Sunday, November 4, 2012

Starlook's October Starbox Masquerade Fun!

Hello to all my sweet friends out there... Real quick, I have a little message for all the Men out there. Women, go ahead and turn your laptop screen towards your hubby and point right here... It's okay, trust me - I got you!

Men, yes you... hi there... lean in a little closer - I'm going to let you in on a little secret. For Christmas, your wife wants a Starbox Subscription. Wait, wait - hear me out. I'm going to save you money fellas, yes that's right! I'm going to keep extra money in your wallet. You see... Starlooks is fine quality makeup and for a little tiny price tag of $15 a month, the postman is going to deliver a pretty box filled with 3 to 4 full size products that if purchased separately could run you in the upwards of say, ***SPOILER ALERT*** $99 (as that's the value of the upcoming December Starbox). See, I'm trying to help you keep $84 in your pocket AND keep a smile on your wife's sweet face. Hello - it's a win - win! Just think of how much money I'm saving you over the course of a year... yes, yes - I know - you're welcome. Simply go right here: Starlook's Starbox Beauty Subscription Service and make your wife a happy wife this Holiday Season. Okay, that's all... you may pass the laptop back to your lovely wife as she is dying to see what surprises Starlooks sent out this month!

Just in time for Halloween Starlooks Presents... "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" Starbox for October. This glamorous assortment includes...

"Peddle" Pigment luster (g214)
"Gold Dust" Eyeliner Pencil (j223)
"Masquerade" Lipstick (p142)
Eye Rock Eye Tattoos

I love purple and I have never owned a pigment before. When I found out that I could add this purple pigment to my other makeup products, I was one happy girl. Now I can make all my favorite makeup purple, sweet! I couldn't wait to try it out and show it off for you! Trust me when I say it only takes a little which means this container is going to last you a long time. While I was at, I wanted to try my Gold Dust Eyeliner Pencil, too...

I stopped using pencil liners a long, long time ago and have used liquid eyeliner most all of my makeup wearing life. I quit using them because I couldn't find one that went on smoothly and lasted. I have to admit, I really enjoyed how soft this eyeliner pencil was going on. It was very easy to administer the color in all the right places. I never would have chosen gold on my own as I tend to use very dark and vivid liner around my eyes. But, I love trying new makeup and I now want this liner in violet or dark brown. What do you think? It's fun trying new hues and mixing things up.

Although I love makeup, I'm not big on lipstick. Hand me lip gloss with a little stain and I am one happy girl. I've always wanted to be a fan of lipstick, but every brand I've tried in the past has left my lips dry and I always find myself wiping it off and having to "fix" my lips with chapstick. My experience with the Masquerade Lipstick by Starlooks went well. I found the creamy texture and moisture to be quite pleasant and I really loved the color. I wouldn't mind wearing it again as it is a really nice quality, but I am very addicted to my lip glosses and it might be hard for me to make the change.

I especially love my bonus eye tattoos just in time for Halloween! I am saving them for a costume party and can't wait to give them a try. They look really easy to apply, just like a temporary tattoo. Plus, I love that I can't smear them like I can eye makeup. So they're perfect for a fun night out!

Month after month Starbox has provided me with quality makeup that I really love. I genuinely love opening up my box to see what incredible goodies they have sent this time. To see my previous Starbox Reviews, please click on the links below...
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When you are ready to gift a subscription or to purchase one for yourself, simply visit the Starbox Subscription page and tell them Pinterest Fanatic sent you! Stay connected with Starlooks for their latest beauty tips and promotions by connecting with them on Facebook and on Twitter.

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


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