Monday, August 27, 2012

Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder

There are few things that I love more than cooking for my family. I just love coming up with unique dishes and casseroles. I find that there is something about using fresh spices that just makes the recipes come out that much more delicious. That's why I love using grinders to spice up my dishes.

I recently fell in love with the ease, luxury and affordability of the Ozeri line of Kitchen Products. So I was thrilled to find out they had a Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder. The first thing I noticed about it was the unique, sleek design and how comfortable it was to hold. The ultra soft grip is also resistant to fingerprints, so no worries as it's passed around the dinner table. Here's my favorite part, once you have it on your desired setting from fine to course, you simply touch one button and the grinder does all the work for you. No more twisting and twisting and twisting to get that finely ground pepper. Just think about how handy this compact device would be for Grandma, or anyone with pain or weakness in their hands. I also love that even though it's called a pepper grinder, you can use it to grind sea salt and many other spices.

Ozeri is so confident that you will love this product as much as I do that they even offer a satisfaction guarantee. Once you have installed the 6 AAA batteries and chosen the texture you would like to grind, you simply press one button and it releases your freshly ground spices. It's effortless, automatic and affordable. I have been truly impressed with all the Ozeri products I own and I would recommend them to everyone.

You can see additional information and find out how to purchase the Ozeri Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill on Amazon. You can also like the Ozeri Facebook Page to stay posted on all their newest products.


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  1. We use a pepper grinder, and I have been looking for a good electric one! Thanks for reviewing!