Saturday, July 28, 2012

Konvine Roll Up Flat Shoes

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Hello Pinterest Fanatics,
I welcome you to enjoy my thoughts on Konvine Rollable Flats. You may also enter to win your very own pair! Good Luck Sweet Friends.

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Konvine shoes are the ultimate back up shoe for when those super cute stilettos fail you. When they begin to cramp your toes, blister your heel and force you to remain seated. Not only are these back up shoes even cuter than your stilettos, they roll up tightly and fit just perfectly into even the smallest of purses. They come in a variety of completely adorable styles from classy and sophisticated to punk and wild animal print.

roll up flats, punk shoes, camo, skulls, blingcheetah slippers, rollable flats, roll up shoes, Konvine

It took me forever to decide which pair of rollable flats I wanted because of their great selection of rollable flats, slippers and flip flops. Plus, they are all very Belinda-ish: full of bling, sparkle and style! I decided to go with the Snakeskin Roll-Ups With Heart.

drawstring shoe bag, Konvine, rollable shoes, wristlet
I knew that they must be fine quality as soon as I took the matching drawstring storage bag out of the box. It's adorable, you could wear it as a wristlet if needed or you can use it to keep the shoes separated from other items inside your purse. I thought it was a very a nice touch.

rollable flats, ballerina shoes, Konvine, City Slips, foldable
I was really surprised at how compact these shoes were all rolled up. I've seen other brands that were foldable, but these are completely rollable taking up much less space than some of the other brands out there.

Snakeskin Roll-ups with Heart, Konvine, Rollable Shoes, Flats

I was thrilled when I unrolled my new Konvine Shoes. They were even prettier in person and the craftsmanship was simply superb.

embellished flats, rollable shoes, snakeskin roll-ups, Konvine, Giveaway
These shoes were adorned with the prettiest embellishments. Just look at all that sparkle!

comfortable rollable shoes, rhinestone flats, Konvine, foldable, roll-up

Then it was time for the ultimate test. How would they feel on my feet? Would they be tight and leave blisters on my skin? Were they going to be durable or were these shoes only good for brief use? I'm positive that I can answer all these questions in one statement... I have not worn high heels in weeks and somebody is gonna have to come over here and pry these off my feet. I'm so in love that I can't bare to take them off!!!

I have great news for you sweet friends! One Lucky Pinterest Fanatic Reader will have the chance to win a pair of their very own Roll Up Konvine Shoes!!! You may enter using the Rafflecopter below.
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  1. I absolutely adore the Snakeskin Roll-Ups with Skull there hot trendy and a must have.

  2. i love the Konvine - Brown Flo Flippy Roll-Ups!

  3. I like the Denim with the crown.

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    1. Hi Denise,
      I thank you kindly for alerting me. This has been fixed :) Have a beautiful weekend!
      - Belinda

  5. I really like Shimmery Black Roll-Ups with Skull

  6. Snakeskin Roll-Ups With Heart

  7. Shimmery Black Roll-Ups with Crown

  8. New Style - Denim Roll-Ups with Heart.

  9. I love the Shimmery Silver Roll-Ups with Heart.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! =)

  10. I'd like the Black Ballerina Roll-Ups- simple and classy!

  11. I like the Shimmery Black Roll-Ups With Heart.

  12. Black Ballerina Roll-Ups with Heart

  13. I really like the Shimmery Black Roll-Ups with Crown.

  14. love the Black Ballerina Roll-Ups with Heart

  15. I like the denim roll-ups with rhinestone heart.

  16. I like the denim with the rhinestone heart also. They are so cute and would go with so many outfits.

  17. Shimmery Gold Roll-Ups with Heart

  18. I like Shimmery Black Roll-Ups With Pom Pom

  19. I love the Shimmery Bronze with Crown