Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bamboo Softness from Cariloha

Cariloha is the world’s only retail brand with stores that carry only items made of ultra-soft and luxurious bamboo. They offer dozens of clothing styles, bed and bath sets, home décor, hand bags, jewelry and so much more. Bamboo is an eco-friendly renewable resource which provides material that is twice as soft and 3 degrees cooler than cotton, wicks away moisture and is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Cariloha has a large collection of gorgeous shirts to choose from. They come in a variety of colors and are machine washable. There is a great assortment of styles and they have all sizes covered. I chose a vivid Teal V-Neck T-Shirt that would be great with a pair of blue jeans, shorts or capris. I genuinely could not wait to feel this supreme softness.

When I opened up the package and felt how soft my shirt was, I immediately put it on. I have never felt such a soft fabric against my skin. I'm not even gonna lie... Not only did I wear my shirt all day long. I then went to bed and slept in it and then I lounged around the house all the next day in it until I had no choice but to get a shower. I was so impressed with it that I made everyone feel how soft it was, then I wouldn't stop talking about how much I love it!!! This is hands down the most comfortable shirt I have ever owned. It is incredibly soft, soothing and gentle. Don't say I didn't warn you, should you ever wear a Cariloha shirt made of bamboo - you will realize how uncomfortable all your other shirts are and you will never want to go back to simply cotton.

Cariloha has all your apparel needs covered. They also offer a line called, Bamboo Fit to cover all your athletic needs. This athletic wear offers state of the art Bamboo Performance Technology which provides some really amazing benefits during your work outs.

  • Distinct Comfort: Feel the Bamboo-Soft Difference
  • Moisture Wicking: Keeps you Dry & Comfortable
  • Breathable: Regulates Your Core Temperature
  • Anti-Odor: Resists Bacteria that Causes Odor
  • UV Protection: (UPF 50+) Blocks 99% of UV Rays
  • Lightweight: 4-Way Stretch - Lets you Move and Flex without any Resistance
I had the opportunity to try out their Training Capris and Helix Cami. I highly recommend this work out attire. Not only is it super soft and comfortable against your skin, but it's also very cool. I have worn them on the hottest of days and I feel that they provide maximum support while still being breathable which is exactly what you look for when you are working out. These will have you throwing out your spandex and stocking up on each cami, tank, incline jacket and capri offered. They are absolutely perfect for the gym, yoga or just a run around the neighborhood.

The feel of these bamboo made products are absolutely luxurious. They would make incredible gifts (both for yourself and others). Wouldn't you like to wear the softest fabric in the world?!

You can find these along with all the other incredibly soft and fashionable clothing, accessories and bedding items at Cariloha. You can stay up to date on all the latest products and sales by following them on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. These clothes sound so awesome! I love the idea of using bamboo instead of other resources.

  2. i have fibro and i get really sensitive to clothing on my skin sometimes...this sounds like it would be wonderful to wear!

  3. The clothes look super comfy and cute! I love bamboo products thank you for posting!

  4. Sounds like great clothing. looks fab too

  5. Oh my gosh! I have to get some! A renewable resource that is ultra soft and cute!!! Count me in!!

  6. these clothes look very comfortable