Friday, August 3, 2012

Healthy School Lunches with EasyLunchBoxes

EasyLunchBoxes, Healthy School Lunches, Bento Box

It's Friday, which means my kids are ready for the weekend after 3 great days of school. Alesea started High School which I can barely type without shedding a tear and Easton is in 7th grade. My children focused their energy this Summer on getting fit. I taught them healthy eating habits that they chose to carry with them through the School Year, too. Since the kids had always eaten the School Lunch, it meant we had to invest in Lunch Boxes. Well, as soon as Easton saw the Lunch Box and Bento Set from EasyLunchBoxes, he was sold! EasyLunchBoxes make putting together a Healthy School Lunch a cinch! Plus, Easton LOVES making his own Lunch every night. Check out his First Day of School in the photo above... He made a Turkey & Cheese on Honey Wheat Goldfish Bread, with Flavored Rice Cakes and Dried Pineapple with Chocolate Covered Raisins. All the kids want what he's having over their school lunches!!!

It's not too late to enter to win your very own EasyLunchBox and Bento Set from EasyLunchBoxes, just click on the photo below:

EasyLunchBoxes, Healthy School Lunches, Bento Box

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