Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wordless Wednesday | Pictures

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Win Free Thrive Credit | Our Le-vel Thrive Giveaway!

Chiari Malformation, Pain Relief, Thrive 8 Week Experience

To celebrate how Thrive has changed my life - I'm offering a GIVEAWAY to my fabulous Pinterest Fanatic Readers!!! Here's the steps to qualify for our drawing for $50 Le-vel Credit good towards any Thrive product!

Step One:
Grab a free customer account at:
(Need help with joining, read my post here titled: "How to Create a Free Le-vel Account")
Yes, you will receive emails that include awesome coupons, promotions on free/discounted product and more great stuff!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite Finds - Father's Day Edition

Hello Pinterest Fanatics!
This Favorite Finds is dedicated to Dad's everywhere in honor of Father's Day. Here is a list sure to make any Dad smile.

Fire HD 7 Tablet, Fathers Day
The "Gadget" Dad is sure to love the Fire HD 7 Tablet starting at $139: Fire HD 7, 7" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, BlackFire HD 7 Tablet, Fathers Day

Fathers Day Gifts, Level Thrive
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FIND: Thrive M Premium Lifestyle Capsules and DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) Patches from

• Weight Management • Cognitive Performance • Joint Support • Inflammation Support • Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Blend • Lean Muscle Support • Digestive & Immune Support

Read our testimony for: Le-vel Thrive.

Budget Friendly, Cheap Mens Jewelry

You can afford to spoil Dad with these budget friendly jewelry and accessories. See all these $5 trendy looks and more at: Paparazzi Accessories.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thrive with me! | Le-vel Thrive Gave Me Back My Life!

Le-vel Thrive, Chiari Malformation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss

Hello Dear Friends,
I have shared many wonderful products and recipes with you over the past four years, but there are none that excite me as much as this one. This isn't just a product. It's a lifestyle changer and I'm proof of that. This post is lengthy, but so worth it! If you have not already done so, please kindly take a look at my previous articled titled, "My Battle with Chiari Malformation." To sum it up... I spent 92% of the past year in bed writhing in absolutely unbearable pain, facing extreme weakness and horrific fatigue as I recovered from two brain surgeries, a blood clot, 4 serious infections and C. Difficile Colitis. I was so bad off that I couldn't even focus to write, let alone sit up and type away on the laptop as I'm doing right now.

Le-vel Thrive, Chiari Malformation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss

For well over a year, one of my dear friends Melissa begged me to try the vitamins that had given her her life back. I was skeptical; but moreso I was just hopeless. I had tried SO many things to feel better. I had seen 20+ doctors, tried a ridiculous amount of prescriptions, used essential oils, holistic herbs, had useless painful procedures, had test after costly test, gone through multiple surgeries and basically spent enough money on my health that I could have owned a home and a luxury car... yet here I was still in unbearable pain and completely bedridden.

I thought back to Melissa's last visit to my home. She and one of my longtime friends from high school were so sweet to cook our family a phenomenal gourmet meal prior to my first brain surgery. Melissa had lost around 20 lbs and was looking and feeling amazing. She was full of energy and happier than ever. It made my heart so happy because I had watched her struggle going from doctor to doctor, having pricey MRI's and getting no answers. Her joints were aching so bad, she was having intense nerve pain in her hands and she had developed a Ganglion Cyst. It got so bad that she had to give up one of her loves: blogging. During this time, she was seeing her sister-in-law post over and over again in her Facebook feed about what Melissa thought was just a weight loss product, Le-vel Thrive and the Thrive 8 Week Experience:

Melissa researched it, read the testimonials, signed up for free and then ordered it. It arrived and even on Day One she had results. She felt amazing, got out of the house and spent all day doing things she had not felt up to doing for a LONG time. She continued taking the vitamins and found herself sleeping without pain, walking without pain, typing and returning to blogging without pain and by the end of her first 8 week experience, she was THRIVING and had also dropped 16 pounds! She felt so great that she didn't stop there and turned it into a lifestyle plan.

I was so happy for Melissa and I'd had enough of suffering. I wasn't in a good place because the multiple infections wrecked my poor immune system taking any hope of the surgeries I so desperately needed to ease my unbearable pain off the table. My Neurosurgeon said that because of my poor healing and complicated recovery that there was nothing that could be done to help me for 2-5 years. So after a year of being in and out of the hospital, having multiple brain surgeries, fighting deadly infections, spending way too many months of being completely bedridden and not even being able to sit up... I decided to show the ingredient list of the Le-vel Thrive product line to my doctor.

