Monday, April 2, 2012

::: I Love Gift Baskets :::

Welcome Pinterest Fans. I just adore a cute gift basket. I've seen pins for almost every occasion: baby shower gift baskets, birthday, new moms, etc... Not only do I adore gift baskets, I am passionate about gift baskets. My family has learned to expect them at Christmas, their Birthdays and pretty much any special occasion.

My daughter's 13th Birthday

My Son Christmas 2011

My Daughter Christmas 2011

As you can see, I just LOVE gift baskets. I always hear, "that's just too cute...I wish I could make them like that." You can! I promise, it's sooooo easy! With Easter right around the corner, I thought I would give a tutorial on how to make a cute gift or Easter Basket.

This gift basket is for a 14 year old girl's slumber party.
Once you have your gifts together, it's time to select the perfect basket.

I found everything here at the Dollar Tree.
Basket Filling: Easter Grass
Plastic Gift Basket Bag
Cute Decorative Box

Place your basket inside the gift bag. Then add your filling.

I grabbed this decorative box to take up any extra space, plus it's super cute. Add some filling and insert one of the gift items.

Place your primary gift within view and the taller items in the back. If you are putting together an Easter Basket, a stuffed Easter Bunny or large Chocolate Bunny would be great in the center.

Once you have everything inside. Tie your bow. It doesn't have to be perfect, as you can adjust it later. Now you will want to adjust any extra plastic on top. Grab it in your hand and cut it together leaving about 4". These plastic gift bags are really large, which is great for any size basket. You will just need to alter them to fit. If you have any excess plastic bag, you will want to gather and tape it to the bottom of the gift basket.

Finally, you will want to pretty up your bow. I fold the ribbon in half and cut the ends diagonally.

I love a pretty gift basket.

So does our sweet kitty :)
Happy Pinning

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