Friday, December 21, 2012

Bringing the Best in Toys from Babalu

Babalu believes that child's play is important business. They strive to produce the best toys capable of captivating a child's attention and stimulating their imagination. Babalu recently acquired WJ Fantasy adding building blocks, advent calendars and children's books to their own Felt Tales line. My family has been enjoying several of their high quality toys and we are excited to share the experience with you.

There is nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of Christmas arriving. I've always loved Advent Calendars and enjoy sharing them as a family as we countdown to Christmas Day together. Babalu offers a full line of Advent Calendars to choose from including pop up, 3D, Nativity Scenes, Hanukkah and more. My family chose the Christmas Critters Calendar. This calendar keeps the Christmas spirit going for 24 days beginning with December 1st and ending with Christmas Eve. Each day you open one window for a new surprise. Our family loves cats and dogs and the festive illustrations are really adorable. The metallic gold glitter adds an extra fun touch. The calendar itself is thick and quite durable. The windows are perforated and easy to open even for little fingers. We really enjoyed seeing which beautiful Christmas illustration would appear as each day passed and Christmas grew near.

Babalu offers an assortment of heavy, laminated board building blocks including Castles, Mother Goose, Wild Animals and First Words. These building blocks are designed to enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills from an early age on. After looking through the large selection, I chose The Day The Rain Came: The Story of Noah's Ark. This set stacks to 32" tall and includes 8 beautifully illustrated story blocks certain to delight children over and over again. I am so in love with toys based on Bible Stories and these blocks are a wonderful way of telling the story of Noah while your children play. I thought it was terrific that some of the simple words and sounds were in bold making them stand out to the children. We had the best time with my nephew as he pointed out all the animals and let me read the blocks to him. He smiled and enjoyed them so much. I love the quality and durability of these blocks. They are certain to provide years of enjoyment and at less than $20 a set are an excellent value.

Children need a place to write their dreams and thoughts, a place to express themselves, promote their imagination and explore their feelings. Whether they want to write a story, a poem, draw a picture or talk about the cute boy at school... a journal makes a terrific gift for any young child. Babalu has a gorgeous selection of diaries for girls including secret message diaries which write with invisible ink, glitter diaries and many more. My daughter chose the Paris glitter diary. She loves the hard cover with a sweet girlie illustration of a poodle in Paris with a butterfly and pearls. It has a small amount of glitter, just the perfect amount for a little bling. She likes that it locks securely and includes two keys which are easy to use. The paper is a light purple with star designs and she loves the mini purple, glittery pen. My daughter loves to write and she absolutely adores her journal. At less than $10, this is a terrific journal for any young lady to express their thoughts.

FeltTales is a line of artfully-designed classic felt storyboards designed to inspire young minds. It is designed for use by children ages 3-7 and includes many movable felt pieces in bright, captivating colors. These pieces can be used to create their own stories and scenes for hours of play time. There are numerous FeltTales to choose from including themes like Happy Birthday, Pups in the Dark, Dress Up and Heroes to the Rescue. My 3 year old nephew loves pirates and I just knew he would love Pirates at Shipwreck Cove. This felt storyboard includes over 20 felt pieces including pirates, swords, treasure chests and maps. The illustrations are so detailed and professionally done. It's extremely impressive and lots of fun to watch the pieces magically stick to the board. My nephew and I took turns placing each of the pieces on the storyboard as we created our very own story together. It was so cute as he spoke in his pirate voice as we searched for the treasure. This is truly a quality and creative toy that allows you to create new adventures every time you play. I would love to get him additional storyboards as I truly feel they are a fabulous way to bond together and promote your child's imagination.

You can find these and all the other fabulous, quality toys available at Babalu.

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