Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pans

Ozeri, Ecozeri, Green Earth Pan, Frying Pans, non-stick

Ozeri products can be found in ultra-luxurious resorts, the finest vacation residences around the globe and in my home! That's right - you too can bring the award winning and innovative products with a long standing reputation for product satisfaction into your home. Ozeri relies on guest experiences from vacation residences and word of mouth advertising for their products instead of costly advertising campaigns which allows them to offer their luxurious items at affordable prices to both you and me.

We have been blessed to try several Ozeri products in our home including the Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener and the Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder. We love both of them - just one bit of advice with the Wine Opener. It comes with a foil cutter that works great, so great in fact that if you purchase a cheaper wine like my hubby and forget to make certain that there really is a cork inside, it will cut straight through a twist off cap. True story and a good laugh.
Ozeri, Ecozeri, Green Earth Pan, Frying Pans, non-stick

I recently had the opportunity to try The Green Earth Pans by Ozeri. It comes in an 8", 10" and 12" diameter Frying Pan and there are also Frying Pan Lids which can be purchased separately. These eco-friendly pans are one of the world's first to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. This durable natural ceramic coating is scratch resistant and with better non-stick properties allows you to use half the amount of oil you normally use.

Ozeri, Ecozeri, Green Earth Pan, Frying Pans, non-stick

I was so excited that I think my heart may have skipped a beat when my Ozeri Earth Pans arrived. I love to cook and I have needed new frying pans for a long time. My daughter loves to cook as much as I do and she grabbed up one of the pans before I could even get them all unpackaged and began cooking her favorite food, bacon. I was in awe as I couldn't believe how quickly the turkey bacon cooked. This pan truly is a better conductor of heat and I love products that help speed up my cooking time.

Ozeri, Ecozeri, Green Earth Pan, Frying Pans, non-stick

Yes, our bacon was a complete success and since then we have cooked numerous meals with our Green Earth Pans. I am genuinely impressed with the performance, style and ease of cooking. I especially love that I can cook our meals with less butter and oils. I still can't believe how well it conducts heat and speeds up cooking time. Plus, you can even transfer the frying pan straight into the oven as it is oven safe up to 356F degrees! (Yes, even the handles!)

I really love the comfortable grip of the handle and the weight of the pan. It's not too heavy, but it's heavy enough that it doesn't tip over on my stove like some of my pans in the past. Then there's that gorgeous green color which looks fabulous against my Uba Tuba Granite. The pans also have great depth which allows for my Hubby's favorite comfort food, "Hamburger Helper." What can I say, my Hubby is easy to please.

If you are ready for the finest non-stick frying pans that do not release toxic chemicals while you cook, then check out the 12" Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan. While you are there, go ahead and grab a Green Earth 10" Non-Stick Ceramic Frying Pan and Green Earth 8" Non-Stick Frying Pan plus enjoy the free shipping!

You can find more information about the Green Earth Pans and all the other luxurious products available at the Ozeri Website and stay connected by following them on Facebook.

Do you own any Ozeri Products? Which one(s) do you own? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!


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