Friday, October 5, 2012

Cancer Awareness Month | Special Prayer Request

Breast Cancer, Awareness, Fight Cancers

Hello My Dear Friends,
October is Cancer Awareness Month and I want to remind all my sweet lady friends to check the tatas! Here is a link to Check Your Boobies where you can find instructions on how to perform a self examination and resources for free mammograms. Early detection is key and it only take a few minutes to look for lumps. One of my sweetest friends Faye is a breast cancer survivor and I am so blessed that she caught it early and beat it! That's my girl!!!

We all have either lost someone we love to cancer or know someone who has. I've lost so many loved ones to this terrible disease and I understand firsthand what it's like to have a family member fighting to beat cancer. One of my blogger friend's Father, Melissa over at Product Review Cafe, is battling lung cancer. His doctor is recommending additional treatment and they need help raising the funds to cover this expense. You can read her story on Wish Upon a Hero. I ask that you kindly keep this family in your prayers.

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