Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dotmine Day Planner | The Ultimate Mommy Organizer

Between raising two teenagers who are active in academic clubs, sports and school activities and my blogging; this Momma has a lot to keep up with. I've tried to keep up with everything using my smartphone, but sometimes I forget to set the alert. Technology is great, but when it comes to keeping up with all I have going on... I just prefer to jot it down the old fashioned way in a planner. But, not just any planner as I am really picky. I want a durable exterior that is cute and feminine, plus I want it to be completely organized. When my Purple Pebbles Dotmine Day Planner arrived, it had everything I wanted and then some. Just look at how cute the cover is in the photo above!

I quickly discovered that this is no ordinary planner, this is the ultimate Mommy Organizer!!! Let me walk you through it... One flip of this thick, durable (completely adorable) cover brings you to two heavy duty fold out pages. Your Fall 2012 Schedule (see photo above) and Winter 2012 Schedule. I have one word for these, "BRILLIANT!" Let's say your son has baseball practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8PM, then your daughter has cheerleading Mon-Thurs from 5-7PM. You simply mark it here and you have an easy reference guide for your weekly Fall Schedule. Flip again and you have some helpful tips for using the planner that truly help you get the most out of it. Then one last flip before you get to your first month and you will find a place to write important phone #'s along with a reference list to every Holiday.

I love to make important dates stand out with colors and icons. So when I found the sheet of stickers to mark all my important dates, I was elated! There are stickers for everything... birthdays, holidays, vacations, games and even beauty days.

Then there are the date pages. In addition to the weekly pages, (shown above) you also have monthly pages. I love that the date boxes are really large providing ample space to write in. Then get this... the outer margin not only gives you space to write a grocery list, (or errands, bills, etc...) it is perforated so you can simply rip it right out and take it with you! How awesome is that?! Plus, the bottom of each weekly page comes with a bonus quote.

My family_time.mine Purple Pebbles Day Planner is by far THE most superior planner I have every owned. Like I said earlier, it is the Ultimate Mommy Organizer and I highly recommend it. To find the perfect planner to suit your needs, please visit Dotmine.

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