Saturday, March 17, 2012

::: Pinterest Spam? :::

Hello my dear Pinners,
I usually reserve my weekend for time with the family - but I would like to warn you about a Pinterest Spam appearing on many boards. I would hate for anyone to download a virus. Did a pin like this appear on your board?

It looks like it hit around 8:25PM EST. I clicked to see my followers pins and there it was showing they had pinned it too. To delete... click on the pin and you will see "edit" in the upper left corner of the picture. Click "edit" and "delete pin." If "edit" is not appearing for you (hasn't for some users) then you can just click on the pin then add the word "edit" after the slash in the address bar of your browser. Just for extra caution, I changed my password as well.

Shame, shame Pinterest Spammer :( Pin It

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