Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bergan Pet Products for Happy Cats

Cats require a certain amount of play time. This play time helps redirect their bad behaviors into positive energy. Bergan Pet Products has a line of Cat Toys that are certain to entertain your cats for hours. Not only will your cats find the toys fun, they will provide them with much needed exercise.

Bergan Pet Products, Active Cat Toys, Turbo Scratcher

Here is our little Sunshine. She is the oldest and most shy of our 3 cats. But, within seconds of placing the Turbo Scratcher on the floor, Sunshine came running over and swatted at the ball. It was love at first sight. Then she began rubbing her back all over the scratch pad. She just loved that cat nip!

Bergan Pet Products, Active Cat Toys, Turbo Scratcher

Sasha and Valentine heard the ball and came running as fast as they could. Sasha is our Ragdoll baby and Val is our sweet, black kitty. Sasha couldn't make up his mind. He went back and forth, swat the ball - play with the teaser toy feather, swat the ball, back to the feathers. I love how easy the teaser toys are to install. You simply lift out the replaceable scratching pad and place the base. Then you push the scratch pad back in and snap the teaser toy snugly into place.

Bergan Pet Products, Active Cat Toys, Turbo Scratcher
It makes my heart so happy to see all of our cats so active and enjoying their new toys so much. I love the quality and the fact you can replace the scratch pads and the balls once they are worn out. They are also very sturdy, my cats have not been able to flip them. Had I of known of these sooner, I would have bought them up in a heartbeat! I had no idea how much fun and entertained my cats would be!

Bergan Pet Products, Active Cat Toys, Turbo Scratcher

The Turbo Scratchers are perfect for those who don't have as much time to spend with their sweet cats as they'd like. As work and other duties get in the way. This is a great toy for when you can not play with them or when you can. As I love sitting here and watching the joy these toys bring to my cats. They have THE most fun chasing the ball.

You can visit Bergan Pet Products to find out where you can purchase Turbo Scratchers and see all the other great products they have to offer. You may find Bergan on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well.

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  1. These toys look awesome! I just recently adopted my kitten, she is 5 months old now and LOVES to play. I really need to get her more toys, right now she really just has stuff around the house I gave her or made.