Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sensory Dome from Educational Toys Planet

Educational Toys Planet

I love a toy that is not only fun, but that also provides my children with the opportunity to learn. This is exactly what Educational Toys Planet is all about. Not only are their toys unique, hand-picked and fun, but they are also sorted by Category and Age making it easy to find the perfect toy for your child. There is no shortage of choices here. They have one of the largest selections of educational toys that I have ever seen.

Educational Toys Planet, Sensory Dome, Greenhouse, Herbs, Terrarium

I've had the pleasure of reviewing many wonderful items, but it truly makes my heart happy when I get to spend time with the children enjoying it together. There were plenty of smiles and excitement when our Sensory Dome arrived. This is one of many Terrariums that can be found in the Science Kits Category. They thought of absolutely everything to include when they developed this Dome. It comes with Potting Soil, Decorative and Colored Gravel, Stones, the Dome, 5 Packs of Seeds, Decals and Sensory Plant Markers.

This was a great hands on experience for the kids. The instructions were very easily worded for them and I basically just supervised as they quickly had the terrarium constructed. My daughter fell head over heels in love with this Dome. She has a love for gardens, herbs and plants and has always wanted to grow them. This has given her the ability to easily grow them indoors with minimum work. Her favorite part was being able to decorate the soil with the gravels and stones and place the sensory markers so she would be able to identify which plant was sprouting.

Educational Toys Planet, Sensory Dome, Greenhouse, Herbs, Terrarium

We are currently one week into our Sensory Dome Terrarium and I am so proud of the kids. My daughter has been watering the seeds according to the instructions and taking such good care of the Dome. Although my son has been busy with baseball, he has been very curious and excited to help out, too. As you can see in the photo above, it really turned out nice. We are beginning to see the herbs sprout which has been very exciting! Thank goodness for the markers which identify them for us. It's been a lot of fun and we are all eager to see what sprouts up next.

I would highly recommend the Sensory Dome to other parents. It's a fabulous learning tool that's great fun for the whole family from the construction to seeing the plants grow. I also love how it teaches responsibility in caring for the plants. You can find this and all the other wonderful toys available at Educational Toys Planet. Stay connected by following them on Facebook and on Twitter.


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