Monday, July 2, 2012

Series: A Healthier You and Me (Post One)

Hello Sweet Friends,
Today, I want to get a little more personal with you. A lotta personal, I'm going way outside of my comfort zone and talking about my weight. I'm not one of those lucky girls who can eat 2 slices of pizza and a cupcake and not gain a pound. I've always had to work hard to maintain my weight, I mean REALLY hard.

Obesity runs in my Mom's side of the family. This is my beautiful Grandma Jackie...
I lost her to obesity two years ago. She basically ate herself to death. I do believe that overeating in excess is a disease. This disease took my Grandma home to be with Jesus too soon. Praise the Lord above that she is now free of the weight that weighed her down bedridden. The weight that took away her quality of life, her independence and her ability to function. I can see her dancing around the Heavens looking just as skinny as she did in the young photo above.

There is hope for anyone out there who is on the same path heading towards morbid obesity. No one has to be destined to such a grim and hard life. There is help for you and organizations that will come to your rescue. If you or someone you love needs help, I urge you to take a look at the Overeaters Anonymous Website or contact your local Health Department. If you want to post their (or your name in my comments) I will gladly add them to my prayer list.

One of my most proud boards that I have on Pinterest is my Healthy Living Board. It's a great place to find healthy recipes, work outs you can do from home, sites to encourage healthy eating, etc... You can check it out and follow it here: Healthy Living

This is the first post in what will be a series of becoming a Healthier You and Me. I look forward to sharing my story, how I broke the obesity mold in my family and how I am passing along healthy eating habits to my own children. Not to mention sharing my Favorite Healthy Drink, the Green Monster...

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I'm going to ask that you kindly share this post whether it be through Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. If it can lead to helping just one person who is struggling - it will make me smile and I know it would have made my Grandma Jackie happy :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. Yum!! I need to try the Green Monster... I need to become healthier myself! Thanks for sharing something so personal :)

    1. Thanks Dawn! I was so weary of the Green Monster - I mean spinach in my smoothie? But, I love, love, love it!

  2. I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant. (Almost 70 pounds). I lost 40 of it after having the baby, but then I started a medication that has the side effect of weight gain.

    For 2 years I have struggled with my weight.I walk several miles a day but it doesn't seem to help. I lost 17 pounds in the past 3 months by eating a pack of freeze dried apples for breakfast and in place of salty snacks.

    I am going to look into Green Monster! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have a green monster recipe posted on the site already, I'll be reposting it in a few days with this series. I tried some of the freeze dried strawberries recently, I'll have to give the apples a try. Wow, 17 lbs in 3 months is a great loss girl. Congrats to you! I plan on sharing some tips I've used over the years to trim down. I hit 236 lbs during both my pregnancies, then lost over 100 lbs! I'll tell you how... stay tuned :)

  3. That is a very beautiful photo.