Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eraselet: The Bracelet that Erases

Eraselets are the bracelets that really, truly erase pencil. They are the very first of their kind. Kids are less likely to lose an eraser that's worn and kids love trendy and fashionable bracelets which makes Eraselets a perfect solution.

The story behind Eraselet is truly touching. The founder, Bryan Ricci, was a homeless youth on the streets of Nashville. He was determined to overcome adversity and through his Faith in God and assistance from the Oasis Center he accomplished his goal. He invented the Eraselet when his youngest daughter lost almost all her erasers shortly after school began. He then came up with the idea that has turned into a flourishing trend among youth of all ages. He is now on a mission to erase homelessness and you can learn more about it by visiting Through Eraselet he has been able to partner with the Metro Homelessness Commission and the Oasis Center, along with funding programs such as "Beautiful Feet Global Outreach," and "Lydia's Project."

    Eraselets come in all kinds of collectible designs including:
  • Spring Pack (shown above)
  • Animal Pack
  • Creature Pack
  • Sports Pack
  • Trend Pack
  • & (2) different Faith Packs
At only $4.95, I really thought the Spring Pack was a terrific value. I know that I've paid more for silly bands in the past and they had no additional functions. The texture and stretch of Eraslets remind me a lot of a very thick and strong rubber band. So you don't have to worry about them snapping and breaking as the quality is terrific. They stretch slightly to go over your hand, but are not super tight on your wrist which is great and comfy!

I discovered they were comfy, nice quality and adorable...but the big question is: do they work? Yes, they absolutely do! How simple it is to take a bracelet off and erase your mistake! When given the choice, my kids would rather have an Eraselet over a traditional eraser. I don't blame them! Just remember to buy an extra pack, you know their friends will want one, too!

I love all the cute, different designs that are available. The Spring Pack would be absolutely perfect for the Easter Bunny to grab! There are designs for every occasion and Eraselets would make great gifts. You can buy them by the pack or by the bracelet. They would be a perfect prize in a goodie bag and perfect to hand out with Valentine's Cards. They would also be great to hand out at Halloween or how about Stocking Stuffers! There is also a custom option available. Wouldn't they be great for your next fundraiser or promotion?! How about Breast Cancer Awareness or Mothers Against Destructive Driving?!

As you can see, even my photogentic kitty loves Eraselets! Who in your family would love Eraselets?

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

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  1. I love Eraselet! What a fun and functional product :)