Le-vel Thrive, Chiari Malformation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss

Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to Create a Free Le-vel Account | Become a Thrive Promoter or Customer

Free Le-vel Thrive, Promoter Sign up

Welcome Sweet Friends,
I am happy you are here and hope you are excited as I am to THRIVE! Joining is super easy, quick and FREE! I will provide all the details on how you can sign up as a Promoter or Customer. Both sign-ups are FREE!

How to sign up as a Customer:

Please use the web address from the person who shared Le-vel with you to sign up.
This is our sign up link:
You can watch the video and/or close it out.
Click on "Customer" then enter your information. You will then have access to Customer Pricing.
(Note: Choose your user name wisely as it will become the prefix for your personal referral site.)

How to sign up as a Promoter:

Please use the web address from the person who shared Le-vel with you to sign up.
This is our sign up link:
You can watch the video and/or close it out.
Click on "Promoter" then enter your information. You will then have access to Promoter Pricing.
(Note: Choose your user name wisely as it will become the prefix for your personal referral site.)

Really, the only difference between signing up for the two is whether you click "Customer" or "Promoter."

Gorgeous $5 Paparazzi Jewelry at Posh Diva's Boutique

Paparazzi Jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories, Wholesale

This girl LOVES me some glitz. The minute I was introduced to the Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories at Posh Diva's was LOVE at first site. I knew instantly that my wallet was in for a workout. Take a moment and just look at all the beautiful intricate detail work that has gone into these stunning pieces below.

Paparazzi Jewelry, Jewelry Party, Consultant

I HAD to have this gorgeous bling, but I was not looking forward to the huge price tag. Jewelry this beautiful, trendy and on point does not go for cheap. How much would you pay for this set... $300, $220, maybe $160 with a coupon? Are you sitting down? Be prepared for that jaw to drop. That gorgeous set of pink and silver jewelry is only $20! That's $5 per piece!!! Shocked?

Paparazzi Jewelry, Hostess Party, Affordable

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Battle with Chiari Malformation

I'm back!

Hello Sweet Pinterest Fanatic Readers,
It's been a minute... Make that a year, which is a year too long! Oh how I've missed you! It's been a long, rough year - the toughest year of my life. The battle of a lifetime. This is me a year ago following major invasive brain and neck surgery.

Chiari Malformation, Brain Surgery, Thrive


My brain (specifically, the cerebellar tonsils) had herniated through the tiny opening of my skull (foramen magnum) into my spinal canal, filling this area like Jell-o into a Jell-o mold. This resulted in the crushing of my cranial nerves, compression of my brain stem and spinal cord along with blocking the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. This serious progressive Neurological Condition is known as Chiari Malformation. There is no cure and the only way to halt the progression of permanent damage is through an invasive brain surgery known as Posterior Fossa Decompression Surgery.

How Does This Happen?

Chiari Malformation (sometimes called, "Arnold Chiari Malformation") can be caused from a birth defect, such as being born with a skull that is too small to contain the brain or acquired from accidents, trauma and draining of fluid from the spinal canal or a combination of the above. Accidents can be detrimental to someone with Chiari, considering part of the brain is wedged into the spinal canal. It can amplify the pain and cause additional damage with only the slightest of trauma or jarring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Biblical Role Model (and Namesake)

Hello Sweet Friends,
I am currently away undergoing a brain surgery for Chiari Malformation. In the meantime, some of my sweet and talented friends in the blogging community have volunteered to write posts just for you! I am so humbled and so excited. Here is a post from Ruth Hill of My Devotional Thoughts. She knows that one of my favorite books of the Bible is Ruth, which was the perfect subject for her to write on.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to a woman  in the Bible. And it honestly has nothing to do with the fact that I share her name.  I have just found that her story is inspiring, and I guess the fact that it has a happy ending certainly helps me, too.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cash For Your Old Cell Phones, Tablets and iPods

Gazelle Review, iPhone 4, Cash Phones

Happy New Year Pinterest Fanatics! I pray each of you had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by the ones you love.

In our household, we have terrible luck with cell phones. If my daughter isn't losing a cell phone, it's ending up broken. She's had to go months and months and months without her own cell phone and if you are a teenage girl, sharing a cell phone with your Momma is "so not cool."