Thursday, April 26, 2012

::: Thursday Twelve - 80's Toys :::

Hello Pinterest Fanatics,
Welcome to my Pinfluenced Thursday Twelve. I just love the sights and smells that take me back to my childhood. Here are 12 of my Favorite Throwback Toys found on Pinterest.

::: Dollypops :::

photo credit: sprinklepuffball

::: Tupperware Children's Serving Set :::

photo credit: nwwone

::: Plastic Shopping Cart with Groceries :::

photo credit: yeahflashback

::: Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Ponies and Care Bears :::

photo credit: merwing

::: Little People :::

photo credit: weheartit

::: JEM Rockin' Roadster with FM radio :::

photo credit: ghostofthedoll

::: Hot Wheels Cars and The Hot Wheels Service Center :::

photo credit: retrojunk

photo credit: giftsanddec

Cabbage Patch Kids, Sweet Secrets, Hugga Bunch Dolls and She-Ra

photo credit: onerarebird

What toys have you run across on Pinterest that remind you of your childhood?

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  1. Lucky you I kept all my children's toys my daughters are 38 and 31 they love them 😀😀😀