Friday, March 16, 2012

::: Pinterest Profile Makeover :::

Updated Pinterest Profiles are rolling out...

I'm loving it!!! I really love how they have highlighted the last photo pinned to each board. Perfect!

Pinterest made a few more changes as well. You will notice that the # of pins are now featured above each board. Love this!

You will want to check your profile description. The character limit for your profile description has been reduced to 200. Any previous descriptions exceeding 200 characters will be cut off. It's an easy fix though as Pinterest has added an "Edit Profile" button right in the center of the screen. Yippee!

Next to this button you will also find the "arrange boards" button. It works exactly the same as before. Click it, rearrange your boards to your liking then click the check mark when you are done.

I'm really impressed with the makeover. It is so aesthetically pleasing and yet it remains easy to navigate with the emphasis still on Photos - well done Pinterest. What are your thoughts? Pin It


  1. I was completely lost when I opened it up this morning! I'm sure it's wonderful and I will get used to it and love it, I just never really like change at first. :)

  2. Change always makes me nervous :) I'm really glad the basic functions remained the same.