Monday, March 19, 2012

::: Photo Frame Makeover :::

Hello Pinterest Fanatics! There are so many categories I love on Pinterest, but one of my favorites is the Furniture & Accessory Makeovers. Don't you just love seeing those amazing before and after photos? I sure do! Pinterest is filled with great tips, diy tutorials and tons of beautiful makeover examples. I'm especially fond of the Spray Paint Makeovers. It takes me back to my first apartment, when I was scraping pennies to make ends meet and using spray paint to turn yard sale finds into functional pieces of furniture. My favorite was turning a small piano bench into a lamp table using spray paint and stencils. Here are a few pins to check out using spray paint:

Link to Spray Paint Tips Pin

Link to Paint Old Frames Pin

I'm in the process of making over my daughter's bedroom. She chose a beautiful colorway and told me to do the rest. Yippee! You can view the Inspiration Board we're continuing to put together on Pinterest here.

Here's our first accessory to makeover in her room, a photo frame.

We found the perfect tones of spray paint at Lowes. For this frame I used Satin Everglades Glen.

Once the paint dried, I applied glittery stickers and it was done. I am in love with these colors. I can't wait to see how the rest of her bedroom turns out.

Have you given any furniture or accessories a makeover using spray paint? I'd love to feature it!

Happy Pinning my friends!

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