Monday, December 17, 2012

Celebrate the Holidays with Crayon Rocks

Crayons are a timeless gift that everyone is sure to love, but not all crayons are created equally. When it comes to crayons, there is one in particular that my children and I just love to use. Crayon Rocks are made in America from natural soy wax using American-grown soy beans and colored with mineral pigments. These non-toxic crayons were invented by a teacher who taught special needs children for over 23 years. The shape of these crayons are designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles, preparing fingers and hands for handwriting. They are also used by occupational therapists to develop fine motor skills. Your child is sure to enjoy coloring with these fun rock shaped crayons.

It's okay to give rocks this Christmas thanks to Crayon Rocks! Isn't this Holiday Gift Set just adorable?! I know you've seen it in our Christmas Gift Guide and have been entering to win one of your very own in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, but a gift this special deserves a post all it's own. This adorable gift set comes in your choice of two festive colors. You may click on each of the colors below to view it on the Crayon Rocks Website.

Red Organza Bag Holiday Gift Set or Gold Organza Bag Holiday Gift Set

In addition to the festive organza storage bag, each of these fabulous gift sets include twenty (20) crayons (4 new colors for this gift only - winter red, spruce green, winter white and silver) and a wooden snowflake that can be added to your tree or that you can use as a fun rubbing tool as shown below. This gift is then tucked into a kraft gift box packed with green tissue and closed with a gold foil Crayon Rock label.

My children loved the presentation of this special Holiday Gift Set and were eager to begin coloring using their Crayon Rocks. I joined in on the fun, too. We used blank white paper and began to color and draw. We all loved the grip and quickly discovered how we could turn the rock one angle to draw fine lines and then shade in quickly with wide strokes by coloring with them flat. My son used various colors and enjoyed blending them together. My daughter loved that she could provide various amounts of pressure and come out with rich dark colors. We all agree that coloring with Crayon Rocks is not only simple and fun, they provide vibrant, beautiful textured artwork. Starting at only $4.75, we feel these crayons are an excellent value. The Holiday Gift Set is very affordable both as a gift or a stocking stuffer at only $12.50 with free shipping! We love the experience of coloring with a different grip and would definitely recommend these enjoyable crayons to others.

Each of these fabulous Holiday Gift Sets include your choice of a card along with your chosen personalized message. Will you choose the sweet Princess Cat?

Or will it be this adorable horse? Regardless, your child will be coloring with ease and enjoying the fun of using Crayon Rocks! If you have not already done so, please head on over to Crayon Rocks and fill sweet teacher Barbara Lee's inbox with tons of orders from the beautiful readers of Pinterest Fanatic. Your children are certain to love Crayon Rocks as much as we do and I can't wait to hear how much they love them from you!


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