Saturday, August 18, 2012

Feed My Skin for Cool Skin Care

Feed My Skin is one of the coolest skin care companies out there, literally! All of the items in their spa influenced line are meant to be used chilled. That's right, you simply place their all natural line up of skin essentials in your freezer until it's time to use.

I love their packaging! It's as cool as their products. So cute!

I was so impressed with my refreshing trio of products. It consisted of the Pumpkin Peel Masque, Aloe Pushup and the Fresh Strawberry Scrub in a Tub.

The Strawberry Scrub is meant to be frozen until ready to use and I couldn't wait to use it. I allowed it to thaw out and then used it in the shower. It smells absolutely delicious! I rubbed it in until the sugar was dissolved and then washed it off. It left my skin feeling soft, exfoliated and best of all smelling yummy! It contains strawberries, coconut oil, shea butter and pure cane sugar. I loved it, it's the perfect sweet treat for your skin.

The Pumpkin Peel Masque is so unique! Somehow they were able to pack over 100 nutrients into one masque. In addition to the all natural ingredients, it contains 5% glycolic acid to beautify the skin. I really loved it! It's kind of like pumpkin pie for the face. I know it recommends using the Melon Push up afterwards, but I chose to use my Aloe Push up and it felt so soothing across my face. Thank goodness I didn't get sunburned this summer, but if I had I can only imagine how awesome the Aloe Push up would have felt on my skin.

Feed My Skin has so many fun and fresh products to make your skin feel replenished. Visit it for yourself then treat your friends to a special gift! You may visit them on Facebook.


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