Monday, December 10, 2012

A Merry Christmas with Mona MELisa Designs

Mona MELisa Designs offers unique custom children's wall murals, growth charts, name signs and fun peel & play sets. Customers can choose from different color schemes, customized characters and add names to any of the growth charts, wall murals or name signs. This gives each child their very own unique wall art.

My family had the chance to experience one of the adorable Mona MELisa Designs Peel & Play Sets titled, "Cars & Trucks." In addition to this play set, they offer a large assortment designed specifically for girls, boys and holidays. These customized fabric wall play sets are all original designs. I love that each of these fun play sets are a large 40" by 24” and include all sorts of accessories for you to use on the wall in a playroom, bedroom or wall of choice. These sets are very similar to vinyl wall decals, but instead are printed on high-quality, fabric adhesive material that can be stuck and peeled off repeatedly with no damage to the walls, paint or wallpaper.

We chose the Cars & Trucks Peel & Play Set so we could enjoy it with my sweet 3 year old nephew. I have to admit, we had as much fun as he did. This set includes all kinds of vehicles from dump trucks and school buses to airplanes and cars. There are also several people that you can place as the driver of the vehicles or passengers in the school bus or anywhere in your play set that you'd like. My nephew is so adorable, he kept pointing at which decal he wanted next and then would place them on the wall and give a big smile as he made motor noises. He really loves his new play set and I'm glad there are so many decals in one set perfect for lots of fun play time.

I was really impressed with the quality of the play set. The designs are absolutely adorable... Melissa and Lisa are very talented artists. I was a little weary about how well they would peel off the wall, but they worked perfectly and did not pull any paint off the wall. We would definitely recommend Mona MELisa Designs for lots of play time fun... besides, don't they look adorable on our wall with our Christmas boxes?

Mona MELisa Designs has provided a generous prize for our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. One winner will receive a Peel & Play Set of their choice. Should you wish to forego trying your luck and go ahead and purchase one of these incredibly fun sets, I have a coupon code worth 60% off just for you!!!


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