather panels, classic link and ultra flat toe closures. Sockwell's therapeutic performance include a seamless, non binding easy fit to protect and pamper your sensitive feet allowing you to feel better in style. They also offer a non-binding true rib top, relaxed fit leg, seam free toe closure and protective, pressure dispersing cushioning.

I love a comfy pair of socks and I will absolutely go out of my way to continue purchasing the same type once I find a brand that I really love. Unfortunately, I have a really difficult time finding socks that feel good on my sensitive, achy feet. After hearing so many wonderful things about Goodhew/Sockwell, I was really looking forward to giving their socks a try. I received three pairs of ladies socks. One pair of their Goodhew Cashmerino Bamboo socks and two pairs of their graduated compression Sockwell Therapeutic socks. I am so in love with the super soft and comfy Cashmerino Bamboo pair. They are designed specifically to provide natural moisture management, odor control and thermoregulation in addition to their pampering and supportive qualities. I really love the luxurious feel and look of these socks! I spend a lot of time sitting down and I really loved the extra support of the graduated compression socks which are designed to promote healthy circulation and soothe tired aching feet and legs. It took me a little while to get used to how snug they were around my calves, but I quickly adjusted and prefer to wear them while I'm sitting for prolonged periods.

My husband and son also tried out a pair of Goodhew Socks. My husband received a pair of Hudson Bays crafted using Lambswool and Alpaca. He was delighted with the comfort and has really been enjoying their warmth during the last cold week we've had. The style is very attractive and high end. My son received a pair of Durangos which are also crafted using Lambswool and Alpaca. They are his new favorite pair of socks. He loves the style and says they feel so good on his feet. He definitely wants some additional pairs of Goodhew socks. Both of the special men in my life are thoroughly enjoying their Goodhew socks and would recommend them as a terrific gift this Holiday Season.

You can find these and all the other fabulous socks available at Goodhew & Sockwell.


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